Adding speakers from previous network

  • 1 April 2017
  • 7 replies

I set up a network at my new house using all new speakers. I now want to add a Play 5, a connect and a connect AMP. When plugging in the new (old network) speakers I obviously do not get the green LED so cannot add to the system. Is a full reset of the previous network speakers the best way to go? If so, do I have to reconnect to my old house wifi or can it be done at the new place. Any guidance much appreciated.

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7 replies

Good question; I have never done the reset in a new house, but my guess is that it won't matter where you do it.
Thanks the quick reply, so you think full reset is best option in any event?
Yes, if this is a new network and not just the old one transplanted to the new home. Start with any one unit, see that it works ok, then do the other two.
Absolutely fine and essential to factory reset the speakers from old network, then just use "add a speaker or sub" to add them to your new setup. Although you will lose playlists from old system in the process. As Kumar says, try one first to be on the safe side. (You could potentially transplant the old system to your new home and then factory reset the new speakers, to keep your old playlists, favourites etc. If that has any appeal please post back for detailed guidance before proceeding!)
Many thanks, I'll try tomorrow and let you know.
Thanks John for the advice. Seems reset the way to go. Will do tomorrow.
Dear Kumar and John, thanks for all your help. All working fine now. Nice.