Advice needed- Need a compatible receiver to connect to Sonos Playbar & Play 1s.

I just bought the Playbar, a couple of Play 1s and the connect. I tried to connect them to my Yamaha receiver but get no sound. I use the receive for DVD, Cable, Roku, Apple TV, etc and would like to get those signals out to the Sonos speakers and Playbar. So at this point I think I may need to upgrade to a new receiver. Any advice for a receiver compatible with Sonos. Thanks

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Your receiver is almost certainly compatible with Sonos. But how have you got everything connected? I assume you have a pair of passive speakers connected to the receiver? Is the Playbar connected to a TV? What sources are you trying to play? We need much more information to be able to help.
As John says, it very unlikely that it won't work. Usually, you plug the connect into the receiver,either into the tape circuit or into a dedicated input (analogue or digital). Many receivers may need you to configure the inputs properly (i.e. they're very flexible, but may not work by default).
I have the playbar and plays 1s connected to connect, configured and they all work fine through the app. I then connected my Yamaha receiver via optical to connect and tried using RCA cables as well but i can't get out the sound from my receiver on to the Sonos speakers. I have my dvd, Apple TV and other things into the Yamaha and all I want is to be able to get the sound onto the Sonos system. Thanks for your help and if it takes buying a newer receiver especifically compatible with Sonos, I will, but just want to know the right approach.
I just read that i may not need a receiver at all. So my question is: I have 5 hdmi sources, dvd, cable, roku, apple tv, external drive, how do I get this sound out to the Sonos speakers. after all, i only use the yamaha for which device can i get to take all these hdmi sources out to the speakers.
I am still puzzled. Do all these HDMI sources go into a TV? If so then you just need an optical connection from the TV to the Playbar. The Yamaha has no role in that case.

What do you mean when you say the Playbsr is connected to the Connect?
Hi John, i do not have a TV, i project onto a wall. I feed the projector from the Yamaha receiver, which i use to select different hdmi sources like dvd, cable, apple tv, roku. At this point i don't if i need the connect at all, which i bought thinking it could replace thr receiver. So all i want to do is get the output from all my hdmi sources to the sonos speakers/playbar
The Connect may be useful. You said you tried the optical connection on the Connect, but you would need to use the RCA line in on the Connect. I wonder if you also mistakenly used the RCA output on the Connect? What audio outputs does the receiver have?
Hi John, the receiver is a Yamaha RX-V379, it does have optical but i believe it is only optical in, i only see 1 hdmi out, i do not see any rca or optical outs, they appear to be all for input.
Then it sounds like you may need a HDMI switch with optical output to feed the sound to the Playbar. How does the video get to the projector?
thats what i think, do you recommend any specific one? I get the video to the project via an HDMI out that the receiver has. Now, if i buy an hdmi switch, can i get the audio out via optical from it and at the same time video out via hdmi? or do i still need my receiver
I have seen Monoprice switches recommended on here, which have the optical out you need. I think the receiver and Connect would both then be redundant for this purpose.

One further thought - does your receiver have anything like a "tape out" or "rec out" connection? You might be able to connect this to the Connect line-in, while setting the Playbar as the line-in Autoplay room.
As far as your Yamaha goes, I looked it up and it's interesting that these newer generation receivers have fewer connections than the receivers of a few years ago. Mainly, you currently have no way to get the audio signal to the Connect, which would then send it to the Play1s. I'm guessing you can get the wired speakers to play the streaming audio you are controlling with the app, yes? That's because you have the optical output from the Connect going to the optical input on the Yamaha. But that connection is one way: Connect --> Yamaha. You aren't getting the Yamaha to send your DVD, Cable, Roku, Apple TV, etc audio back to the Connect. You would need some kind of output from the Yamaha to go into the Connect's RCA inputs. Classically you would have a Tape Out or Rec Out, like John B said. The only thing I can think of is the headphone jack on the front of your Yamaha. You could plug in a 1/4"-to-RCA cable and you would get all your signals to the Connect, but you would probably be muting the wired speakers and would only get audio from the Sonos speakers. If that's what you want, go for it, but it's not a full 5 speaker system if that's what you're after.