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Amazon Alexa: Backwards compatible with existing Sonos speakers

When it was first mentioned last year that Sonos was going to team up with Amazon to allow Alexa your music, it was stated that it would be backwards compatible with existing Sonos speakers. This was...

Sonos Player - how to setup continous playing

All - we have Play 3 speakers + Spotify family Plan + Ipad we have setup a playlist from Spotify that plays through the SONOS app but after a couple of hours it stops playing, we have the playlist on...

New Sonos product request/ideas.

Hi, I have had my Sonos setup since 2013 and I love it. The sound is fantastic and they have never let me down. I would like to expand on my products and have some requirements that are not yet cater...

What is a Sonos Control ?

There's a cradle advertised, but no listing for a Sonos Control. Any ideas?

Sonos One - what functionality missing from a normal Echo ?

Does a list exist of exactly what functions from the Echo will be available built-in on the Sonos One ? Obviously, Echo allows you to make calls between devices these days etc.. But is this function...

Idea new Sonos speaker

Will there be a new and smaller Sonos speaker soon? I really miss a small, portable, chargeable, with both mesh-network and blue tooth, speaker with excellent Sonos sound. Considering to buy a KEF, UE...

Alexa integration for SONOS

Does anyone know if/when Alexa will be supported by SONOS? I've seen a lot of conversations about a public trial in 2017 but nothing specific about dates and official release. Can anyone confirm if...

Voice integration?

Wife bought echoes for me. Need to just get voice commands to Sonos. Have an Apple system. Would like to use Siri to run Sonos. Any hope?

Amazon Echo Integration

It's May 11..... patiently waiting

Sonos, Alexa and local NAS stored music

I am impressed with the Alexa / Sonos release yesterday and am pleased to see that it will develop. I know two other people with SONOS systems, and we all play music from a local NAS. Is this possibl...

White Controller Background IS HORRIBLE

Latest update to controller software background "WHITE" is terrible and there needs to be a customization option to darken it. I do not WANT a flashlight when using the controller.

Sonos issue when playing directly through Spotify

Hi - no problem playing Spotify through Sonos but when I try to play on my Sonos devices through Spotify by pressing play (or switching devices), it skips to the end of the song and stops. Any one e...

Can't link Alexa to Sonos.

I've tried linking the Alexa Sonos skill to my account and the Skill points me in the direction of "More/Settings/My Sonos Account" in the Sonos app. It then asks me to confirm my email which i do and...

TuneIn radio not connecting

TuneIn radio stations are not connecting with my Sonos system this morning. Is anyone having similar problems?

Spotify Connect

Hei, jeg har siste tiden opplevd flere feil med spotify connect for sonos. Fleste av de irriterer meg ikke. men jeg har merket at hver gang jeg bytter fra en høytaller til en annen mens jeg hører på s...


Sonos marketing has definitely changed under Spence. Bootleg?

Wired Article about the Sonos/Alexa Integration

David Pierce of Wired has a good piece up on why the Sonos/Alexa partnership took so long. Side note: he mentions them pulling up Human by Rag 'n'Bone Man as their demo song. It does sound great on S...

Pairing a Play:1 with the new Sonos One

Can this be done? Will it sound the same in stereo? I don’t need two microphoned speakers surely.

Can I Or Should I Connect My AVR to Sonos 5.1? It's Complicated....

Looking at options to get rid of all my 5.1 speaker wires. I have an Onkyo TX-NR709 AVR running to 5.1 surround speakers an LG 55EC930V Oled TV, with inputs from a Bluray Player and a Freesat box (plu...

SONOS Connect: amp - Subwoofer

Best regards. As you know in SONOS connect: amp, when the subwoofer is connected automatically a kind of filter is activated adjusting the sound in the speakers, reducing the bass and increasing the...

Sonos and Amazon Echo wireless integration

When is this update due to be available?

Sonos Connect + Bose Lifestyle 38 and TV?

Hi guys, I have a Sonos Connect hooked to a Bose Lifestyle 38 Home Theater for Music streaming and I was wondering if there is a way to connect them to a TV and have the sound from TV routed through...

When is Audible going to be available?

I keep reading threads from 2016 about Audible, and the answer was always that it would be available in the summer of 2017. It's now a couple of weeks from Fall and it's still not up. Is there an ET...

Cutting out after one song using Spotify

Whilst playing Spotify through SONOS or SONOS through Spotify (via an IOS or OSX device) I get the “Unable to Play “Name of Song” - the connection to Spotify was lost" error message after 1 song has p...

Sonos speakers dropping out

Hi everyone - since the update to 7.3 I experience problems with non-responsive Sonos app - speakers dropping out suddenly (and re-appearing sometimes) one by one. A speaker can drop out but will keep...


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