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Skips two Spotify songs, then works

Hi. When I start music from Spotify on my Sonos system, I get the "connection to spotify was lost" error message twice, for the first two songs (it seems to try for some seconds to play, before giving...

Support for Spotify Party

Spotify has an interesting new feature that is a great fit for Sonos. See here:

Does accessing Spotify through Sonos affect Spotify personalizations?

If I use Sonos to play stuff from my Spotify account, are my selections sent back to Spotify so that those preferences are reflected in Spotify features like Release Radar and Discover Weekly? I supp...

Sonos showing up twice in spotify

In Spotify, on 2 phones and my pc, Sonos shows up twice.. only able to connect to one “Stue”.. the other never connects. Any ideas how to fix it?

Problems with the sonos app and spotify connection

Hi The sonos app doesn’t function well with Spotify connection

Cant connect to spotify

I can play every other service but Spotify. It works directly on the phone just not through sonos. I've tried removing and adding spotify. Please help.

Spotify dropping out on Sonos equipment - Virginmedia DSL connection

I have several PLay 1s,3s, and 5s in my house which have been playing fine through a Virgin Media superhub. Due to poor wirleess network range and poor Video calling experiance, I have recently put t...


Hello, I have now been experiencing the following issue while trying to play spotify song via Sonos: "Unable to play the song... the connection to Spotify was lost". Report reference: 6413127 To be n...

Can't connect to spotify

As of yesterday I've had trouble connecting to Spotify on my Sonos system. Sometimes I get an error message when trying to enter a playlist, and no songs will appear, other times I can see the songs,...

Spotify Music Library - Artist selection missing

I'm a new Sonos user. Is there a reason that you can't see all the same functionality in the Spotify app via Sonos as you can on the direct Spotify app? Specifically, My Music Library is missing Artis...

My Spotify won't connect to my Sonos One.

I have had my Sonos one for awhile and it was working great and it still works but all of a sudden I am unable to connect to the speaker via Spotify even tho it is popping up under available devices i...

I can play spotify in the sonos app, but i can't select sonos as a device in the spotify app

Hi, I have 3 x Play1 installed and can uae spotify in the sonos app. I can pair and unpair, tune with trueplay and everything. But in my spotify app there is no sonos in my devices. They are all on th...


Hey, I purchased my Sonos One today and have been going through the set up. I was having a lot of issues connecting it to my spotify as it was saying everything was linked but when I would ask Alexa...

Can't find Spotify in the Music Services

I was using Spotify without any hassle with my Sonos Play 5 until a few days back. I can no longer see Spotify in the list of the music services. Please help!


Spotify Premium will not stay connected when i ask Alexa to connect to it. Songs stop midway. Silence. Pick up with another song which then also stops. Its driving me nuts! Why did I pay for thi...

Spotify problem again

I still have a prolem that spotify stops songs early. I need this fixed now! Please advice.. diagnostics nr 8264123

Spotify problem

Hej, Jag får felmeddelanden när jag spelar från Spotify att det inte går att hitta vissa spår, känns som det buggar sjukt mycket. Förutom detta så tappar jag kontakten med vissa högtalare i mitt hem ä...

Setting up a really expensive Spotify rig

Hello! Brand new to Sonos, so I am looking for some advice. I have a room that has a mounted samsung TV, which I want to stream Spotify to the app on the TV, with the goal being the ability to see w...

Spotify Family on two separate Sonos systems

With a Spotify family subscription can you set it up such that there is one Spotify user set up on on one Sonos system and another Spotify user setup on another separate Sonos system? Will it be possi...

Spotify songs are grey

Some songs of personal playlists are grey and not playable. I can play them in spotify on my devices, but not through Sonos.

Spotify loses authorization regularly

On a fairly regular basis I cannot play Spotify music either via the Spotify app or songs app. This is immediately fixed if I re-authorize the service in my settings, it's frustrating to have to manua...

Spotify connection

Still unable to connect to my Play 5 with spotify using my Android phone. Any solutions/idea when this is going to be corrected?

How do I use Alexa VOice Control to play Spotify with MY Sonos One

I cannot work out how to link all these devices so i can control Spotify with my voice using my Sonos One, does anyone have simple instructions on how to do this?

Unable to connect to Spotify

Hi, I've been trying to play music from my Spotify account for weeks now. I've searched this forum without any luck. The error i get when trying to connect is as follows: I have tried all the tri...

Connection to spotify not working

Diagnostics no. is 7168888. Im trying to use spotify via a bridge, going out to 2 x play 3 speakers. Usually works fine, however over the past couple of weeks the track shows as playing but I've no s...


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