4.2.1 Software Link?

  • 27 December 2013
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Hey all,

It seems that Software Controller for PC has a latest version of 4.2.1. It also appears that the software download link on this website only links to the previous version 4.2. As a result when downloading the software it installs, "checks controller" then states that it requires an update, please download the latest version from the sonos website.

Obviously I cannot do so, because at this stage there is no link that I can find on here.

Does anyone have a direct link to the latest download? Thanks.

P.s. No I can't simply click on update in the software as Sonos in their wisdom will not allow me to run the "out of date" software to the point where I can click on an update button.


1 reply

Welcome to the forum.

Version 4.2.1 was only for the hardware music players. The Controllers (and the Bridge) remain at 4.2, which is why the current download returns that version.

Perhaps a full uninstall/re-install of the Controller is in order here, or you should consider contacting Sonos Support. The Desktop Controller at version 4.2 should not attempt an update for itself (but it may for the players).