2 Sonos Beams in different rooms

  • 26 February 2019
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If I have 2 Sonos Beams attached to different TV's, how would it know which TV to switch on when you say 'Alexa, turn on the TV'.

At the moment I have 1 Sonos Beam connected to the Living Room TV. No matter what room I am in, if I say to Alexa, 'Turn on TV' it will always turn on the TV connected to the Beam, this can be from any room that has an Alexa device.

Therefore what happens when you have more than 1 Sonos Beam connected to different TV's?

4 replies

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In the Alexa app, look under devices, then click the All Devices box. In the list you should see a device with a TV icon, TV in the name, and clicking on it shows details that it was Connected Via Sonos. So when you give a command to turn on the TV, is using this device setup. Since it's the only TV setup, it should use this one by default. I've changed the name on mine to be 'Game Room TV'. So I say 'Alexa, turn on the Game Room TV'. I have another beam setup and it's called 'Master Bedroom TV'.

This is how it's suppose to work, but I honestly haven't used this feature very much.
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You just give it a different name.
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Hi nrushforth

Both of the previous answers are correct (i.e. use different names). Since my TV's are different brands I just use the brand name. For example: "Alexa turn on Samsung". In fact I have dedicated music speakers in two rooms. In the media room they are called "Stereo" and in the great room they are called "Speakers" (the latter is very original don't you think :8).

But seriously, sometimes having a similar phrase or word in a command for devices in different rooms may cause Alexa to ask the following: "There are several devices named TV...which one did you want?"

Short and Simple is always best if you can manage it...sometimes called the "KISS" approach (Keep It Simple Stupid ;))

Probably, why melvimbe hasn't used the feature much. He forgot how to "KISS" LOL ;)

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Here you go:


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