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Sonos 101 - Getting Started

New to Sonos? Here are some quick notes to help you get started. Step 1: Get set up First off, let’s get those players installed. https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2638/ has it pret...

PlayBase Optic Connection

My new PlayBase will be hooked up to a TV that does not have an optical connection neither does the DirecTv Genie Mini; is there a single cable with HDMI on one end and Optical on the other? Or does...

Unable to add music folder. Reason: The computer "XXXX" is not responding.

Hello A long-time sonos user, I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 Build 1709 (Fall Creators Update). After reinstalling sonos I am now unable to add my music folder that is located on a sepa...

Playbase doesn't connect

I recently tried to access my Sonos system (1 Room - Bridge + Playbase + Sub) and it said one of my players was missing. Tried restarting everything. Router, Bridge, Controllers, etc. Incredibly frust...

playing youtube through sonos app

How do I play youtube through the sonos app?

Streaming with D-link AC2600

I just changed my router to a d-link ac2600. When I plugin my sonos into the new router (with one component wired to the router), I don't have access to my online services (google play, spotify, etc)....

playing music from laptop directly to sonos play 5

hi, i am in a room with a sonos play 5 - the sonos play 5 is attached to a network that i do not have access to. i therefore want to connect directly to the speaker via a wire to play my music. i've...

Alphabetical Sorting of Songs in Sonos Playlists

Sonos does not currently have, as a regular operating feature, the ability to sort songs in a Playlist alphabetically and then return to the original sort order. In my opinion, this would be extremely...

Permanently group two stereo pairs.

I have two Play 1's in a pair as my rear TV speakers. I also have two Play 3's in a pair as my front TV speakers. I used to have them permanently grouped so that when I turn on the TV all four speak...

Connect AMP with receiver

I know that you should use a connect if you want to play through an existing stereo (receiver). However, I already own an AMP ZP100. Can I set up the AMP to play through my existing system and speak...

Adding a Sonos Speaker without having to login

I am on a shared WiFi in an office building. Someone has already added a speaker to the WiFi network, I am trying to add our office speaker, however, the app is telling me to sign in as the other pers...

Upgrade options

To the quality control team. When you use the term "Later" it does not mean loop for ever in an upgrade loop. That would be "Upgrade Now!". I needed to access the volume setting NOW not be delayed...

Unable to set Music Library. Any other way to stream my music directly?

When I choose my music library on internal or external disc, after all steps it shows "unable to find the computer". Is there any other way to stream directly my music to Sonos player?

Can the volume on Sonos One speakers be controlled on the app if they are set up as surround sound?

I set these up and they are working but they do not show on the app and there is no way to control the volume, (They show up on the app as far as being recognized under room settings but not where yo...


When we ask Alexa to play a song from our iTunes library, we're told that it can't find the song. But, we're able to play all of the songs we have through the Sonos app. What are we overlooking to g...

Using / updating Sonos Bridge with Micro-USB wired internet to mobile WiFi router?

I have Sonos at my place in Malaysia but am mostly resident in Thailand at the moment. As such I have suspended my internet at home so as to not pay 12 months for 3 weeks of use per year. Previously...

Can't Connect to Sonos

We updated our router 24 hours ago and now we can't connect to Sonos. We've followed all of the on screen recommendations (e.g. Turned off WiFi, Unplugged Router, Checked Power to Speakers) and nothi...

Does music stream from the iPad or from the Connect:Amp

We have set up 3 Sonos Connect:Amps throughout our cellar, controlled by an iPad. I noticed that when streaming TuneIn Radio, there are no issues with music streaming. We set up the Sonos App on our i...

No sound from my dvd player

Unable to get sound from my denon dvd player connecting through a sonos connect. Bought a sonos boost as the player is other end of house. All eqpt showing Wm:0 and i have the white light showing on m...

SONOS with Cisco Wireless LAN Controller

One of the departments that I support within my company just purchased two Sonos Play 1s. I can't get them to work with our Cisco 5520 Wireless LAN Controllers. Has anyone gotten this to work?

Controller can't find server for iTunes Library - won't play songs

Sonos can't find server to play my itunes library songs. Firewall off, running Sierra 10.12.6 Was working fine until this afternoon. Tunein and other sources play fine. Last mac update was 9 November....

Can't play from my Mac

I have been using my Sonos successfully for 9 months. Now I can't play music from my macbook. Two issues. First the Play 3 forgets where my music is. The folder disappears from the window. Second, w...

Sonos Connect Amp

I am considering a Sonos Connect Amp to run 4 in-ceiling speakers on my main floor (1 zone) 8 ohm impedance. Connect Amp allows 4 speakers. I can't land on speakers. I have Polk RC60i but they are no...

How smart are sonos?

I have a 5.1 setup in my main living room and have loved it. I am getting a 5.1 for my basement now as well and I just got the sub, the playbar is still on its way:/..lol. So I connected my new sub...

SirusXM ID password error

I am trying to set up my Sirius XM. I have an account but keeps giving error that user id password is incorrect. I have gone directly into the Sirius website to confirm my user ID and password are c...


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