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Alexa and voice control excuse to be forced into paying for renting music?

It seems to me the wholealexa integration has been deliberately compromised to ensure the full feature set works only with streaming services and not with any purchased or owned media storage. What is...

How do I know if Sonos is streaming lossless music from TIDAL?

Hi guys, On the iPhone APP I can choose what quality I want to stream the music. I have the HiFi Subscription and should be able to stream TIDAL HiFi - Lossless FLAC 16bit/44.1kHz. (Flac 1411 kbps -...

Podcasts won't stop erratically skipping episodes

Is there any way to play a podcast through Sonos without having it randomly skip to a new episode every 5 mins? I have my Sonos receiver right next to my wireless router, and this still happens even...

Will the Playbase work with Shield TV?

We have an all Streaming household, read some limitations with play base, would like some clarification before the investment. We are building a home, and I've been interested in the SONOS system for...

Another Unhappy and Frustrated Sonos User: Playing Macbook Audio through the Sonos System?

Hey Sonos, Two weeks into using my Sonos Play 3 Speaker I am finding it increasingly frustrating that I can't use my Macbook Pro laptop as the audio source. Not only is the functionality between the...

Intermittent sound during initial playback/streaming video

We've had issues specifically with applications through our TV (Samsung 6 Series 55" Curved) while streaming video through Amazon Video, and our home cloud. We'll start a video, and for the first min...

Streaming Radio Problems

Hi, We have continual problems with drop outs when using the streaming radio. Does anyone know how to fix this. Thanks

2017 - Best way to access Apple Lossless format files (NAS or cloud streaming?)

Just had entire CD collection ripped into Apple Lossless for Sonos. Was thinking (based on many years ago "the way things worked then", would upload to NAS and index. Still best approach? Or, would...

Alexa control for Apple Music

I would like to see the ability to initiate playback from Apple Music via Alexa. Apple Music is the only service that allows me to stream radio to my Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular, so, it is the...

Using Sonos for a Football Game - Want to listen to my local radio but delay issues.

Does anyone know how to watch a football game on directv or cable or streaming but NOT listen to the national broadcast team? I want to listen to my local and more knowledgeable and biased guys!...

Alexa: Route all Audio-Output through Sonos

Hey there, while im really happy to see that the alexa beta finally went live, im a bit concerned on the taken approach. I bought 5 echo dots about a year ago when I first read the Sonos/Alexa annou...

Sonos stops playing when streaming pandora or spotify

My Sonos stops while streaming music. Works fine playing music from ipad, or iPhone playing Spotify and playing through the line in (connected with audio cable and set to line in on Sonos controller)....

connection woes with multiple WAPS

hello all. I have a funny shaped house with lots of RF-opaque walls. So I have 5 WAPs, each with the same SSID&password, but on different channels. Most of the WAPs are dual band. They're connected to...

Out of Sync with TV or Jittering sound :-(

I have my sonos system connected to my TV via a connect, however, whenever i play any content from my TV I experience 1 of 2 problems...neither is ideal! If i leave compression turned off, as it was...

Smart Homes, Digital Assistants, and Future Proofing with Sonos - Is it Possible? (WWDC 2017 Ponderings)

After seeing the new Siri Home Speaker launch today, one of my chief concerns with my Sonos setup is about future proofing. My curiosity started with my other research in the Sonos forums; I found in...


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