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  • 7 September 2017
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Hi all
Looking for some set up advice.
I currently have a sonos bridge and a play 3 and playbar. They work great. I just got into a new house that has tones of speakers in the ceiling hard wired to the basement. I'd like to include them in my sonos system.
What's the best way? Buy a few connect amp's and wire my speakers in to them? Do I need to hard wore each connect amp to my router or will they pick up the wireless signal from what I already have?
Thanks for any help!

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5 replies

Either a Connect:Amp for each Zone (a Connect:Amp can power 2 pairs of 8 Ohm speakers or 1 pair of 4 Ohm), or you can also do multiple Connects with an external multi-channel amplifier.
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Yes, it's hard to say what the best way is without further understanding what you want to accomplish. Do you need each room/zone to be able to play a different music source...or are you only interest in one source at a time? Do you need each room/zone to have a separate volume control? Do you need to control the volume from a phone/tablet or would it just be a one time/rare setting? Are you wanting any of the ceiling speakers to act as sourrund sound in coordination with your playbar? Are the existing speakers mono or pairs for stereo? Any stereo input (4 wire) speakers?

In most cases, you won't need to hardwire the the connect or connect:amp to your wire. That said, it's not a bad idea to do so if it can be easily done. I would guess that if the wiring is centrally located in the basement, then an ethernet cable is also there to be used.
Thanks for your advice
To answer the questions, I'd like each zone to be independently able to play different sources or linked together. Each also to have volume control on my app.
I gather I'll need 3 or 4 connect amps, my big question is whether or not I need to hard wire each one with an Ethernet cord. My router is a level up and I'd rather not run more than the two existing CAT 6 wires that are already in use. Perhaps an Ethernet switch if I have to hard wore, but will the connect amp just pick up the network that my sonos already has in existence with my other devices?
Thanks again
You could use them wirelessly, but wiring is probably better. You could either use a switch, or with those few units, you can daisy chain them by connecting one to Ethernet, then using the second Ethernet port to connect another Connect:Amp, and so on for each unit. I believe the limit on daisy chaining is 7 units.
Daisy chain sounds great if it works thanks