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TV not available as a source on remote speaker on TIVO App unless Grouped with Playbar on optical

I just installed a PLAY 1 in my office. I have the SoundBar and 2 PLAY 1's setup as Surround Sound directly connected via optical and hooked to my router. I also have a Play 1 in a bathroom, and a Pla...

Boost mode (SonosNet) with multiple Ethernet wired players

I have 9 Sonos devices and want to know if I have more than one of those connected via Ethernet wire if each of those will be treated as "root AP's" for the SonosNet? So the real question: Is there a...

Set up question

Can I set up a playbar and 2 play 3s inside my living room and 2 play 1s outside (protected) and be able to have full control (volume, balance, etc.) over each speaker?

Does sonos one support airplay?

Hi all, I have purchased a sonos play:1and I'm missing the airplay feature. I have been searching and I found that sonos one will support airplay 2, but I couldn't find any information about airplay,...

How to set up Play 3 speakers to use for friends' party

I took Bridge and 2 speakers to friend's home, connected to their wifi, used ethernet cable to connect bridge, but speakers won't connect. How can I do this?

I can't update cause of error code 1101

I just installed my new sonos system and the app and it wont let me update so i can finish the setup. It gives me the 1101 error code

Which Player To Connect?

Hey Guys, I have a 5.1 Sonos setup in my loungeroom along with a Play:5 and Sonos Ones and Play:1's dotted throughout my house. It is quite difficult for me to run ethernet into my loungeroom to the...

Sharp Backlight connection

Connected the Playbar music plays through it but all I get is intermittent sound from the Sharp Backlight TV LC 60LE360X when connected

Amp suddenly will not connect

It was unplugged for a while. Went and found an ethernet cable plugged it back in. It's in a small switch that then goes to the router. The printer is on the same switch and works fine. Has always wor...

Set up using office complex wireless network

I want to add sonos to my own office within a complex. The complex has wireless available from Xfinity to all the area but I have no idea where the router is. Is there a way to connect the speaker thr...

Account details

Is there a way to find what my account details are (email, log in name) on my sonos controller? It was set up years ago and I can't remember what was used.

Can I put my all(12) Sonos Connect's to rack cabine?

I want to set up 12 zone system with 12 Sonos Connect and external amplifiers. I just want to be sure that can i put all my Sonos Connect's to rack cabine or I must put them on each zones? Note: I wi...

Mesh whole house routers: are they all bad news with Sonos?

I just moved into a 5500 square-foot home and have been researching mash router systems. It would appear that all of them seem to have trouble working with Sonos. I have been using an Orbi system b...

How to connect Sonos soundbar to a Sanyo tv ?

The Sonos system is installed and connected to the home Wi-Fi, but does not recognize my TV. The sound bar has an optical cable "D" shape. The TV has digital audio output plug (orange) which is not co...

Connecting to Music Library Problems

I purchased a Sonos bridge and connect so that I can route music from my PC based music library using the Sonos controller software through my stereo receiver amp and hard wired speakers. The bridge w...

Installing Sonos on a Houseboat - wifi/no wife

I have a houseboat at a marina and the marina provides free wifi at while at the dock. I'd like to install my sonos system on the boat and connect to the marina wifi. My question is, when I leave th...

Sonos Drops Out

iPhone App keeps resetting and asking to reinstall Sonos device. I have a wifi extender in my house due to problems in the wifi penetrating thick walls.so i have 2 wifi networks (with same password)....

Possible STP issue with Cisco 3750G and Sonos One

Running a Sonos One connected to a 3750 via ethernet, with the remainder of Players (Play 1s) connected via SonosNet. I'm experiencing sporadic behaviour when requesting Alexa to play music from servi...

Setup for garden party

Dear all, Most search results for my question are about people who want to install their Sonos speakers outside permanently. I have 2 x Play:5 (2nd gen) and the Sub and I want to use them for a BBQ...

Need help resetting Sonos Playbase

Moved my television and Playbase into a new room in the house and need to reconfigure the sound for the new area. Tried to unplug and held down play/pause when I replugged, to no avail. Any suggestion...

Listening to Sonos wirelessly yet app on iPhone and iPad won't connect.

Listening to Sonos wirelessly yet app on iPhone and iPad won't connect. Devises on on the same wifi network. Is there something wrong with the app? Tried deleting/reloading the app and rebooting my ph...

Transfer Account without old Email Details

Hi I am using an old sonos and it is linked to an old email address which I have no details of, when I go to Help/MySonos Account/, it just automatically starts a wizard requiring login to the origina...

Combination of Play 5, Project Essential 2 turntable and Sonos connect

I am lost and in need of help. I have read several posts but no-one is having my issue. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. The turntable has the red/white audio cable running from it, which I connecte...

Where to Connect Optical

Hello all, I have my LG OLED55E7P connected to my Sonos Playbase via the typical optical connection. Connected to my TV is my Android streaming device, that also has an optical connection. The Androi...

Network Name

I’m trying to connect my sonos:5 on the app using a personal hotspot from another phone. i’ve got to the stage where it is asking me to enter a network name. i’ve tried entering the name of the hotspo...


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