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Sonos 101 - Getting Started

New to Sonos? Here are some quick notes to help you get started. Step 1: Get set up First off, let’s get those players installed. This FAQ has it pretty well covered. Especially the video here...

Wired and Wireless

I am building a new home so I can place wires anywhere. My plan is to have my in ceiling (non sonos) speakers for the family room run off a Sonos Connect plugged directly into my router. Then I will...

Need help reinstalling my Player 1

I had to install a new hd to my computer today, and I cannot get my Sonos Player 1 to work. I have downloaded - but when I install, I get to the point where it says to press the two buttons till I he...

Genre issues indicative of larger problem?

I have an extensive iTunes library running on my MacBook Pro from an external HD. iTunes points to that location for its library. When I set up my new Sonos Play, I pointed it to that external drive...

system set up

hi, can someone help? I have moved house and trying to set up my system again but my PC won't connect to my zonebridge. I am now using Bullguard security software which I wasn't using before so gues...

Line-in dropouts on Play: 5

Every so often my Play: 5 stops playing audio from line-in. It seems to happen randomly. When it happens, I'm unable to play/pause or change the volume of the speaker for ~30 seconds. I am able to con...

Want to have 2-3 Sonos Connects on existing wired multichannel system

I am building a new home which will have a hard wired whole home audio system. I have multichannel amps and want to use Sonos Connects to be able have multiple audio streams in different zones at the...

Trouble with network Setting Up SONOS Play:1

Hi there, I am setting up my SONOS PLAY:1 speaker. Everything was going well, I started with the standard set up and then it asked me to go into settings and choose the SONOS Wi-Fi network. I sele...

Changed router

I have a Play5 in Standard Setup (not connected to router). I've just changed my router and followed the video on Sonos support showing what to do when you change router but the Songs app on my iPhon...

Play:1 quit working, cannot get it back on the network

I have had my Play:1 for almost a year now and it has worked fine. Installation went off without a hitch. One day our phone app couldn't connect to it any longer and now I've spent 3 days trying to...

weak wireless trouble

I have the connect and connect amp along with a bridge and some play 1,3 and 5 speakers. I keep having drop off issues so I read to plug in one of my devices in to create a sonos network if you have w...

Setting up Play:1

I was unable to "check the password" for my wireless network during setup, so I'm prompted to connect to router to finish, however my router is already too full. Anything else I could do?

Desktop Controller for Mac won't connect to Sonos Network

Good morning- I have a 2014 MBP. I'm using a Bridge to set up Sonos. I can connect to my Sonos system using my iOS apps and control it that way, but I can't get the desktop controller to connect...

Cannot get beautiful brand new Play 5 to connect to WiFi

I just bought a Play 5. I have a Play 1 & set it up no problem last week. Running set up through my iPhone 6S. I am pressing the little infinity button on the back of the Play 5 to get it to connect...

Beolab 4000 and SONOS Connect

Hi, Im having a problem when connecting my Beolab 4000 speakers to my SONOS Connect. The speakers keep switching off and on - when playing low music. I expect this is due to the missing trigge...

Mute Playbar

I'd like to reduce/mute the Playbar sound when watching TV, especially sports. Why? Usually the announcers are center, and the crowd is on the other speakers. By reducing/muting the Playbar you only h...

Sonos play:1 connect

I got stuck on wireless setup

Change the time radio comes on in morning

When we first set up my system, we programmed the radio to come on in the bedroom from 8:00-10:00 AM every day. We can't figure out how to make adjustments to the times that are set. Can't find anyt...

Changed router and now can't set up our 2011 system with zone bridges

All our equipment is from 2011 which this website doesn't seem to support in the Sonos help section - as all the online help is for the Zone bridges that are newer models than ours - and we can't acce...

Flexson VinylPlayer

Turntable connectivity

Line-IN Cuts Out - Improve with Ethernet vs. Wireless?

I have a receiver that runs my turntable and CD player connected to a CONNECT so that I can run the "line-in" around the house, on two CONNECT:AMPs, a PLAY5, and a SOUNDBAR. The "line-in" cuts out qui...

Using with AVG's "internet security"

Recently upgraded laptop and modem, and upgraded to AVG Internet Security. Struggled for a few weeks to get them to work harmoniously, and with some direction from the Sonos help team, finally found...


Hi, I'm wondering how I connect my sonos play 1 to my ion air LP? I know that my sonos does not have Bluetooth built in however is there anything that I can get to connect them.

Wireless network issue

I have a guest house which has its own wireless router (AirPort Extreme - it shares an IP address with the main house, though). I am attempting to create a separate Sonos system in the guest house wit...

Length of power cables with Sonos 1

Hi, What is the length of the power cable that come by default with Sonos 1 devices? I estimate I will be needing a 6 meter power cable.


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