4G mobile broadband

  • 12 September 2019
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i try keep it short and pardon my english :)

i just installed sonos at my fathers house and then my mothers house, i was very impressed with the sound and now i also want sonos, i have an unlimited 4g network with a huawei router, i have between 15-50 MPS, we can stream Netflix on the highest quality to 2 tv’s at the same time without any issues at all, my question is, Will a play5 gen 2 work flawless If i hook it up with ethernet cable to my 4g router? I also have a pretty good signal aswell, reason i dont have landline is beacuse my 4g works really well and never had a reason to switch it out. Should also mention that we Will ofcourse not watching Netflix on both of the tv’s while listening to music since i wont buy the soundbar,
many thanks //Daniel

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