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Sonos 101 - Getting Started

New to Sonos? Here are some quick notes to help you get started. Step 1: Get set up First off, let’s get those players installed. This FAQ has it pretty well covered. Especially the video here...

Bluetooth Turnable + Sonos1's

Hello, I currently own Audio Technica AT-LP60NV-BT and I'd like to purchase 2 Sonos1 to compliment my living room. I've been reading that I'll need to an additional component to make this work since...

Playbar connection to Sony Bravia TV

I have purchased a Sonos Playbar and connected it to the TV using the optical cable supplied. However there is no TV sound coming out. The Playbar does play my internet music, but not the TV sound. T...

Connectivity of a Playbar via a Matrix switch

I'm looking to connect a playbar to a tv that doesn't have a digital (optical or coax) output. My other devices all have optical (BT Youview +, PS3 and Android TV box) Can someone please recommend a...

Sonos+spotify directly-router

Hi there! I don't have a router available at home right now. I only have the following: -Android and Internet connection through 4G -Spotify premium in it -play 1,play 5 and a bridge Wit...

Use Connect:Amp as surround with Playbar

I have a playbar and a connect:amp and I'd like to combine them. The network is configured as a boost network. It is wireless through a Sonos bridge. I have accessed the webpage on the Playbar and...

Connect:Amp - Speaker Configuration - Help!!

Hi, I am new to the connect:amp, I have had it to replace an existing old traditional amp but I want to keep the existing speakers and have realised that I am completely out of my depth and not ash...

Setting up wifi and wired SONOS system

Hi. I'm looking to set up a system where part of the house has wifi and part has a wired lan (but no wifi). I know that when I plugged in a Play:5 to the wired lan in our current house where we have...

Liaison LG 65EF950V et Playbar Sonos

Après avoir galéré un moment pour connecter ma LG à ma Play bar, voici la description de la procédure pour les connecter: - Liaison câble optique - Sur la TV, pour les Suisses, passer en France, p...

Demo at a friends house

What do I need to do to take my play 1's to demo at a friends house ?

Remote set up for Sonos Playbar + Samsung TV + Virgin Media??

Hi, I have managed to programme my Virgin Media remote to control the Samsung TV power & volume. I've even managed to prevent the annoying "external speaker" pop up message! I've connected the new Pla...

Have a newer Sonos and having trouble adding play 3 to my room

I have a new Sonos with just 2 Play 1 speakers and play bar and boost and sub existing. Set up was great with initial equipment. Today I got 2 new Play 3s. I'm having trouble with adding the play 3 t...

Changing Sonos access point

Hi Guys I had a Sonos Connect connected to the router and was the access point for the sonos network, but now i've swapped that out for a sonos playbar which now access ass the access point. I've n...

Adding an additional play:1 speaker in the same room

Hi, can anyone help? We have just bought another play 1 speaker. Trying to set it up in the same room as another play:1 speaker and can only get one speaker at a time working. We are not getting the g...

Can 2 separate Sonos networks run off the same router

Hi - I have an inlaw unit downstairs that we rent out on occasion. We've set up a guest wi-fi network for guests to use. We have a set of Sonos Play 1 speakers in the unit that we want to setup co...

Setting up a turntable with Sonos

I am looking to get a turntable and want to connect it with my Sonos system. I have a Play:3 and a Bridge. I know you can not connect directly into a Play:3 but will it work with Connect or a Connect:...

Searching Ceiling Mount for Sonos Play5

Hi All, I`m planning to install several Sonos Play 5 in my living room. Most will be wall mounted with the Flexson mount. But I have one corner where two sliding glas doors come together and I don`...

Trueplay with sub in different configurations

Hi all, I've recently bought a sub which will be mainly be used with a pair of play 5s in my living room. It would be nice to be able to re-configure it now and then to work with a play 1 in my...

How to turn off Panasonic TV internal speakers

How can I switch off the speakers on my Panasonic Viera TX-L32ET5B

Moved to bigger new house, adding a Playbar and need to verify proper Setup.

Hi, My wife and I recently moved to a 3-story townhouse and we also bought a Playbar. Since I already had a Boost, I connected the Boost to an Ethernet jack and the Playbar to the Boost....then th...

Cannot Set Sonos Devices after modem / router replacement.

My ISP has changed my internet modem / router. I lost my connection 4 days after then that replacement. I spent 3 days re-set my Sonos devices back (1x playbar 1x sub 2x play 3) After 3 days, I was su...

My experience getting 5.1 from the PS4

Hi guys, Just wanted to write a short article on my experience trying to get Dolby Digital 5.1 from the Playstation 4 (not slim, not pro) when playing Blurays with DD5.1, DTS and DTS-HD audio, 'cos...

Problem with wireless set up

So i have been running my sonos system (play 1s sub and playbar) for 2 years now on a wifi network. Today i decided to switch to my other wifi as thats the one where all my devices are connected to. S...

TV audio from Google TV to Sonos

I have a Sonos bridge, 1, 3 and 5. I just got Google fiber and I am trying to figure out how to get the Google "cable" TV audio into my Sonos system. I have tried wiring (ethernet) my bridge to both...

How data flows when connected via ethernet?

Currently I have my Play:5 connected to my wireless network and I use an iPad to "control" it. In this setup is my iPad connecting to my AP and it is directing the traffic to the Play:5 or is the iPa...


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