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Sonos WiFi interfering with Home WiFi

Every time I connect my Sonos Connect:AMP it seems that it interferes with my home wifi system. Is there any way to turn off the Sonos Wifi system - I do not really need it as all systems connect dir...

The app can't find my wifi

So I'm just about to set up my sonos1. Once I get to the wifi-set up it seems like the app can't find my network. I type in the name and click on next but it sends me back to the previous page.. Im us...

Wi-fi stopped working on one of my Play 5 (gen2) speakers

Has anyone experienced this? I have 2 Play:5 (gen2) Sonos speakers. One of them has simply stopped any/all Wi-fi communication. I have tried setting it up multiple times, tried doing a factory rese...

Playbase stopped working with WiFi

I purchased it a couple of months ago and it worked well in the beginning both with the TV via optical and with the SUB. All of a sudden the Playbase can't be found anymore from the Controller and the...

wifi ed aggiornamento

Ho cambiato recentemente casa e non ho ancora una connessione internet Riattivando il mio impianto Sonos, mi viene richiesta la ricerca di aggiornamento. L'impianto funziona su un wifi senza connessio...

Sonos Connect Directly to Wifi?

I have a Sonos Connect that is connected to my Receiver, which is not located next to my router. Can the Sonos Connect connect to the router through Wifi or do I need to purchase a Bridge that connec...

Sonos Play 5 Not Connecting to WiFi At All

I have a new Sonos Play 5 that has had intermittent connectivity issues with WiFi. It will now no longer be find able when I push the connect button and it is unable to connect to WiFi when set up t...

Getting the best wifi performance in your home with Sonos

I have a full 5.1 setup in my den, two play 1s in my dining room, one play 1 in my kitchen, one play one in what we call the sitting room. My PC, my TV, and all my game consoles are using ethernet. Th...

Sonos not reconnecting to wifi after router restart.

Recently I noticed that when I restart my wifi router, none of the Sonos speakers come back online. Basically no rooms show up in the app. I need to pull the power on each one, plug it back in, and th...

Adding Sonos to a shared wifi

Hi, I have a Sonos Play 3. My bro lives upstairs and uses a Sonos 5, and we share the same wifi. For about 1 year, i've been able to keep my Sonos as a separate system on the same wifi. All was go...

Connectivity & reliability issues

We've had Sonos for almost two years now and we have never managed to get it to work reliably. We currently have three PLAY:1s and a CONNECT:AMP, and will soon be adding another couple of players, but...

iPhone 6+ not connecting unless full wifi bars.

Sonos app on iPhone is asking me to connect to wifi when wifi is below full bars (but it's already connected) ever since an update of the sonos system.. iPod and iPad working fine.. haven't updated th...

Change Wifi Network

Is it possible to change the wifi network for the player without connecting to router via ethernet cable?

Sony's system is completely unreliable

I bought Sonos, Play 1 to use in my gift shop (it's been six months now). Sonos was recommended to me by the sales person at Best Buy. Im starting to think he just wanted a sale. My Sonos will go per...

Seperate Wireless Network For Sonos System

Good Morning everyone, hope everyone had a great holiday. I have what is probably a very basic question, but when you don't know the answer, you ask the question. I currently have a Playbase with 2 Pl...

Sonos Killing Google Wifi

Hey, can anyone help me out? I've got a weird problem where after a few weeks of working fine, my Sonos is killing my wifi. I've got two Google Wifi routers (meshed together), and everything just gri...

Sonos #1 + updated wifi information?

I'm unable to wipe the Sonos units to enter our updated wifi information. The light on the top is solid white. I tried to start over after unplugging the units but it won't allow me to do that. I've d...

Sonos Play5 Gen2 Connectivity

I am having the same issue with my Play 5 Gen 2 for the past 2 weeks. I believe it may be related to an upgrade of the Sonos Controller that is impacting the setup.I've had the Play 5 for five months...

Sonos One with Wifi Dongle at Holiday House?

Hi there, When we go on holidays i'd like to bring my Sonos One. Most holiday houses don't have internet provided so we use a 4G wifi dongle. I have tried setting up the Sonos One using the wifi don...

Sonos as ethernet bridge

Hi, is it possible to use my Play1 as an ethernet bridge? I want to connect my Play1 to Wifi and via ethernet to my Computer and use internet with my Computer. Internet to Wifi-Router via WIFI to Pl...

Playbase lost wifi, cannot update through controller.

I have been using a playbase with a couple of play:1's for surround for a few months, and after the latest update the playbase disappeared from the controller. When i tried to add everything back it d...

System not working as expected after move (One year idle in between)

Hi, I have a Connect, Play 3 and a Play 5 (1st gen). Used them in Spain, and now setting it up in the US with a new Arrin router which I saw had some issues related to it when wiring several devices t...



Playbar not connecting to wifi

The playbase was working great, then failed connection to the wifi network. I needed to exchange a faulty Xfinity router anyway, so I did that, and still cannot connect the playbar to the new wireless...

Reconnect Wifi

I recently changed internet providers and now I have to set up sonos again, but not seeing where I can just find new internet and punch in my password. Any suggestions?


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