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No Windows App

It looks as though Sonos will NOT be developing an App for the Windows Phone - which is very disappointing. As they know, Windows is by far the most popular OS on desktops and laptops and I choose to...

Windows 10 controller issue

For some reason, Sonos works fine when I use it with the Android controller app on my phone, but not the Windows 10 one for my computer. I'm on wifi and I'm using normal connection instead of Boost or...

Windows Phone

When will there be an app for Windows Phone 10?

Problems installing Sonos desktop controller on Win10 Notebook

Dear all, last week I've tried to update (actualize) my controller app, but it failed several times. Consequently, I uninstalled Sonos app and downloaded the latest version from Sonos support. Unfor...

8.2 won't work on Windows

I am one of the many who is having total problems with 8.2. Please do not ask what has changed in my home - the problem started with the Sonos update. Please do not ask me to reset my home - I've seq...

Windows desktop controller - poor library searching

I've been using the Windows desktop controller on my Windows 10 laptop but I'm finding the library search incredibly frustrating. - Each search is limited to a single ID tag field with no option to...

Using iTunes Interface with Sonos

I just got me a Connect/Play 3 Stereo setup. I've imported my iTunes library into Sonos' Music Library, but I'm not thrilled with the interface. (Here's an example - it shows "Who" and "Beatles" inste...

Alexa w/Windows 10

I did a search and can't find an app for Alexa on W10. Is there one? If so, can someone provide a link. Assuming there is one and I get it loaded will I be able to give a voice command to tune in my v...

"Sonos Desktop Controller has stopped working" with Windows 10

After upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the desktop controller will no longer start. I now only receive the following error: "Sonos Desktop Controller has stopped working" I have uninstalled a...

Can I Play Windows Media Player Music through my Sonos 1 Speaker ?

I have Windows 10 (Pro) as a Hyper-V VM on my server. I have Windows Media Player on Windows 10 VM with my albums on it. How do I play these albums through my Sonos 1 Speaker ?

Can't install Sonos on Windows 10

I can't install the latest version of Sonos on my Windows 10 computer. A virus threat protection message comes up saying windows is blocking the installer making changes/install's and the sonos instal...

desktop controller no longer working

I have the same issue win7 after the update. I only use windows AV. Everytime I minimize/maximize the screen flickers and freezes for 10 seconds. I re-installed the app and rebooted same issue.

Sonos for Windows 7

Hi I am looking for software version 5.4 to run on an old Windows 7 laptop. Where can I download it from? Regards Cliff

SONOS favourites does work on windows 10 but does work on Android/IoS

A small issue my SONOS favourites doesnt work in windows 10 (version 8/4 build 41350131) but does work in Android/IoS(version 8/4 build 41350131)

Windows Phone 10 and Surface Pro - Controller - any interest?

A couple of years ago I had several months of "idle" time and became absorbed with developing a controller for my Windows 8 Phone. I actually wrote a hell of a lot of code and managed to get a crude c...

Cannot install Sonos Controller on Windows10 PC

We can download and install controller, but cannot run program

Windows 10 Controller

Do you have plans to ship a Windows 10 Store app which can be used from multiple Windows devices (PC, Phone, Xbox) to control the Sonos experience? We are a Windows household and the desktop controll...

Windows 10 Sonos Account? Where did this come from?

My installation of Windows 10 has a new account named Sonos Wireless HiFi System. Does anybody know why? Thanks for the help!

How to send sonos output to pc?

Hi, I have an old ethernet based SonosPlayer ZP100 and a home theatre PC which are in different rooms. They are both connected to my network but there are no audio cables I can use for line out. I'd...

Sonos 8.6 - App improvements and New Windows Library Sharing

Audio retune for the Playbase The Playbase audio is getting kicked up a notch, with a refined soundstage that feels even wider. We’ve also adjusted the equalizer with smoother bass, clearer TV dialog...

Sonos Windows Controller Start Menu Folder

So I found that the Sonos Controller fails to update if you deny System write / modify permissions to the file path "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" as it tries to put in a Sonos...

windows 10 - how to access music on my laptop

Hi - just installed Sonos on my new laptop (windows 10) - but cannot access any music stored on the laptop. Any help appreciated - thanks

Sonos desktop controller software for windows vista 32 bit

Im having problems loading the sonos controller software, after downloading file it says does not work with the 32bit system, it there a specific file to download for 32 bit or do i need a 64bit pc ?...

Sonos Controller for PC and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (2017)

Does anyone know how to allow the Sonos Controller to see the music library with the most current version of Windows 10 (Version 1709 Build 16299.98). When trying to manage the library the applicatio...

Cannot download Windows 10 version of Sonos Controller

I keep getting an error 1500 when I try to install your Sonos App for Windows 10. I need help with this.


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