Adding a soundbar to a pair of Play 3 with sub

  • 19 March 2018
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So I bought a pair of play 3s for my living room, which were nice. Then I added a sub, which was amazing.
Now my (non Sonos) soundbar has gone pop, so it seems to make sense to buy a Sonos soundbar.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so here's where the current stereo pair and sub live, along with where I'd put the soundbar:

Question time: how best will I set this up?
I'm quite happy with my current music listening setup, but would like to benefit from a bit of surround sound from the play 3s, and, of course, some boom from the sub woofer.
How will this affect my current 'living room' listening setup?

Will all music played to living room now come out of the soundbar as well as the current pair+sub, or will the pair+sub continue as they currently do, but be utilised when the soundbar is on.
In either case, can the surround sound be turned off and on? I might not want it on when the kids are watching cbeebies, but I might want it on when the rugby is on, or we're watching the latest BluRay.

Thanks for your help.

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2 replies

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When you pair them all together all music will come from all speakers. When playing Sonos music the Left and Right surrounds will act as a stereo pair in addition to the Playbar outputting its Left/Right mix as well. And of course the sub doing its thing.

When watching TV the Left Right Play:3s will automatically switch to only pass surround sound.

As far as the experience with the Playbar mixing in with music. I actually really like it. It doesn't give you that tight listening position focused soundstage. It gives you that ALL CHANNEL STEREO sound you get with most surround receivers when set to that mode. It really fills a room.

Note: Since you mentioned BluRay - you need to be sure your BluRay player will convert DTS to Dolby Digital (not all BluRays will and is required to get sound to the Playbar in Dolby Digital format).
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thank you for the reply.

I can live with that - it's not often you'd want to have the sound on the TV and the music on is it! :)

In terms of filling the room, I've run the occasional experiment with the play 1 from the kitchen over that side of the room, and have been quite impressed by how much it does to fill the room.

The soundbar there, should help fill that slight dead spot in the middle of the hallway, as the living room fades off and the kitchen comes in.

I'm excited now. Pay day Friday... woo!