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Sonos 101 - Getting Started

New to Sonos? Here are some quick notes to help you get started. Step 1: Get set up First off, let’s get those players installed. This FAQ has it pretty well covered. Especially the video here...

trouble connecting Sonos to new WiFi network

In the controller app, I went to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Wireless Setup and went through the steps of connecting to new WiFi. All went well and I got a message like "your Sonos is now connect...

Desktop Controller for Mac won't connect to Sonos Network

Good morning- I have a 2014 MBP. I'm using a Bridge to set up Sonos. I can connect to my Sonos system using my iOS apps and control it that way, but I can't get the desktop controller to connect...

Sonos Connect compatabilty with Marantz MM7025 Amplifier

Will the Sonos Connect work with a Marantz MM7025 Amplifier. What is the best way to connect them (if there is more than one way)?

Genre issues indicative of larger problem?

I have an extensive iTunes library running on my MacBook Pro from an external HD. iTunes points to that location for its library. When I set up my new Sonos Play, I pointed it to that external drive...

Sonos Play 1 and 2 iPhones

I have just bought and installed Sonos Play 1 and connected it to my iPhone successfully. How can I connect my wife's iPhone to it so she can listen to her music when I am not around? Is it just a c...

Cant get connect to work from reciever

Alright. so my Connect is being recognized and is powered. I have a turn table going into my receiver via the phono RCA inputs, I have another RCA cord in the output of the Connect box. Now what input...

Play 5 Line In for Turntables

I have a Play 5 in my living room and a Play 1 in my kitchen. When I play music from my iTunes library or Pandora I don't have any problems playing through either speaker. I just recently hooked a tur...

I. Hate. Sonos.

I should have done my homework better. They sounded great in the store. But try to set them up again if they ever need to be and good luck. Edited by Max P.: Due to Profanity

Connecting a Sonos through an Aruba WiFi Controller? Here's how:

Just wanted to share my experience with setting up my Sonos Play 5 with an Aruba WiFi controller. After many hours of tcpdump'ing and connecting the Sonos to wired networks (with everything working p...

Sonos - Fibaro - commands

Hi, Is it possible to specify an http command that directs directly to a file in the library. Example of a radio station command: POST /MediaRenderer/AVTransport/Control HTTP/1.1 Content-Len...

Alfresco Area Sound

I'm new to Sonos and am wanting to set up my house I'm building. I have it all sorted except for the outdoor living. The outdoor living area I want to set up is well covered and speakers therefore wou...

Spotify sonos offline music

Hello Is it possible to use sonos through spotify if I want to play spotify music offline?? My problem is that the place we want to celebrate our wedding has no internet connection and no mobile...

Samsung Tv with sonos

How to setup your sonos with Samsung tv setup

Outdoor/Alfresco Sound

Is anyone running a Play 5 as an alfresco/outdoor speaker and unplugging it when not in use. Firstly, would that be a pain in the butt and secondly, would the sound be sufficient to manage an outdoor...

In Ceiling Wifi speakers

I will start off by saying I am new to Sonos ad am about to set up my new house with a Sonos system, so I will apologise for my ignorance. In essence I want to set up my living room with a soundbar,...

Network problems with Sonos

I have been the lucky owner of Sonos for 2 years, without any problems. Lately, maybe after the last software release, I have had repeatedly network problems. I have a strong wireless network and have...

Beolab 4000 and SONOS Connect

Hi, Im having a problem when connecting my Beolab 4000 speakers to my SONOS Connect. The speakers keep switching off and on - when playing low music. I expect this is due to the missing trigge...

Mute Playbar

I'd like to reduce/mute the Playbar sound when watching TV, especially sports. Why? Usually the announcers are center, and the crowd is on the other speakers. By reducing/muting the Playbar you only h...

No Sonos Wireless Network

As I try to follow the set-up instructions for the Playbar it says that a Sonos wireless network will show up in my iphone wireless settings. However nothing shows up and I can't move beyond this scre...

Trouble connecting sonos one in outbuilding

Hi All I am struggling to get sonos 1 to connect to wifi in a new log cabin just built I have Sky Broadband and Sky Q the router hub is at the front of the house the log cabin is 50 m away connected...

Not for resale?

Hi Guys, I just bought 2 Play 3's from a big box retailer here, and when I went to open the second one I noticed not for resale on the back? Has anyone come across this? I've attached a picture....

CONNECT with digital in

Is an update to CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP coming that has digital in? I already have a very good quality audio system and speakers in the room with my TV, and don't want or need new speakers. However,...

Flexson VinylPlayer Turntable connectivity

I'm feeling a bit miffed. On an impulse I bought a Flexson VinylPlayer to add to my home theatre system. Quickly reading Flexsons blurb about Sonos compatibility is nothing short of a complete lie rea...

Flexson VinylPlayer

Turntable connectivity


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