Adding a Play:3 to a new system

  • 12 September 2021
  • 1 reply

I have “successfully” added a new system and added a play 3 to it.  However at the end of the setup - the application says it may not appear on the system -to add it unplug the play 3 and add it through the system screen on the application”  When I look at the application the “”account, System, and SERVICE” are ghosted out and are inactive.  therefore i can not access those tabs and are unable to complete the setup as directed.  Anyone else having this problem or have a fix.  Thanks

1 reply

I think you just need to log in to your Sonos account to add a device, but it should prompt you to do so when you try the process. 

Which makes me wonder if the controller you’re using is matching the software on your speakers. Go to Settings > System > System Updates (near the bottom) and check to see if there are pending updates?

And, if perhaps you can’t reach that area based on grayed out tabs, there’s a couple more things to try.

First, you should be OK to delete the controller from your device, and download a fresh copy, making sure to ‘connect to existing system’ when prompted, but it also matters what device and OS you are attempting this from. If the OS is too old, or a desktop machine (Mac or Windows), you won’t be able to ‘add’ a device, you’ll need a current mobile device. See the supported OS FAQ.