A pretty complicated WIFI setup and Sonos...

  • 23 February 2017
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OK... Let me first start by explaining my setup. My ISP comes in through my studio which is on the front of the property. In my studio, I have the last generation Airport Extreme. From that, I connect via ethernet cable to:

1. Another airport extreme that extends my network into a connected shop. It's connected to the studio, but since this is a metal building, the network has to be extended physically as WIFI won't penetrate the metal walls.

2. A Ubiquiti wireless antennae. This beams my internet connection to my home (which is 300' away from my shop).

Now in my home, I have this:

1. Another Ubiquiti antennae that receives the data from the antennae on the shop.

2. The antennae above is connected through ethernet cable to yet another Airport Extreme that is in bridge mode.

3. That wireless network is then extended through the house using two airport extremes.

Now, in my HOME I have two Play 1's and one Connect Amp and they all play beautifully and reliably from the home wifi setup. No problems at all. Everything is peachy. I love these damned things.

Today, however, I decided I wanted to add a Play 3 (I'm addicted) in my STUDIO. I went through the setup wirelessly and it wouldn't connect to my app. So, following the directions, I hooked it up to my wifi router via ethernet in the STUDIO and it seemed to connect. The app told me to disconnect the Play 3, move it to where I wanted it, and then I would be good to go. I did that and the app couldn't find the Play 3.

Obviously, my complicated wifi setup is the culprit... But I'm wondering if there is a way to make this work? Oddly enough, I can control my Sonos products located in my home from the WIFI network in the studio perfectly. I even tried setting up the Play 3 in my home and then moving it to the Studio to no avail.

Any ideas?

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2 replies

To work as a system, all Sonos components need to share the same IP subnet. Ensure that none of your secondary routers is acting as a router, i.e. it's not in bridge mode.

Also, broadcasts must propagate throughout without problem. Some devices can block them.
So the router in my home (you know, the one that is connected to a Ubiquiti antennae that receives the connection from the studio) is in Bridge mode. I don't know a lot about this stuff, but I thought it was supposed to be in bridge mode so as not to allow additional routers to connect to the network without conflicting with the DHCP/NAT server (the router in my studio).

So given that, shouldn't I be able to setup the Play 3 in my studio as if it was a completely different WIFI network/household? I would love to do that, but the app doesn't seem to give me the option.

Man, this is all so confusing.