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Sonos not reconnecting to wifi after router restart.

Recently I noticed that when I restart my wifi router, none of the Sonos speakers come back online. Basically no rooms show up in the app. I need to pull the power on each one, plug it back in, and th...

Adding Sonos to a shared wifi

Hi, I have a Sonos Play 3. My bro lives upstairs and uses a Sonos 5, and we share the same wifi. For about 1 year, i've been able to keep my Sonos as a separate system on the same wifi. All was go...

Playbase stopped working with WiFi

I purchased it a couple of months ago and it worked well in the beginning both with the TV via optical and with the SUB. All of a sudden the Playbase can't be found anymore from the Controller and the...

Wi-fi stopped working on one of my Play 5 (gen2) speakers

Has anyone experienced this? I have 2 Play:5 (gen2) Sonos speakers. One of them has simply stopped any/all Wi-fi communication. I have tried setting it up multiple times, tried doing a factory rese...

Connectivity & reliability issues

We've had Sonos for almost two years now and we have never managed to get it to work reliably. We currently have three PLAY:1s and a CONNECT:AMP, and will soon be adding another couple of players, but...

Sonos Killing Google Wifi

Hey, can anyone help me out? I've got a weird problem where after a few weeks of working fine, my Sonos is killing my wifi. I've got two Google Wifi routers (meshed together), and everything just gri...


I am currently implementing Wifi Mac Address filtering in my current company and our sonos runs off of wifi. With saying that I have to enter the wifi mac address into the WLAN controller to allow acc...

Can I use the 5ghz net instead of 2.4ghz?

I recently bought the play 3 and everything about it is amazing, well almost everything. I live in a place with a lot of different wifi networks, and the 2,4ghz network gets very crowded. It gets very...

Wifi Dead upon Boost Arrival

I was excited to get my BOOST yesterday and hastily hooked it up following the intuitive directions. Little did I know, that would completely kill my wifi. Nothing. I unplugged BOOST and thought I wou...

Wifi Change

Hi have changed network providers, the controller app just sticks on an opening page and i can't get in to change the settings and switch over to new wifi network as per the help guide?

System not working as expected after move (One year idle in between)

Hi, I have a Connect, Play 3 and a Play 5 (1st gen). Used them in Spain, and now setting it up in the US with a new Arrin router which I saw had some issues related to it when wiring several devices t...

Playbase lost wifi, cannot update through controller.

I have been using a playbase with a couple of play:1's for surround for a few months, and after the latest update the playbase disappeared from the controller. When i tried to add everything back it d...

Sonos #1 + updated wifi information?

I'm unable to wipe the Sonos units to enter our updated wifi information. The light on the top is solid white. I tried to start over after unplugging the units but it won't allow me to do that. I've d...

Sonos Play5 Gen2 Connectivity

I am having the same issue with my Play 5 Gen 2 for the past 2 weeks. I believe it may be related to an upgrade of the Sonos Controller that is impacting the setup.I've had the Play 5 for five months...

Play 3 stops when ethernet cable unplugged

Finished standard setting up of a second hand Play 3 after long struggle. Ready to move speaker but it stops working when I disconnect the ethernet cable. Any ideas please.

Using Sonos with no wifi

I want to take my speaker where there is not wifi. Is there a way to plug directly into speaker with a cord to iPad?

Updated to version 8.0 — Playbase disappeared

Quick overview of my setup: - 1x Play:5 in the den ("Den") - 2x Play:1s (stereo pair) in the 2nd floor living room ("Upstairs") - 2x Play:1s (stereo pair), Playbase, and Sub to form 5.1 system in main...

Playbase won't connect to wifi

I've seen a concerning number of other users posting the exact same problem. Playbase has been working fine for about 6 months. All if a sudden today I noticed it was playing TV sound but wasn't showi...

Wifi extender

I have 2 play 1s but my router is in the basement. Music occasionally drops. I have a wifi extender upstairs that has Ethernet ports. Anyone had experience connecting play 1 to wifi extender to create...

Google WiFi and Sonos

I have seen at the least one bad review concerning the new Google WiFi and Sonos. Can anybody add comments to this subject? I have preordered the gadget with Amazon and, of course, I am worried about...

Mediocre Wi-Fi, ALAC files alternative?

The SONOS app on my iPad says my wi-fi is too weak to play the ALAC music files I chose. It plays other files just fine. I have Spectrum 100mb wi-fi (which is usually more like 75mb). These same ALAC...

Installed Google Wireless Mesh, how to migrate a 10 unit Sonos system ?

I have a 10 unit Sonos system. I just installed Google Wireless Mesh. Migrated my TV's and thermostats without a problem. I followed the directions on the site and unplugged a Player:1 and plugged it...

Wireless network problem on 5.1 set with play BASE?

So my 5.1 set has been working perfectly ever since I got it. Just recently, however, I noticed that one of my play 1 speakers was not providing any sound and emitting a red light. There was sound co...

"Connect" device messing up with my setup

Hello, I've reset my system from scratch. It now works ok although I see all my devices in a Tertiary node. When I try to connect my last device, a Sonos Connect it pretty much takes the all system...

Playbase is working through router can't connect to Wifi

My playbase and Sub were working till a week ago. Then suddenly it disconnected from all controllers. I reset all the both the playbase and the SUB. The playbase is working while hooked up to the rout...


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