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Can't Control Sonos From Spotify (working previously)

I had Spotify & Sonos working together where I could use the Spotify App to play on my Sonos 1 directly. But now that has gone away, and I can't get it working again. ● I don’t see my Sonos speaker...

Spotify Music Library - Artist selection missing

I'm a new Sonos user. Is there a reason that you can't see all the same functionality in the Spotify app via Sonos as you can on the direct Spotify app? Specifically, My Music Library is missing Artis...

Issues with Spotify Direct Control cutting out and not connecting

I've been getting issues with Spotify Direct Control cutting out or not connecting during beta testing, and have been advised to raise the issues with Customer Care. Please see https://betacommuni...

Connection to spotify not working

Diagnostics no. is 7168888. Im trying to use spotify via a bridge, going out to 2 x play 3 speakers. Usually works fine, however over the past couple of weeks the track shows as playing but I've n...

Spotify app not showing Sonos

Hopefully I'm missing something very obvious... I had linked my Spotify premium account as soon as Ver. 7 was released (during the beta actually). Now I cannot see any of my Sonos devices in the Spo...

"Control Sonos from Spotify" not under "Settings"

The "Control Sonos from Spotify" menu option is not appearing under the "Settings" menu on the Sonos Android app as per the documentation. I'm trying to configure the Sonos to use Spotify Connect to...

Not all speakers showing up in Spotify Connect

After running into some trouble with an update a few days ago I ended up factory resetting my Play:5 (house has 2x P:3, 1x Playbar at the TV, and 1x P:5 in the kitchen). The speaker issue was correcte...

playing Spotify and Tidal content in offline mode

Does anyone know if its possible to play your downloaded Spotify or Tidal content while in 'offline' mode mover Sonos? If not, any idea why not?

Fel no 1002 gör mig tokig - sitter i även efter en reboot av alla enheter

Hej, jag tappar hela tiden mitt Sonos system och jag klarar inte av att spela musik längre. Så här har det vart till och från i 3 månader. Har en play 5 gen 1, och två play 1. Samt en bridge. Jag får...

Queue restarting when using Spotify Connect

I'm having trouble using Spotify Connect through both Mac and iPhone when connected to my Play 1. When playing songs in 'Your Music' or via a playlist, I double click on the song I want and it begins...

Spotify Connect doesn't recognize all Sonos players, plays only one.

Spotify Android app recognizes only two out of three Sonos on the network and plays only one of them. On the Spotify App and on desktop, everything is fine.

Sonos will randomly stop/pause song from Spotify

My Sonos Play 3 will randomly stop playing a song from Spotify. Then I have to go back into Spotify and click play again. How can I fix this?

Låtar spelas upp 2 gånger efter varann efter senaste uppdateringen

Efter den senaste uppdateringen (till version 7.3 tror jag) har låtarna börjat spelas upp 2 gånger efter varandra. Vi lyssnar från Spotify. Väljer jag en låt så spelar den upp den en gång, låten efter...

After going from Wifi to Sonosnet, speakers no longer found in Spotify Connect devices.

After going from Wifi to Sonosnet, speakers no longer found in Spotify Connect devices. I can't find any posts or documentation stating that speakers on sonosnet won't or can't by reached through t...

Spotify Direct and erratic volume

I love the Spotify Direct feature, but one gripe. When I use Spotify Direct to start playing a song to Sonos, and attempt to adjust my Sonos system volume via either the Spotify app or Sonos app, I...

Can you find out what songs you played with a week?

I was listening to Spotify's Discover Weekly and found the most amazing playlist of my life. I listened to it a bunch and didn't save any of it, then on Monday it changed and I wasn't able to find any...

Volume resets immediately to zero

Periodically, my Sonos systems gets into a state where the volume reverts to zero (mute) whenever I try to turn it up. I think this is mostly when I am using Spotify Direct, but I am not sure about th...

Which do you prefer? Spotify or Apple Music and why?

Just curious which service works better with Sonos? I've been using Spotify for a year or so and decided to try Apple Music and compare the two. No real complaints about Spotify and how it works with...

Cutting out after one song using Spotify

Whilst playing Spotify through SONOS or SONOS through Spotify (via an IOS or OSX device) I get the “Unable to Play “Name of Song” - the connection to Spotify was lost" error message after 1 song has p...

play two different songs on two different sonos speakers

Bought a SONOS 1 and a SONOS 5 today. Lovely sound and Spotify runs like a charm. I have one in kitchen ant one in livingroom both on the network. Mrs snok however wants to play HER spotify playlist o...

Spotify connect with sonos

Hello. I have two play3. But I cant connect the sonos system with spotify connect. I dont have that setting that everyone talking about. Control sonos from spotify. The system was installaed before t...

Connection to spotify lost

For some reason, since a week or 2 ago it seems like I can not play a single playlist without Sonos loosing its connection to spotify. It is becoming pretty annoying since very often it also results i...

Issues with Spotify/SONOS

Hi community! I have some troubles with my SONOS speakers, playing from Spotify. Once in a while, and more often lately, the songs that are played from Spotify shuts down after 2-3 songs and the speak...

Spotify play issues at home - Stops after one song

What is the solution to the following issue? We have 3 Play 1, Playbar and Play 5(2nd) as part of our setup. Our Router is an iiNet Gateway, with Apple Time Capsule connected. I cannot play m...

Spotify integration problem

I do home theater installs for a living, and I have a client that has been having a problem with his iPhone. I rarely run into issues with the Sonos app so wasn't sure what it might be, but he said it...


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