2x Sonos Ones: Best setup in a rectangular room - diagonally or on same side?

  • 3 January 2019
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Hi all,

Just wondering whether there is a general rule of thumb for placing two speakers in a rectangular room. The room is approx. 3m x 6m, so two speakers should fill it up nicely. We spend most of our time in the middle of the room on either side of the dining table and partly in one end of the room in a small lounge area with two chairs.

I would like to take advantage of the stereo pairing, which I assume should work fine with two speakers given the size and layout of the room, no matter where you sit. However, I am curious as to what setup yields the best result.

My initial thought was to go diagonal, placing one speaker in each corner opposite from each other (e.g. A-D). However, a friend suggested that I placed them on the same side of the room, one at each end on one of the "longest" walls (e.g. A-C).

A -- B
| |
C -- D

I am concerned that with the latter setup, sitting at the dining room table, one would always either be facing the music or have your back against it. Whereas with the first setup I assume it would be more well rounded. However, I am by no means an expert on this, which is why I have posted here and appreciate the help of this community :)

I have searched the community topics and found a few old topics with two people suggesting either solution, so I am still undecided.

Cheers for any input on this.

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I would personally place them on the same wall. Not necessarily in the corners, but equidistant from the corners if it makes sense for the listening position. Speaker positioning can become a science in itself, the best advice would be to try different setups and see what sound best for you.