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I have a music system consisting of two Sonos Ones and a Sub. I want to purchase a Soundbase to use for my TV audio, replacing a Zvox unit. Will the Soundbase automatically converge itselt into my Alexa-powered music system? I hope not, I only want it to do TV audio. Advice?

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If you have Sonos ones and Sub as one room. When you add playbase as another room they will be independent. You can group them when you want them to be playing the same thing. You can also control it via your Sonos Ones by saying something like "play Song on Playbase".

One thing you will find though is when an alexa command is issued to your Sonos Ones it will dip the sound of the playbase too. Sonos is supposed to be working on way for the alexa volume dipping to only effect designated speakers not every speaker in Sonos net as it does now.
The Soundbase will sit under my TV, and between my L-R ONEs. I guess I'll have to leave it turned off when listening to music, so as not to impede on the stereo soundstage the ONEs provide. Or maybe it won't clutter the stereo imaging, I don't know. And with the TV feeding its audio signal to the Soundbase via the optical input, TV sound should not come from the ONEs when watching TV, right? As the ONEs obtain their signal via an Amazon Echo (Alexa) unit.
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If your two Ones are set up as a different room (in the Sonos app) than where the Playbase will be, then you have the ability to listen to the stereo pair of Ones separate from the Playbase. You will be able to play your TV audio via the Playbase only, as long as it's set up as a separate room from the Ones.

You can, if you choose to, have your Ones play whatever the Playbase is playing as well. You can group the two rooms together. However since it sounds like you will have all the speakers in the same room, you cannot use the Ones to function as separate left and right speakers and have the Playbase act as a center channel. But if you choose to group the Ones to the Playbase for TV watching, you will likely have a bit of an audio delay between the Ones and the Playbase. But you won't have any issues keeping everything separate if you're planning on keeping the stereo Ones separate from any TV watching.

When listening to music, you can choose to have the Playbase kick in as well but it's not a requirement.
All of which makes perfect sense now. Thanks so much for your reply!


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