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Sonos 101 - Getting Started

New to Sonos? Here are some quick notes to help you get started. Step 1: Get set up First off, let’s get those players installed. https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2638/ has it pret...

Connecting Sonos One to Existing Sonos Speakers

Connect my new Sonos One.. it works, but when I ask it to increase volume it does, but not across all speakers. Any suggestions how to group?

Connect 3 speakers to a single connect:amp

I currently have 2 speakers of a bedroom on a connect:amp. I would like to add a single speaker of the bathroom on the same connect:amp. Pair of speakers in bedroom: 2x Monitor Audio WT150-LCR (Nomina...

Asus RT N66u connection problems

Sonos was working fine with BT Home Hub - changed to Asus RT-N66u router - Sonos not working at all - unable to connect to components at all.

Distortion with Connect and Turntable

I am trying to connect my turntable to my Sonos system but when I play a record I am hearing a lot of distortion. Right now I am using a Crosley turntable, with a Pyle PP999 Amp, plugged into a Sonos...

Setting up Play:5

Sonos 5 just stopped working!

Connect: AMP , PlayBar, & TV

Hi All, firstly, i have submitted diagnostics: 8229080. I am trying to set this up for my father - and failing - embarrassing. What i am trying to achieve is to have the Connect: AMP and Playbar co...

Wired and Wireless

I am building a new home so I can place wires anywhere. My plan is to have my in ceiling (non sonos) speakers for the family room run off a Sonos Connect plugged directly into my router. Then I will...

Boost network speed

Hi, I recently upgraded to fibre broadband and now much faster home internet however I've noticed although every other existing device connected to my router transmits at 1000Mbps, the Sonos boost onl...

Sonos controller not up-to-date?

I just received my Sonos One and am trying to set it up. The very first thing I saw was this message: "There was a problem confirming if your Sonos controller is up-to-date. If you continue and you...

New router

Installed new router. Watched the vid on how to connect. Worked great for first controller, but will not work for second.

Sonos at home and at the cottage.

I want to have 2 Sonos systems ( and 2 routers ). One at home and one at the cottage. They will be used at the same time by different users and different songs. Do I need 2 apps ??

Using a Connect to output via an amplifier/non sonos speakers

I'm brand new to this. I have bought a Connect which I have linked to my old hi fi amp with the intention of playing from my iPhone through the amp. (I will add some wireless sonos play stuff later)....

sonos play 5 use with tv and no soundbar/playbase?

Hoping to get some guidance regarding a pair of sonos play 5s to be used primarily for music listening but also as an enhancement to the crappy audio from the basic tv speakers. I recently renovated...

pair up subwoofer (along with working playbar) when TV is on

how do i pair up subwoofer (along with currently working playbar) for TV. it used to work before and stopped working few months ago. today, both payer and subwoofer works when i play outside of TV

How does the sub hook up to my sonos network?

I've got four Sonos Ones, one in each room of my house. I want to get a sub to put in my living room. How will that work? Does it somehow get paired specifically with the One in the living room? Or is...

Wireless setup loop

I'm trying to setup a Sonos Play1 that was an open box return from Amazon. I've done a factory reset and I've verified that my Android phone is connected to the same network as the Sonos Play 1. When...

Setting Up To A New Wireless Network

Setting Up To A new Wireless Network will not work after several attempts following troubleshooting uide

Sub does not connect

I need help connecting my sub with my tv (soundbar)

Sonos application cannot connect to the speaker.

I have installed android Sonos app to connect to a new Sonos One speaker and followed the instructions. I have connected the speaker to a power source and inserted the DSL cable into my router. I have...

Change from Ethernet to WiFi connection

We currently have a connect:amp connected to my router using ethernet cable. Four Play 3’s are are using WiFi and we have two speakers in the ceiling hardwired to the back of the Connect:amp. EVERYTHI...

Wireless Headphones and Playbase: Connect of Optical Audio Splitter?

Hi everyone! I know a version of the headphones to playbar/playbase question has been asked in other forums within this community, but as far as I was able to see, none of the questions discussed use...

Sonos wont connect to APs

I've had a new router, network switch, patch panel and APs installed at home and now I cant use my exisitng Sonos system. I can sometimes get one or two to connect but not all of them. Its as though...

5.1 sound surround set up

I recently added two sonos play one. Followed instruction during the set up. When watching movies, hardly I hear the rear left and right. How would I know I set it up correctly to 5.1. Can somebody he...

Original play 1 disappeared!

Hello people, I recently purchased 2 x play 1’s. I set them up as per instructions and all was well in the world. I then purchased a play 3 to add to the gang. All seemed fine for a few days then the...


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