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No Windows App

It looks as though Sonos will NOT be developing an App for the Windows Phone - which is very disappointing. As they know, Windows is by far the most popular OS on desktops and laptops and I choose to...

Windows Phone

When will there be an app for Windows Phone 10?

Problems installing Sonos desktop controller on Win10 Notebook

Dear all, last week I've tried to update (actualize) my controller app, but it failed several times. Consequently, I uninstalled Sonos app and downloaded the latest version from Sonos support. Unfor...

Windows desktop controller - poor library searching

I've been using the Windows desktop controller on my Windows 10 laptop but I'm finding the library search incredibly frustrating. - Each search is limited to a single ID tag field with no option to...

Alexa w/Windows 10

I did a search and can't find an app for Alexa on W10. Is there one? If so, can someone provide a link. Assuming there is one and I get it loaded will I be able to give a voice command to tune in my v...

8.2 won't work on Windows

I am one of the many who is having total problems with 8.2. Please do not ask what has changed in my home - the problem started with the Sonos update. Please do not ask me to reset my home - I've seq...

"Sonos Desktop Controller has stopped working" with Windows 10

After upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the desktop controller will no longer start. I now only receive the following error: "Sonos Desktop Controller has stopped working" I have uninstalled a...

Sonos for Windows 7

Hi I am looking for software version 5.4 to run on an old Windows 7 laptop. Where can I download it from? Regards Cliff

Cannot install Sonos Controller on Windows10 PC

We can download and install controller, but cannot run program

Windows Phone 10 and Surface Pro - Controller - any interest?

A couple of years ago I had several months of "idle" time and became absorbed with developing a controller for my Windows 8 Phone. I actually wrote a hell of a lot of code and managed to get a crude c...

error 1402 what is a key?

When trying to run a controller update, I receile error 1402. something regarding not having access to a key of some type on my own computer.

How to prevent Android app from starting?

We mostly control our Sonos setup with the Windows desktop app. Occasionally I have need to use my phone as a controller, as well. There seems to be an issue when both the Windows and Android app are...

Can I Play Windows Media Player Music through my Sonos 1 Speaker ?

I have Windows 10 (Pro) as a Hyper-V VM on my server. I have Windows Media Player on Windows 10 VM with my albums on it. How do I play these albums through my Sonos 1 Speaker ?

Sonos Windows Controller Start Menu Folder

So I found that the Sonos Controller fails to update if you deny System write / modify permissions to the file path "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" as it tries to put in a Sonos...

Sonos Controller for PC and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (2017)

Does anyone know how to allow the Sonos Controller to see the music library with the most current version of Windows 10 (Version 1709 Build 16299.98). When trying to manage the library the applicatio...

Issue with Windows 10

Since upgrading to Windows 10 I have issues with the Sonos Application losing the devices. If I start the SONOS application it picks up the devices without an issue and I can set it to play music if...

Setting a Play3/Play5 as default Audio for a Windows 10 system.

it's possible to configure the Sonos as default audio for every Windows 10 application? if yes, please tell me. attached you find: System information for : the actual default audio Windows10 Home...

problems connecting desktop to network

I have a network consisting of one 5 and one 3 presently configured and controled via an i phone I want to add to this by creating 2 paired 5's in one room and 2 paired 3s in another with addit...

Windows Controller Does Not Connect

Hi, my Playbar connects on a wireless and wired basis to the network. I cannot get the windows controller on my PC to connect to Sonos per the error message. I tried it first with the Playbar in a w...

How to write a Windows firewall exclusion for sonos

I would like to write a Windows Defender Antivirus exclusion in the Windows Defender Security Center so that it stops barring Sonos from accessing the music folder. Has anyone tried this? You are allo...

Sonos was unable to add the music folder & the computer is not responding

I am sorry for reopening this very heavily talked about article but I can't seem to find a fix. I am experiencing the inability to add my music library to the system but I am able to fully use the De...

Sonos Desktop Controller Problem

Hi guys, i got my first sonos play 1 today. i can controll it via android but i cant install the sonos desktop controller. the error message: unabloe to load pcdcr.dll . please re-install. so i did...

Sonos Corrupting Windows path names again

Your confirmation number is: 7976401. I have a strange problem, but it's not new and it's very annoying! Sonos insists on using the Linux - Unix path name of //xxx/yyy instead of the Windows pathna...

Managing large numbers of mp3’s with Windows App

My Logitech Squeezebox finally bit the dust so I’m considering purchasing a Sonos Connect. However, I have approx 45,000 mp3’s on my PC that I will need to stream. Is this possible with the Windows ap...

Upgrade to the Windows controller UI

I truly believe that the controller UI on Windows could use a revisit! It works okay, but it is not aligned with the new trends of the newer windows versions - like windows 10. Controller UI's on othe...


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