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PC Cannot Find Sonos using Google Wifi

I have 2 Sonos Play 5's, a play3 and a Play1 I have a Sonos Bridge Connected to the 1st Google WIFI pod that's also connected to the router Everything is working great except my PC cannot find the s...

Play 3 Does Not Connect

I have had my Play 3 for about six years. No problems all these years, including two years overseas. I set up the system at home and was working using my iPhone App but when I tried to connect the sys...

Play-1 2 pairs no ound on second pair

I installed 5.1 home theater.(Play bar. Sub, 1 Play-1 pair in front and 1 Play-1 pair in back) .Play bar, Sub and front Play-1 pair work well but I have no sound on back Play-1 pair. Is tjere an is...

Changed WiFi network - now only able to connect 1 of 6 speakers.

I keep following the steps for install speakers but 5 out of 6 fail. The only one I was able to connect was done by hard wiring it to the router (then disconnect and move). When trying to connect al...

Log in to account

Why ton earth should I log in to connect to MY PERSONAL SYSTEM ??

Google WiFi and Sonos Boost

Just connected google WiFi mesh and now cannot add subs and P1’s. Error said that a boost is required. Question is- if I hook up a boost to the router will this allow me to re-add my Sub and P1’s (and...

If using line-in on one play5 would it work as stereo pair ?

G'd day! Recently bought a play 5 and wondering if :- 1- Paired with another play 5 as stereo pair and using line-in option from a laptop/Tv on one, would the other p5 work? Or do I need a splitter an...

Sonos Connect and Volume Issue

Setup Sonos Connect (ethernet cable to router ---> RCA Out to Audio In SA-CD...Sony STRDN840 --> Speaker Wire to In Wall Speakers When I play music through the phone app or the app on my laptop the s...

Sonos + zeppelin

Hi, I have 4 bowers + Wilkins ceiling speakers running of a Sonos connect and 2 play 5s, currently I have a fabulous sounding zeppelin air collecting dust, is it possible to incorporate this to play a...

Upgrading to play 3's

How do I replace my paired surround sound play 1's for play 3's ? I then want to put the 2x play 1's in another room as a stereo pair.

Temporarily move Sonos components to another wifi network

G'day This is my first post on the Sonos forum.... Have had my Sonos system up and running perfect at home for about a year now (Sonos Bridge + Sonos5 + Sonos Play1) and have been loving every note o...

Sonos Bridge and BT Home Hub 6

Whenever I connect my Sonos bridge to my BT Home Hub 6 the Home hub looses its connection and refuses to find the internet. As soon as I disconnect the Sonos Bridge the Home Hub will connect. The brid...

Sonos One Setup

Ok I’m tired of going round and round in circles trying to get the Sonos One setup correctly so I’m looking for a little help. I did have a Amazon Alexa device a couple of months ago but returned it a...

Can't set up Sonos One

I bought two Sonos One speakers. I was able to set one of them up with no problem. The second one cannot be set up. I go to Manage -> Add Player or Sub, and follow the instructions. The next screen s...

Run Sonos One Speaker through SonosNet

I have 7 Sonos components. I have a Boost connected to a router/modem. So, on the "About My Sonos System" tab all components are designated WM:0 with the exception of my SonosOne which is WM:1. In...

Android TV to play 5

How can I connect my sonos play 5 device to the Sony android TV???

CR100 Controller

Hey guys, I have had Sonos for a month now and really love it. I have a BU250 bundle and an S5 for my kitchen. The CR200 control is superb, I am also using the iphone app and the same app on my part...

Boost + Bridge both wired to network, ok?

Hi, My system used to be bridge wired to router via unmanaged switch, connect amp also wired to network unmanaged switch, 3 play 1, two play 3, sub and bar all wireless. The play 1s in furthest bit...

Multiple speakers on one connect amp

Can you use one connect amp to control 3 sets of wired speakers? Can it damage the amp?

How can I add my sonos products without using two buttons?

I want to add a new connect amp to my current system. As I understand, I can't add new product without sonos account. I have some problems with adding, because some devices hidden in walls. Can I add...

New Sonos Member - Samsung TV and Sonos

Hello, So....I still think there has to be some work around...bc I simply dont believe I need to get a soundbar for this and wont: I have a big 2 bedroom High cieling converted loft space (meaning a...

Connecting Sonos Playbar to Sony STRDN1080 Receiver

Is it possible to connect my Sony STRDN1080 receiver to a Sonos Playbar to be used for a 5.1 surround system? I am using a projector as my video source, so I may not be about to feed the audio output...

Connecting an Optoma HD142X projector to Sonos Playbar for 5.1 surround sound

Hello, I am trying to set up a new home theater system with an Optoma HD142X projector and was curious if it is possible to connect the audio output form the projector into the audio input to the Son...

zone player 90 and turntable

Hi All, I have a zone player 90 connected to my ampli, than I would like to listen to my turntable through the various sonos speakers I have around but I have tried to connect it to Zone player 90 wit...

How to uninstall speaker from speaker list

I installed Sonos ONE via my PC but now cant get voice services running. I wonder if I should have installed from my ipad / iphone (both now have sonos and alexa apps on) so I wanted to delete the spe...


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