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Alexa and voice control excuse to be forced into paying for renting music?

It seems to me the wholealexa integration has been deliberately compromised to ensure the full feature set works only with streaming services and not with any purchased or owned media storage. What is...


Will you ever be able to play youtube straight one Sonos without paying for a service? The only way I know how to do it currently is by using chromecast. Can we please address this?

BBC iPlayer radio

Does anyone else think it would be a good idea to have a direct SONOS streaming connection to the BBC's iPlayer radio service? I know I can play it through SONOS using a wired connection into a Play 5...

How do I know if Sonos is streaming lossless music from TIDAL?

Hi guys, On the iPhone APP I can choose what quality I want to stream the music. I have the HiFi Subscription and should be able to stream TIDAL HiFi - Lossless FLAC 16bit/44.1kHz. (Flac 1411 kbps -...

streaming movies

i can't connect my mac to stream sound through sonos

Streaming iTunes music to Playbar

Current setup: Sony TV KDL-55W900A connected to Sonos Playbar via optical. AppleTV (3rd gen) connected to TV via HDMI. Question: Is there a way to play music from my iTunes system WITHOUT having the...

Podcasts won't stop erratically skipping episodes

Is there any way to play a podcast through Sonos without having it randomly skip to a new episode every 5 mins? I have my Sonos receiver right next to my wireless router, and this still happens even...


When can we watch YT video's with the sound on Sonos? Also normal video's and not only music video's.

Why Limited use for music

Ok bought sonos 5 can play iTunes purchased music but have to pay to listen to Spotify or YouTube music. If I just use my blue tooth speakers I can listen to anything for free. I thought I was just pu...

Streaming on my phone stops sonos stream and vice versa

When I am happily streaming on my Sonos and decide watch a video on my phone, Sonos will stop. If I am watching a video on my phone and start Sonos, the video will stop. Why are the two interacting?

Sonos cuts out for music streaming services

I have a setup in my living room of one playbar and 2 play 1's. I have had this setup for nearly 6 months with no issues. Yesterday I started to have issues with Amazon Music & Spotify that they kept...

Streaming Radio on Sonos Play speaker skips backward

I listen to Sirius radio at work and when I stream through my pc, it works fine, but when I play it through my Sonos Play 1 speaker it skips backwards randomly and replays parts of shows that I listen...

Roku streaming stick + and SONOS playbar

I have the streaming stick connected to my new model samsung tv. my samsung tv optical out to my play bar. I can use my samsung remote to control the volume when the audio out is to the play bar. I...

Music skipping when streaming from Pandora

Hi all. I'm having issues playing music from Pandora. I get the error "Unable to play '' - service error". It happens several times a day. It's only in Pandora. When I use Spotify I don't have issues....

Use Sonos Connect with Hegel H160

Hi everybody Is it possible to use the Hegel H160 with Sonos Connect?

How to play TV audio on Play:1 with only DirectTV and XBox

Hi - new to Sonos and received a Play:1 as a gift - great sound and considering a second, but before I do, I wanted to wrap my head around how best to play TV audio on my Plays. With all the hype of...

Sonos app and streaming services credentials

I've tried searching the forum for posts related to security but since most results seem to have to do with security of the device on a WiFi network, will try posting my question (apologies if this is...

Best Device Route

Does it make a difference in quality streaming Spotify direct via the iOS app to my sony receiver or go via Sonos connect connected to the receiver via analogue. I have convinced myself there is a di...

Before Buy : NAS + Sonos + PS4

hello everyone, Let me come to this forum because I want to buy a wireless audio system and flexible and at the moment I can not find my happiness ... Here is my current architecture: - Box connect...

Effect if 'Mute' on TuneIn stream

I have just acquired my first Sonos device, a Play:1. (I have used Squeezebox hardware/software for over a decade but now see it is going nowhere, so decided to migrate to Sonos. The Play:1 is partl...

ABC Triple J high quality radio URL stopped working on Sonos

There is an old thread that covers off my issue but recently a week ago Sonos can't connect to it. I'm not sure if it was related to a recent update or it's a problem with ABC themselves. I have tried...

Vox Stream Service

Hi there. I have spent many years uploading my music to Amazon and streaming it back to Sonos with enough satisfaction. The Amazon software has been a pig to work with but I have stuck with it becaus...

AT&T U-verse new modem blocking music streaming

Few days ago I'd upgrade my AT&T U-verse Service. I received new modem/gateway. Since then when I play INTERNET stream (Sirius, TuneIn), in 30 sec to 2 min. internet connection will shut down. It will...

Request - Enable Bluetooth Audio Streaming from PCs

Hi there! I work from a home office and have a Play:5 setup in that office for music. However, I often will have a webinar or video that I watch for work on my PC, during which time I pause the Play:...

Another Unhappy and Frustrated Sonos User: Playing Macbook Audio through the Sonos System?

Hey Sonos, Two weeks into using my Sonos Play 3 Speaker I am finding it increasingly frustrating that I can't use my Macbook Pro laptop as the audio source. Not only is the functionality between the...


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