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Sonos 101 - Getting Started

New to Sonos? Here are some quick notes to help you get started. Step 1: Get set up First off, let’s get those players installed. This FAQ has it pretty well covered. Especially the video here...

Sonos support for SMB 2.0 protocol

Hi, Recently I have turned off SMB 1.0 on my Windows 10 as per Microsoft's recommendation (https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/filecab/2016/09/16/stop-using-smb1/). However, after I've disabled SMB...

Connecting a single speaker to Connect:Amp

Hi, recently purchased an outdoor speaker - TIC GS3 -360 Deg speaker and looking to purchase/ connect to a Connect:Amp. Question is how do I connect one speaker and get the best out of the speaker ? I...

Playbar, tv and sky setup

Can anyone help with a setup and problem I have? If I setup my playbar through my sky q box using the optical cable I am unable to cast to my TV as I get no sound. If I setup the playbar connectio...

Boost and wifi range extender

I have a few intertwined questions regarding the BOOST. The wifi in my place is horrible and will not reach the room where I have all of my Sonos components. In order for the wifi to reach this room...

Public wifi

Hi I have recently bought a caravan in Conway (North Wales) the site had a public wi fi. I am having trouble connecting my Play 5 gen 2 to the Internet . I have tried connecting though using a Etherne...

Stacking Connects?

I would like to install 2 to 3 connects (not Connect Amps), one on top of the other. Is that OK to do?

Sonos Playbase/Playbar + LG Magic Remote LG 55EC9300

Ok, so there are tons of forums going around on this topic and feel like this is TV model specific as i have tried multiple ways suggested by users but none have worked for me. Basically I have an...

Sonos (Play:5, Play:1) wifi setup requires wifi password and cannot be setup in open wifi network?

Hello, Perhaps this is the case but just to confirm, Sonos wifi setup requires wifi security (password) be present? In other words, open (no security) is not supported? The SONOS wireless set...

Possible to bond a single PLAY:1 with PLAYBASE/ SUB set up?

Sure, I understand the surround sound experience needs a pair of players (1, 3, 5, etc.), but what if I have just a single PLAY:1 that I want to utilize in the back of the room to fill the room with t...

Playbase and Play 1s

Hi just a query really...i just bought a Playbase and wondered if i bought 2 Play 1s to make a surround sound they would play as one unit if i played music through the Playbase ? I understand the bas...

Bridge or Speaker (Play 3)

Hi, I currently have a bridge setup attached to my router. In that same room i have a Play 3 but not wired. Would it help my Sonos network if i removed the Bridge and wired in the Play 3 and let it...

Older TV and optical cord

I have a 10+ year old Samsung TV that does not have an optical cord input but does have what I think are called RCA connectors...I am trying to use a Sonos Playbar that is working great with my Direct...

Verizon Smarthub

Does Sonos work using the Verizon Wireless LTE Smarthub home wifi system? I recently installed a playbar and a sonos 3 at my house that i am unable to get any DSL service at other than from Frontier w...

Line-IN Cuts Out - Improve with Ethernet vs. Wireless?

I have a receiver that runs my turntable and CD player connected to a CONNECT so that I can run the "line-in" around the house, on two CONNECT:AMPs, a PLAY5, and a SOUNDBAR. The "line-in" cuts out qui...

Using Sonos at a vacation rental

Hi - we are going on vacation at a rental that has Sonos speakers throughout the house. I know I can connect using the Sonos app on my iPhone, but will my music sources be available for use? Thanks

Update Problem

Hi all, I am having Sonos Play 3, In that getting update problem and 1101 error, we tried unplugging and plugging power,router everything. but no luck How can i resolve that

Can I use sonos controller for windows with ethernet instead of wifi?

I just installed sonos controller for windows (10). My computer is connected via ethernet to my router, from which the wifi comes that my sonos system is using. When I tried to connect my windows cont...

Projecting SONOS app onto smart TV or projector system what are the possible methods.

Wish to use sonos app to view music on smart TV or projector system. Can do this through apple TV and iPad. Are there any other ways to do this.

sonos was unable to add the music folder

Hello. When i try to add a folder in windows 10 i get this: sonos was unable to add the music folder. The firewall is off and the sharing is up. diagnostics: 7552943 Please help?

Odd wifi situation

This isn't really a question, since I was able to resolve my issue. However, I found it rather odd that I had the issue to begin with and thought I'd share. So last weekend I decided to upgrade my...

Wifi has been re set and can only play Sonos whilst a Enthernet cable is connected

I have had problems with my Wifi which resulted with it being turned off. I can only seem to play the speakers whilst one of them is connected directly to the router via a Ethernet cable. Could som...

Sonos on a Plume WIFI Network?

Has anyone had any luck with how to configure a Plume WIFI network and/or Sonos speakers to work properly and be stable? I'll describe my issues to the best of my knowledge. Plume is an "adaptive...

Playbase and advanced powerstrip

Purchased a Playbase today, setup was flawless as expected and sounds great. I have been using an advanced powerstrip where one outlet is always on (cable box), one outlet is the control (tv) and the...

Connect Zeppelin sparkler to Sonos

I would like to connect my Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin speaker to my Sonos system . Is it possible and what cable do I need?


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