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Anything and everything about setting up your Sonos system. How do you Trueplay your Sonos system? Wondering if you should use a cabled setup versus a wireless Sonos setup? This is the place to get answers.

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Setup, Install, and Getting the most from Sonos Amp

Welcome! Here you can find tips and tricks, how to get started, and many answers to the questions you might have about how to use the Sonos Amp. For the basic details, check out our introductory post...

Tips for new Sonos owners

Setting up Sonos for the first time? Here are some tips to get you started. 1. Download the Sonos app. You’ll need the app to set up and use your new Sonos system. 2. Set up your Sonos system....

How to delete an account and start over.

I need to start over installing Sonos on Play:1s. The app has is stuck in a loop of wanting to register speakers and no allowing anything else. I have over $3000 invested in beautiful hardware ad $.1...

2 sonos amp 10 speaker

Hi With 2 sonos amp (125amp) can I make these configuration with these speaker? 6.5" Ceiling Speaker with Dual Tweeters https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004284FF2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_7nvMCbJJKW772 Obviou...

Force video sound as stereo input

Hi, i have two sonos surround setups. What i'd like to know if it's possible to force the surround setup to play in "music-mode" while watching music video's on Youtube for example. I'll try to expla...

2nd Boost

Can a 2nd boost increase the signal in my house?

New Requirement for Login to setup Player is not acceptable!!!

I often have limited to no internet access which is why we decided on Sonos in the first place - we can use it as a standalone system without having to "online". Recently the controller software has...

Sonos user in Morocco cannot find Spotify service. Please help.

Hi, I am a Sonos user in Morocco and I cannot use/add Spotify service. My Spotify account is set in Morocco. And my Sonos account and address too. Spotify has been officially launched in Morocco 5 mon...

speaker group

I can no longer find/enter one of my speakers in the group

Surround sound up

I currently have a Playbar for tv and 2x ones which are in the kitchen and bedroom. Is there a simple way to connect them as surround speakers whilst watching a movie and to then put them back without...

Sonos One: Where should I start?

"Get Sonos," they said. "It will be simple," they said. No. No, it's not. I have been trying to set up a Sonos One (Gen 1) for an entire Sunday and have been experiencing nothing but challenges, set...

New speaker not completing set up / Not found

Existing system: 5:1 in Lounge 2 x Play 1 in Kitchen (Stereo pair) 1 x Boost - directly connected and next to Router Purchased another Play 1 for placement in my landing, its about 5 feet (1.25 mtr)...

Sonos Amp Question

I'm looking at the new Sonos 250w Amp and have 2 questions that i couldn't find answers to. The scenario is that I will hook it up to power my 2 outdoor speakers that terminate in my family room by m...

How to stream CONNECT output to outdoor bluetooth amp

I have an outdoor setup with an Amphony microFidelity Bluetooth Receiver (model 300) wired to a couple of analog Polk Audio external speakers. I use it by routing my Music app on my iPhone to Bluetoot...

Subwoofer episode

I just bought a sonos amp and have my own subwoofer however can’t get the subwoofer to work

How to delete a room with no Sonos Product attached

I have inadvertently created a room without a Sonos product attached that 8 now wish to delete. How do I delete such a room, please?

Original sound playing when switching to a different HDMI source on my play bar

Trying to get sound. to play on amazon fire stick from different HDMI source

Aux out to Sonos Connect, will it work?

Hi, My parents have a Sonos Connect and 2 Sonos Play 1’s. They would like to have the possibility (next to using their smartphone and Spotify) to play CD’s because not all their music is available on...

Low volume on Sonos Beam.

Hello. I have just gotten my new Sonos Beam and I’m having a problem with the volume. It’s really low. I have a diagnostic number 718716577.

Ethernet or Wifi?

Hi, I just noticed my Beam has an ethernet port. Ya, I know, duh! I've had it running over wifi this whole time. I have a gigabit switch so have enough ports and am now wondering if it's better to con...

PC app not loading

Hi I have downloaded the sonos windows desktop app but when I launch it the splash screen appears but nothing else happens. I am using windows 10. Any help would be appreciated!

Sonos amp stereo or mono

I recently purchased the Sonos amp and I'll be using it to power 1 pair of outdoor speakers in my back yard. Will it be best to setup the amp to run in stereo or mono? In my research online I've seen...

YouTube Music Account won’t work

I’m trying to add my YouTube Music account, but I get the message that it needs to be a Premium account...which it is. Anyone?

Sonos through Commercial Firewall

Just curious if anyone is using their Sonos system through a Palo Alto firewall where the speakers and controllers sit on different networks? If so, would you be willing to share how you were able to...

SONOS CONNECT (how to connect multiple units, create multiple zones, manipulate

I need an advice about the best case scenario drawing to plug 10 unites of SONOS CONNECT via ethernet cable and manage them from SONOS app? How to add a new CONNECT? How to name or rename an existing...


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