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Beam doen't work with AppleTV HDMI

Hello, I've just received my Sonos Beam, but when I want to set it up with my AppleTV (4th gen) it didn't find any signal (when it look at ARC). My Apple TV is actually connected to an HDMI switcher/...

Sonos Beam Loses Connection

Every time I turn my TV off, then on, my new Beam loses connection with my TV and I lose TV volume. I have to then reset the whole thing. Anyone else having this problem? I have an LG TV. Did all the...

Sonos Beam - Voice Clarity

On Sonos Beam, how do you turn on voice clarity?


I have set up a SONOS PLAY in France and have tried to have Alexa access my Spotify account. It seems to require that I have an AMAZON PRIME account. Is this correct?

"Unable to add the shared folder //marcmacmini/itunesmusic to your music library (1002)"

I recently did a factory reset on my MacMini which holds my music library. The music library is all there, but Sonos refuses to add the shared folder. I have reviewed all troubleshooting guides (run...


Sonos Desktop App Installation

Mobile Hotspot and Ethernet Cable

HI every 1 , now i want to connect my Sonos ( play 1 ) to my laptop using my mobile personal Hotspot network, how can i do such a thing without Ethernet cable ?

New router

I’ve just replaced my router. Plugged a play one into it with Ethernet lead but get “wireless problem” message and won’t connect?

Sonos, Powerline Extenders, Boost and BT

In my pre Sonos days, I had a BT HomeHub 3 router. I added Powerline adaptors, and WiFi worked well. I then got a Playbase, and in a separate room, a Play:1. All working over WiFi. Sonos worked ok,...

Fully setup account first time today

Owned the system for over seven years and never once have I been forced into creating an account or face not being able to use the product, of which was already been paid for. If I was notified at the...

Connection problem with Beam and Samsung over HDMI-arc

Evening, I have no luck in connecting my new Sonos beam with my Samsung Q7F smart tv, hdmi-ARc plugged in both ends, HDMI-cec turned on on the Samsung, but the Sonos app cannot connect with the tv. B...

Latest update requires a Sonos account? Please knock it off.

I don't want a Sonos account. I have enough accounts out there already. I paid a lot of money for the hub and speakers and now my usage is being held hostage to Sonos' desire for that fat data harvest...

Old turntable and Panasonic HT400

Can you use the old turntable (Technics) to connect to my Sonos sounds system in our Media Room thru our Panasonic HT 400 amp. Will the Sonios Connect product do the trick and what are the connections...

CONNECT to Rockit 5 (cable help needed)

I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t know what gets plugged in where. I got two cables with my connect. They are different. One works for one of my speakers and I get sound. The other cable doesn’t w...

Toshiba HDMI-CEC cable input control

Can the Sonos Beam use the Toshiba HDMI-CEC cable input control? If so, how? Thx

Sonos Account: No way!

Hello, as a long time customer from Germany with 7 components and many recommendations to friends and family I want to inform you, that I will not create an Sonsos account. I read some postings here a...

Now that Sonos require an account why not just just use wireless without Sonos?

Now that Sonos are forcing us to have an account why wouldn’t I just scrap their system and move to wireless speakers that don’t need their account?

New Requirement for Login to setup Player is not acceptable!!!

I often have limited to no internet access which is why we decided on Sonos in the first place - we can use it as a standalone system without having to "online". Recently the controller software has...

Room Assignment problems

My Devices are as follows: 2 x Play1's (set as stero pair) 1 x Sub 1 x Connect:AMP with two speakers connected to it. In addition I have a newly acquired Echo Dot which I'm trying to setup for voice...

2 accounts

I somehow made 2 accounts, how do delete 1. Thanks

Airplay 2 won't work on Play5 Gen2

I cannot get my Sonos system to play YouTube or any other audio product via Airplay2. I have updated the software and speakers and when I go to the normal place to send to my Apple TV and Bluetooth de...

Speakers have Green, White, Black, and Red? What to attach to AMP Connect?

Need an assist! Convinced friend to buy AMP Connect and attach to ceiling speakers and TV. Speakers have 4 color wires. Am I only connecting RED/BLACK to AMP Connect? Assuming speakers need to be atta...

Beam setting up with Receiver

I received the Beam today and I am trying to it up. I haven't been able to connect any input source through HDMI. I have an HDMI ARC out on my onkyo receiver, and I also tried connecting my TV directl...

cannot setup surround speakers

Just received my 5.1 system: PLAYBASE + SUB G1 US (Black) + 2 Sonos One US (Black). Setting up the base and sub went OK (using ethernet cable for base), but the Android Sonos app shows a graphic for t...

Changed wifi and doesn't recognize my email address even though I know it's right

So frustrating. Tried creating a new account with a different email address and then it just went back to the old one


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