Absolute rubbish product

Awful don’t waste your money 2 houses both with these wretched things and frankly will give them to any body that wants the pile of poo don’t waste your money

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It's most unfortunate that you're having difficulties. If you were to perhaps provide some information about what you're experiencing, this community might be able to help you set things right, and you could be happy with your purchase.
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I'll have the products if you don't want them! I think Sonos is a fantastic idea with great products, only downside is the slightly steep price.
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Yea pls pass on to me, will pay for postage :)
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I am based in the UK, willing to take unwanted sonos
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Could your problem be with your WiFi?
I had lots of problems with my SONOS system, until I upgraded my WiFi router and access points.
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The original post is a year old, boys and girls.
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and we are still waiting for the unwanted sonos to be posted on. Some people are very inconsiderate.
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Too right!

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