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Sonos 101 - Getting Started

New to Sonos? Here are some quick notes to help you get started. Step 1: Get set up First off, let’s get those players installed. https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2638/ has it pret...

MacOS version is picking up all iTunes Media not just music

I have been having problems with the spurious 'access denied' and was trying various things including removing a re-adding my library. For reasons I don't know, I was not asked where my music folder w...


Hi I understand this has probably been asked before, so i apologise in advance. Im looking to purchase Sonos one speakers and understand they need wifi to set up! I live on a military base, and need...

Two ipods on one Play1 ?

I have my ipod 5 running with my Play1.Have been trying to set up my wifes ipod 4 with the same speaker but have come across a couple of problems. First of all I have had to use version 6.2,2 of the a...

Can I split play5 input

Want to add chromecast (google assistant). Understand i can use line in, however, we currently use line in as the computer input. Could i use a y-splitter before the line in on the sonos to have two...

Sorting Playlists

Am I missing something -- or is the only way to view my Playlists sorted by the last one I created appearing at the top - so they can't be alphabetized ?

Move to another house

I am going to move to another House with another layout and another wifi. I have a sub, Soundbar and 2 play1 As a 5:1 setup, and 2 separate play1. I Think the easist Way is to start from scratch when...

Different configurations

Hi, I'm going to buy 1 Playbase and 2 PLAY 1. I will configure this set with Trueplay option. My question is, after making this, could I take one PLAY 1 to use it for music in a room ? is it easy to...

Sonos AMP for outdoor use

I just purchased 2 Polk Atrium 8 speakers for my backyard, just wondering if the connect:amp is able to drive them in full stereo mode?

soundbar placement

Can the soundbar be placed on the rear wall opposite the screen? I am using a projector and need to connect direct from projector to soundbar. I plan on using 2 sonus one speakers....could they be pla...

NAS drive?

Hi I'm not very familiar with this topic, will this drive work? I'm running Mac OS El Capitan on an Early '09 iMac. Thanks!https://www.sonos.com/shop https://www.amazon.com/Cloud-Personal-Storage-Sin...

Wireless setup issues, Network name not working

I have a new Sonos One that I'm trying to set up. It's our first unit of hopefully many to come. I have Xfinity Internet services and a Netgear wireless router. I am trying to setup the Sonos One on m...

Play 1: Error 1101 update

Increasingly frustrated by this. Have gone through ALL the possible solutions offered by these FAQ and support... so far, totally useless. Unable to use my speaker due to a required update. The custom...

Boost is the answer

Just an observation. I'm running a playbar, sub and 2 Sonos Ones w/Alexa. I was having challenges with the music dropping out and it was quite annoying. I read up on the boost and thought I'd give it...

Connecting playbar & subwoofer to existing play 1 for surround

I have three play 1 sonos speakers. I have just purchased a playbar and subwoofer. I want to connect the playbar to tv, add the subwoofer, and use two play 1 for surround sound. Do I use the sonos app...

Playbar and Alexa

Can I set up my playbar to respond to Alexa??

Amazon Prime music not playing

I have a Prime account and have added the service to the Sonos app. I can see all the playlists but when I press play I get the go unlimited message, the app scrolls through 4 songs and does nothing....

Connect to network

I have connected to the SONOS network and in the next step it does not show me the possible networks to connect to or recognize me by name written

Wifi connection across multiple Hot Spots

Hi all, I'm having continuity issues with my Sonos system and need some help understanding the best practice for set up please. I have 4x Play 1's in different rooms around my house (including one...

Sonos One Error 1002

Just got a new Sonos One. Trying to link my iTunes library through the desktop app and get error 1002 both when I try via wifi or cable connected. Please help

Trouble connecting two speakers together

I had an existing Play:5 (gen 1) set up that was working fantastic on its own. I received a One for Christmas and have had some difficulty getting it going. At first It would not connect, but after pl...

qualité de son : WIFI ou câble RCA ?

Bonjour, j'ai acheté la sonos:amp. Je souhaite atteindre la meilleur qualité sonore. En partant d'un abonnement haute déf stype Qobuz : le son est il de meilleur qualité quand il passe via la wifi...

Sonos Boost setup

I recently bought a new house and decided to use Sonos products again since my experience last time went very well. Over the weekend, I decided to setup my Sonos Boost, two Play 1's and a single Play...

Boost setup on new Google wi-fi router

I set up my two Play 1 speakers just fine on my old router, but I did experience some dropouts. I subsequently purchased a 3 piece Google wi-fi system along with a Boost. I would like to connect my...

# of speakers limit, password protection, anti-theft cable

1. Is there a limit to the number of speakers that can be connected and controlled by a single device? If so, how many? 2. I have a large, two-floor space with multiple wi-fi routers. Am I able to set...


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