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Sonos Sub Placement

Since I am lacking space, could I put a Sonos Sub, right behind my Play5 (gen 1)? How will it sound? Thanks.

Unable to play Spotify with Sonos Playbar

I am aware of this issue from October but unfortunately i can no longer connect and play my spotify through my Sonos Playbar. I keep getting an error message asking me to update to Spotify Premium but...

Running 6 Sonos connect on a network switch- stops working and everything on the switch hangs

I have 6 sonos connect devices on a Packedge SE18 network switch. They work fine for awhile, then sonos app stops working (iphone cannot connect) and everything else hanging on the switch stops worki...

Lost contact w. players but music can still be played

Hello, I cannot connect to any of my 5 players around the house, but they still respond to the play/start button on each Player. I made the playlist before I became unable to connect with any playe...

Connect vs Connect amp and controlling via app

Hi all, I'm new to the Sonos forum and in need of some info I have yet to find. I'm undecided between purchasing the connect or the amp to power my existing Denon stereo due to the following. Would I...

AppleMusic & Sonos : big problem ?

Using my iPhone with and AppleMusic Service. When adding a song or a playlist from within on the iPhone, the change is not replicated in nor in my iTunes library. I see...

Sonos and Oppo

I know that this question has been asked in one form or another in the forums, I think that I am messing up one or more settings. But, despite the research, I still do not have it working and need a...

Sonos Connect light won't stay on

Hi. I'm kind of a tech idiot. But I bought two Sonos through Magnolia at Best Buy, Geek Squad set them up for me. One is working perfectly, the other one just quit working one day, it won't turn on. T...

Connecting other speakers to Sonos Controller

I used to have 9 play:5 speakers connected to my network. However, earlier this week we had a network outage and the wifi had went down. Ever since the outage when it was resolved the controller did n...

Sonos and Chromecast pauses each other?

Hi, I don't know whether to post it here or in the Google help section, I might do both. Whenever I play content on the Chromecast, my Sonos system pauses the audio. I naturally try to play the...

Sonos on Libratone

Hey, I have a Sonos system, but my girlfriends has one libratone zipp airplay speaker. I was wondering if it is possible to install the Sonos software on the Libratone Zipp, and then add it to my exi...

Another Spotify/Sonos connection question

After a search, I've come up with no answer or similar issue, but if it has been answered somewhere, please point me in the right direction. All current Spotify and Sonos Apps are installed and I b...

How to get TV Box to feed existing 2 x Play5's/Connect

EE TV Box (and newish 49" Sony TV - Android capable) - are the way we watch TV at the moment - but the sound could be better. My EE TV service gets me the UK Freeview service via an EE broadband se...

Apple Music: Some songs either won't play or skip after a few secs

I have both Apple Music and Spotify. For some reason Sonos keep skipping about half of my Apple Music songs after a few seconds or just doesn't want to play them entirely. And it is always the same so...

A little helper with making a decision on the new Play:5

Hello Sonos Community, We're just here to let you know of the Review that has been written of the new Play:5. Let us know what you think on this thread, maybe we can make some changes if som...

Feature Suggestion: Music Categories/Sub-Folders

I love Sonos.....but I have to say that unfortunately I don't love the Sonos App/Interface. One of the main problems that I have with it is that I have saved tons of Pandora stations, but there is...

Sonos Connect frequently cutting out

Diagnostic code: 7034867 Hey! I just bought a Sonos Connect to connect my phone and computer to my two Play 1's... However every now and then (quite often), they stop playing audio coming from...

Sonos desktop program shows Groove "Recommended for You" not "New Music"

Hi, it appears that under the heading "New Music" the Sonos program for MS Groove actually shows "Recommended for you". Is there a way to actually display "New music"? hinten1

Sonos and Samsung SmartThings Future

Hi I am building a home automation system using Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue lights and just bought a 2 x Play 1's. I was really hopeful that the introduction of Sonos would add a lot of val...

2 x Sonos set ups (TV & Projector both with their own playbar set ups)

Hey there (I'M A NOVICE) We are renovating and I am wanting to to have 2 x Sonos 5.1 set ups for television, one for a full time TV (in the living room) and the second for a part-time Projector for...

SONOS, will you be making a white PLAYBAR and SUB?

Hello SONOS, I am the victim of falling in love with your products and despaired at the same time that only some are manufactured in white. Please, oh please, start making and selling white editions...

Anyway to go around Sonos Controller?

I'm the happy new owner of a Playbar, Sub, and two Play 1. Big user of Spotify and Apple Music, I can't bear the Sonos Controller: counter intuitive and sad. Is there anyway I can go around that?...

Sonos Controller for past iOS version

Hallo everybody! Still available the APP Sonos Controller for iOS 5.1.1 onboard on my iPad 1? I've got a lot of music inside and I would like to connect to the brand new Play3...

Connecting an outdoor Projector to existing Sonos indoor system

In my TV ROOM which is near the outdoor entertaining area, I have a Samsung SmartTV connected via Optical Cable to my PlayBar (mounted on the wall). On the floor I have a SUB and outside in the entert...

Question - Will this Sonos setup work?

I just moved into a new place that already has existing built in speakers which are using 4 conductor wire cable (bi-wire) and because of that, I want to use a multiamp to feed the speakers. So here i...


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