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Sonos 101 - Getting Started

New to Sonos? Here are some quick notes to help you get started. Step 1: Get set up First off, let’s get those players installed. https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2638/ has it pret...

How do you configure Boost 802.1x authentication?

I purchased a Boost so that I could connect on my enterprise network which uses 802.1x authentication. Documentation says boost setup is required for 802.1x but I'm never prompted to set a username/pa...

TruePlay calibration no longer working with iOS 11 on IPad Air 2

Worked beautifully on iOS 10 but after iOS 11 update, the Sonos app says "TruePlay is not supported on this IPad". What's going on?

2 bridges for sharing same zoneplayer units, but manage 2 separated libraries ?

Hi, Not sure this request had already been ask here... My boyfriend and I, we don't listen the same kind of music... All of my music is mp3-tagged but all of his are not. So, within the music librar...

Sonos support for SMB 2.0 protocol

Hi, Recently I have turned off SMB 1.0 on my Windows 10 as per Microsoft's recommendation (https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/filecab/2016/09/16/stop-using-smb1/). However, after I've disabled SMB 1...

Sonos Connect Amp-wiring speakers??

Hi all - I was reading some info on another thread which raised a few questions that were not directly related to the thread, so I didn't want to hi-jack. Thought I would post here. I just ordered a...

In Ceiling Speakers for a Zone + Rear Surround Channels

I've got a wall mounted Sony surround sound system connected to the TV in my family room. The back speakers are sort of out of place, and we were never really happy with where they are installed (fro...

Playbar Questions from Newbie

I just received my new Playbar and 2 Play:1 speakers for surround. Running the optical cable from my TV seems to strip the 5.1 sound from my Xfinity cable box and sends it through as Stereo. The app...

Change of router & wifi network

A few days ago, I had a change of router & wifi network. Now when I fire up the Sonos controller app I get the 'Sorry we can't connect to Sonos ....' message, I have tried following the instructions i...

Loaning my PLAY5 to another Sonos owner

I have a good friend who has a whole house Sonos setup, that doesn't include their back porch or garage. I would like to loan my Play5 for use in one of those two spots. I currently own only that so...

Wireless wifi / dongle / no ethernet cable

Hi, I need to connect a new wifi wireless dongle to my Sonos because the original one we were using that a friend set up has stopped working. the only instructions I can find at to use Ethernet cable,...

Wifi access to wired unit

Is it possible to connect wireless to wired sonos unit?

Reset all sonos by mistake!

let me tell you what set up I have. playbar and 2 play 1s for surrounds followed by 4 other play ones in various different rooms. The problems all started when I got a new dual band router. I changed...

New Wireless Router- Connecting PLaybar

Hello, I just switched internet service providers. I obviously need to update my Sonos Playbar with the new wifi information. The problem is, my Playbar is mounted on the wall with the electronics...

2 inputs into speaker

connect a turntable and tuner

Play:5 won't connect to existing network

I have a really bizarre situation. I had a Play1 and Play3 already on an existing network and decided to add a Play5 Gen2 to it. Been trying to troubleshoot this issue for a few days now. The Play5 j...

No sound from Playbase from TV via Flexion analogue to digital coverter

Playbase is streaming music fine. Went through the set up process with Sony TV that does not have optical cable (Using Flexion converter)_ Remote functions correctly, and syncs with Sonos app of phon...

Trouble connecting sound bar to Sony Bravia tv

Our Sony tv doesn't have optical input and I can't get sound playing through it but music is working when I try and connect via the app the tv isn't allowing me to play sound

Wifi Dead upon Boost Arrival

I was excited to get my BOOST yesterday and hastily hooked it up following the intuitive directions. Little did I know, that would completely kill my wifi. Nothing. I unplugged BOOST and thought I wou...

Boost mode?.

I have a Playbar, Sub and Play 1 pair in surround setup. At the moment it's all working fine over normal wifi network. Is it worth trying to put it into Boost mode or should I leave well alone?. If...

Connect Roku Ultra remove to control Sonos surround sound

How do I connect a roku remote to my Sonos system to control the surround sound volume from roku remote?

Connecting to a username and password protected wifi connection (studentcom)?

I've just moved to university and the wifi here is username and password protected. I have no access to the router and I have tried logging the sonos' MAC address via the "studentcom" portal but it st...

Connecting Playbase to TCL 55C803

So just walked in the door with new tv and it doesn't have a digital optical out. Didn't think I would need to research that since our 10 yr old plasma has one. Anyway to connect this before I punt...

Sonos Controller for different Users in Family

Hello everyone ! I have connected my iPhone with the Sonos Speakers. All is perfect. But how can i connect a different iPhone of a family member to have his own musiclibrary. Or is the Sonos controll...

Does music stream from the iPad or from the Connect:Amp

We have set up 3 Sonos Connect:Amps throughout our cellar, controlled by an iPad. I noticed that when streaming TuneIn Radio, there are no issues with music streaming. We set up the Sonos App on our i...


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