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Sonos playlists lost during glitch with Apple Music membership

I recently had a glitch with my Apple Music membership when my card got cloned and I had to wait a week for a new card to be issued. This coincided with my direct debit being presented with my old car...

Who's fault is it that we can't stream anything from our macbooks to our sonos speakers?

There are thousands of people upset about this. Obviously, The Sonos speakers are only doing half their job if we have to get additional speakers to play the audio from anything we stream. It is a pr...

4K Bluray player

Can anyone recommend a 4K Bluray player, with HDR, that will pass 5.1 properly? The player would use hdmi to my LG OLED B6, which is running optical out to my Sonos Plabyar 5.1 setup. Everything else...

Harmony Ultimate Remote issue with Playbase

I have the Harmony Ultimate remote that I'm using with my Sonos Playbase which for the most-part works really great! The issue I'm having is when the TV is first turned on there is a delay of several...

Google wifi and 3rd party router

I have Sonos working fine with my existing network, and I use HomeSeer home automation to control it (things like announcing when someone unlocks the front door). The wifi is terrible in our house,...

Trouble with network Setting Up SONOS Play:1

Hi there, I am setting up my SONOS PLAY:1 speaker. Everything was going well, I started with the standard set up and then it asked me to go into settings and choose the SONOS Wi-Fi network. I sele...

Sonos not connecting to Verizon Fios

Hello All I have a Play 1 that i have connected before at another location. I am connecting it now at my home. I have the SONOS directly connected to the LAN line/Router, and am attempting to update...

Ny med Sonos? Her er noen raske tips for å få deg i gang.

Ny med Sonos? Her er noen raske tips for å få deg i gang. Steg 1: Sett opp systemet Først og fremst må vi få installert dine Sonos-enheter. Denne guiden burde dekke det du trenger å vite, men...

Some Help/Advice would be gratefully received

So, am thinking of investing in 2 x Play1 and a Play 3 Device for the rooms. I would also like to get the Connect device. Let me explain my setup. Presently, I have a Technics separate system, includ...

Question About a Slightly Complicated Multi-Zone Home Installation.

Hey, maybe someone can assist. After having enjoyed a Sonos WiFi whole-house (apartment) system for years, I'm excited to finally have the opportunity to install a wired system using Sonos compone...


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