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Beam and one Play 3

I can't find an answer to this anywhere else in the community. I currently have a Play 3 in my lounge and thinking of buying a Beam to connect to my TV. Can I pair the Beam and the Play 3 to create su...

Does the EE 4GEE Home Router work with Sonos

I am think of changing to EE4G mobile broadband which comes with a 4G router. See: https://shop.ee.co.uk/dongles/pay-monthly-mobile-broadband/4gee-router/details# The last time I tried to change ro...

Playbar + HDMI Splitter

So I got a Playbar for Xmas. My setup is 3-4 HDMI inputs into a pioneer receiver with 1 HDMI out to the TV which has no optical out. Obviously that's a problem. After attempting to get the optical...

New router - existing SONOS Play5 not connecting

Hi, I'm beyond disappointed at this point. This device was over $500 and after getting a new router and trying MULTIPLE troubleshooting / online set-up tutorials, my SONOS player still isn't connect...

New Wifi Name

I changed the name of my router and my system disappeared. I have plugged the play1 speaker into the router again and I have flashing white light. I cannot access "advanced settings." I have select...

Setup help

Please help

CONNECT:AMP - speaker wires equal lengths?

I am running speaker wires to outdoors speakers. One speaker will be about a 50ft run and the other about 100ft. Do I need to make both speaker wires the same length? thanks

Waterproof/Environmental Speakers

I'm just planning my Sonos home installation, it's not a big place but I'm planning on putting speakers into my bathroom. Are waterproof or environmental speakers strictly necessary? I have a shower...

Connect - cannot play using receiver

Hi, I just bought Connect. I followed the instructions. After adding Connect via the ethernet cable on my WiFi box, I inserted the red and white leads in the ‘out’ on Connect. I then connected to ‘in’...

what was the name of the sonos dedicated wireless router and do I need it still?

I have these older wireless routers in my set ups in two locations (houses) and it seems the no longer use/sell these. Should I re-setup my systems?

Sonos and Meraki

Does Sonos work with a Meraki Network?

actualization and problems with my speakers

hi after every actualization sonos forget all my speakers - it is very difficult to set it up again (it can not find them). is a way to export setting or something? because it make me angry every time...

Connecting Used Speaker to a different system

Hello there. I have a sonos system I run off my computer in my business. I acquired a used speaker from one of my employees. When I try to connect the speaker, the green light never flashes on the spe...

Sonos beam with tv without HDMI ARC or optical

Hi, I am interested in making sure that I can use the Sonos beam with my hdtv. My tv does not have either a HDMI ARC or optical. However, I stream my content with an AppleTV. Can I use an HDMI ARC co...

Boost or Bridge - or neither

Apologies for what must seem a basic question. When I got my first Sonos Play 1 speaker it came packaged with a free Bridge. Performance was erratic so Sonos support suggested a Boost and they also r...

Tenda mw3 loses sonos connectivity

I have 5 sonos distributed around the house, with one wired into my tenda nearest my router (tenda is wired into router too). This sonos is marked as WIRED in my ‘connected devises’. The remaining 4 a...

Sonos Beam with Xbox One - can't get 5.1

I have a Sonos Beam connected to my TV via HDMI ARC. I have added two play 1s as rear speakers. I have an XBox One connected to my TV via another HDMI port. When I go to the audio output settings in t...

iTunes playlist importing issues

Hi - I used to have my iTunes playlist in the imported playlist folder. Noticed as I updated playlist or added new ones it would not update in the Sonos controller. I deleted my Sonos music library...

Play 1 - add to existing system but play 1 was hooked up to another system?!?

Hi, I bought 2 "play 1" (black) speakers and used with playbar for years. Now i moved, bought 2 more "play 1" speakers (white) and hooked them up to playbar, and thought, i can add the play 1 (black)...

Connect:Amp Grouped with Stereo Pair Play:1's

Been using SONOS for a year or more and have drank the kool-aid... Got lots of SONOS throughout the house. Just added a stereo pair of Play:1's in the same area as my Connect:Amp which is hooked to...

Sonos Aux-in to Other Sonos Devices

I use Sonos at a lot of sites I support and recently bought a Sonos Connect to plug into existing speakers and it works perfectly! We are now looking at adding additional speakers in another room and...

Resuming Music Queue

I'm sure this is obvious but I can't find it. When I set up a music queue, and then switch to another source, say a radio station to listen to the news, how do I switch back to play the queue? The c...

Question about LAN and wifi

I have 9 Sono's at home. I have been having troubles today with some of them, and noticed they are all connected via LAN. A few of them are wired, some are wifi. Yet, none of them are connected via w...

WiFi is down for a few days, any way to run the system? Have boost, router, android cell with a "guest internet" connection

Waiting for internet to be switched to a new service so I have no internet for a few days, but I do have a router and the Boost. Have a play 1, play 5 and soundbar. Have been running the play 5 with a...

OK to Daisy chain components?

If I have one component wired to router is it okay to wire other components to each other in daisy chain? I know you can wire a CA to PB for surround speaker purposes. Does it matter for the other com...


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