Adding Play(s) to a Playbar

  • 12 December 2016
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I have a Playbar attached to the TV that serves as our main music playing system as well as the TV sound. I would like (I think) to add Plays to the system but am not sure what all I need to accomplish this. I am not interested in home theater - we don't watch enough TV to warrant that - but would like to fill the rather large room (23' x 25' w/15' ceilings) with more sound.

I am contemplating a pair of Play:1s, a pair of Play:3s, or a single Play:5. Should I also consider just adding a Sub? I assume that if we want to expand into kitchen, offices, etc, it would just be a matter of purchasing the required units.

Here's the potential rub: the Playbar is not connected to the router via ethernet, just wifi. And the wifi network in the house is through Ubiquiti devices. I have had issues in the past with the controller on my Android phone not connecting with the system. They have always resolved, mysteriously, but when i was on the phone with Tech Support they felt it was a Ubiquiti issue.

Anyway, if the current Sonos device, the Playbar, is not hardwired to the router, can I still just add speakers?

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3 replies

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Hi Kevy55,

Welcome to the Sonos community

I would go with a pair of Play1s and they are on sale right. I can tell you once you start buying more Sonos speakers it is hard to stop..

But, if you are going to invest in more Sonos gear you should really run it on SonosNet. Sonos sets up its own network and gets off your busy Wifi. It is just a better way to run Sonos. To do this you need to have one of your Sonos products hard wired to your router, it can be any speaker or if you do not want a speaker near the router you can use a Boost.
My router is about 9' up on a shelf in a closet, so there is no good way to plug a speaker into the router. If I install a Boost there do the devices used to control the Sonos system automatically connect to 'SonosNet'? As it stands now one of the issues I keep having is getting the controller on my phone to connect to, or 'recognize', the Playbar whenever there is an upgrade. As noted in my original question this typically resolves itself (for unknown reasons - I've learned to wait a little), but would this go away if a SonosNet is established in the house? Keep in mind the reason I've got Ubiquiti devices (2 or 3, I can't remember) is to provide adequate wifi coverage in the house.

Yes, the Boost acts in the same way as a speaker does, in terms of setting it up for SonosNet. Well, technically, it's the other way around, the speaker acts the same as the Boost, but who cares in this case 🙂 But connecting a boost to your router would create the SonosNet for the speakers to connect to, thus taking a major portion of the bandwidth for the music off of your wifi network. It would likely take a couple to 5 minutes after connecting the boost for them to switch over (it's not instantaneous), and would certainly be helped by a reboot of each speaker, but it's not required.

As to the issues you're having with the Playbar, I'd be looking for an IP conflict in your system. Technically, it wouldn't go away until you reboot your entire system, bringing each device (not just the Speakers) up one at a time so that they can grab an IP from your rebooted router before the next device makes a request for it.

And finally, I am a fan of the sub. While I thought I was happy when I had just a playbar, I turned out to be ecstatic when I got the sub.

Good luck!