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Sonos 101 - Getting Started

New to Sonos? Here are some quick notes to help you get started. Step 1: Get set up First off, let’s get those players installed. This FAQ has it pretty well covered. Especially the video here...

Add a Room

Hi, I have a sonos system in my home and have for 3 years. Recently one of our room fell off our list to choose from. Can you provide me a step by step document How to add a room back to our group li...

Android and Trueplay

I recently talked to a technician about a problem he helped me with. Thanks He told me that I could tune my speakers to the room using Trueplay, but upon discovering I had an Android phone said I c...

Alphabetical Sorting of Songs in Sonos Playlists

Sonos does not currently have, as a regular operating feature, the ability to sort songs in a Playlist alphabetically and then return to the original sort order. In my opinion, this would be extremely...

Connecting to Apple IPod

Using a Play3 and Playbar in our home and listen to music via Spotify and Pandora, but I want to connect with my extensive music collection on my ipod without transferring the music collection to a NA...

Unable to connect my shiny new Sonos Play:1 to my Google Wifi

Help! When I try to connect my new Sonos Play:1 to Google Wifi, the wizard in Sonos app just comes up and states "Please check the name and password...." etc etc I have tried this multiple times -...

This is Ridiculous

I've followed the steps multiple times, as well as read through numerous complaints on these boards with people having the same issue: how do you *reliably* connect your sonos connect/amp to your wif...

Playbar Volume limit

It would be really useful to be able to limit the maximum volume of the Playbar. My kids seem to like it at 90% which is excessively loud. It would be very cool if you could add a volume limit option...

Multiple system

I have a Sonos system at home and love it! I would like to put one in my cottage. Do I use same app? How do I set it up?

Cannot add devices to new Sonos app

I have curious network/wifi problem with my Sonos devices where I cannot seem to add them to the app. I follow the steps to set up a new system in the controller app but once the device is set to join...

New Multi-Room Setup

I am in the middle of building out a large basement and am at a stage where I need to start wiring speakers. I have no prior experience setting up AV systems, especially the multi-room setup that I am...

Deleted songs/folders not disappearing from controller?

Hi there, I've removed/deleted a few folders and songs from the destination folders that I have Sonos pointing at, I have clicked "Update music library now" but a lot of the music I don't want in t...

TV/cable requirements

I have an existing 5.1 system that I hired someone to install in our living room (LR). I'd like to DIY setup of a similar system in our guest room (GR), but I'm not sure the existing TV is good enoug...

Change from wi-fi to SONOSNET

Hi all, I'm getting one or two drops from some of my SONOS speakers which are the furthest from my router. I currently use seven SONOS speakers, they are all on the quietest channel so now I would...

Controllong Sonos on PC

Recently my Sonos quit being accessible from my PC, I am very much of a novice sorry. Sonos is fine from my IPhone but when I am watching movies I generally control my volume from the PC but now the...

Can't set-up new Playbase wit my Samsung ua55ks9000k TV

Tried all the suggested 'fixes' but cannot connect the Playbase to Samsung ua55ks9000k TV. All other Sonos devices (1s and a 5) working OK. Get to the 'Connecting' message on the app, then the error m...

MP3s on a Flash Drive and using a Range Extender Router

I'm thinking of getting my parents a SONOS to use to listen to their MP3s and also to Internet Radio. I';m not certain of the bandwidth at their house but I know that when we all visit the connecti...

Can Sonos be accessed from a different wireless network?

We are brand new Sonos users and have really been enjoying it. But the current configuration is not in alignment with what our current network segmentation approach. We currently have our "entertainme...

Play / Pause on iMac Mutes Sonos Controller

I want my play 5 speakers ALWAYS on. When I want to play a song I'll just hit the play button on my keyboard but sometimes the Sonos Controller will interpret it as a function to stop the group instea...

How to keep the Playbar and a Play 1 speaker " grouped" so that both speakers stay on?

I have a Playbar and 1 Play 1 speaker. The Playbar is set as living room 1 and the Play 1 is set as living room 2. I group them when watching TV and they are both on and work fine. Once you turn of...

Play5 wireless issues

Afternoon, My play5 has stopped working over wifi. I cannot connect via the iPhone controller app. I have factory reset the speaker, deleted and reinstalled the app on my phone, reset the router (d...

Routing sonos connect outputs to two separate devices?

Hello All, Just purchased my first Sonos device (connect) and am wondering if it can be connected to two separate devices. I am currently using the rca output to send it to a preamp for system #1 a...

Can I assign my sub to two different systems in the same room?

I currently have two separate configurations in the same room. One for my TV surround (playbar,play1s,sub) and one setup for music (2 play 5's stereo). My question is can I also assign the sub to pl...

how to reassign play one

I just got a Playbase and set it up a week ago. Now I want to set up surround, using an existing Play One and a brand new Play One. I got the new Play One set up easily, but I can't figure out how to...

Stereo separation from 5.1 system?

I have a Playbase + Sub + 2x Play 3's hooked up to a Sony xbr49x900e TV and a Phillips DVD player. All very straightforward, however I don't seem to getting the stereo L & R separation I was expecting...


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