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Sonos not reconnecting to wifi after router restart.

Recently I noticed that when I restart my wifi router, none of the Sonos speakers come back online. Basically no rooms show up in the app. I need to pull the power on each one, plug it back in, and th...

Connectivity & reliability issues

We've had Sonos for almost two years now and we have never managed to get it to work reliably. We currently have three PLAY:1s and a CONNECT:AMP, and will soon be adding another couple of players, but...

Wifi Dead upon Boost Arrival

I was excited to get my BOOST yesterday and hastily hooked it up following the intuitive directions. Little did I know, that would completely kill my wifi. Nothing. I unplugged BOOST and thought I wou...

Sonos #1 + updated wifi information?

I'm unable to wipe the Sonos units to enter our updated wifi information. The light on the top is solid white. I tried to start over after unplugging the units but it won't allow me to do that. I've d...

Wifi Change

Hi have changed network providers, the controller app just sticks on an opening page and i can't get in to change the settings and switch over to new wifi network as per the help guide?

Playbase lost wifi, cannot update through controller.

I have been using a playbase with a couple of play:1's for surround for a few months, and after the latest update the playbase disappeared from the controller. When i tried to add everything back it d...

System not working as expected after move (One year idle in between)

Hi, I have a Connect, Play 3 and a Play 5 (1st gen). Used them in Spain, and now setting it up in the US with a new Arrin router which I saw had some issues related to it when wiring several devices t...

Can I use the 5ghz net instead of 2.4ghz?

I recently bought the play 3 and everything about it is amazing, well almost everything. I live in a place with a lot of different wifi networks, and the 2,4ghz network gets very crowded. It gets very...

Wifi extender

I have 2 play 1s but my router is in the basement. Music occasionally drops. I have a wifi extender upstairs that has Ethernet ports. Anyone had experience connecting play 1 to wifi extender to create...

"Connect" device messing up with my setup

Hello, I've reset my system from scratch. It now works ok although I see all my devices in a Tertiary node. When I try to connect my last device, a Sonos Connect it pretty much takes the all system...

Sirius skips a lot

When I play Sirius, the music often skips going back 20 seconds or so and replaying what I just heard. I read that I should try to reset the wireless network channel to 1, 6 or 11. But these channels...

Can I update my speakers with an ethernet cable and no wifi?

First ever post so bare with me. I am on an isolated network (studentcom) and want to play my music via sonos. I can't play my Spotify library (all my music is on here), as I need the latest update....

Cannot add devices to new Sonos app

I have curious network/wifi problem with my Sonos devices where I cannot seem to add them to the app. I follow the steps to set up a new system in the controller app but once the device is set to join...

Issues on Wifi Network / Help on Matrix needed

Guys, I need your help with my current Sonos setup. I’m a big fan, but I find myself using it less and less because I’m having issues all over the place. Music stops playing randomly on some of the...

Unable to connect my shiny new Sonos Play:1 to my Google Wifi

Help! When I try to connect my new Sonos Play:1 to Google Wifi, the wizard in Sonos app just comes up and states "Please check the name and password...." etc etc I have tried this multiple times - ta...

Connecting to a username and password protected wifi connection (studentcom)?

I've just moved to university and the wifi here is username and password protected. I have no access to the router and I have tried logging the sonos' MAC address via the "studentcom" portal but it st...

Fidelity differences between WiFi and Ethernet?

I have two Connect boxes in my house. One is hardwired via Ethernet to my music file server. I've just gotten the second Connect and have been running it from my WiFi network to another music system....

Is it possible to control Sonos system from a Wi-Fi extender/different Wi-Fi network?

Hi all. We're experiencing a problem with our Sonos system. To give some background, we have multiple PLAY devices in and around our house. Our Sonos is set up in BOOST set up; meaning one of our dev...

Play one speakers silent with Wifi Repeater

Hi. I use for the local wifi network a repeater (aka range extender) when it operates the Sonos surround speakers are silent. I can still operate with buttons ( volume or play/pause) but there is no a...

Adding Play to Boost System

I have a boost system with a play and 3 connects attached. Just bought a second play 1 and trying to add it. 1) tried setting it up wirelessly through ap. It found the play 1 but nothing happens a...

Google wifi and 3rd party router

I have Sonos working fine with my existing network, and I use HomeSeer home automation to control it (things like announcing when someone unlocks the front door). The wifi is terrible in our house, s...

can I run 2 sonos systems separately on my home wifi network,

Currently I have 2 systems, one on the home WiFi network and one on the Bridge/Boost system, can they both work as separate systems using my home wifi network alone. I'm getting a lot of skipping usin...

Direct ethernet link library to Connect

I keep losing my wifi connection due to size of my music files. Can I connect direct from library on my laptop to my Connect?

Unable To Play And Units Disappearing From App

Hi, I've been having some issues with my Sonos setup for quite a while now. My system comprises of a Connect, Connect Amp, Play 3 and Play 5. I managed to resolve the issue about 6 months ago by un...

connection to apple music lost - ALL THE TIME

I'm experiencing many connection drops. Music skips every second song, rendering the speakers unusable. I've got good WiFi reception throughout the house. I've moved every possible device to 5GHz, got...


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