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Sonos Player - how to setup continous playing

All - we have Play 3 speakers + Spotify family Plan + Ipad we have setup a playlist from Spotify that plays through the SONOS app but after a couple of hours it stops playing, we have the playlist on...

Set Up wirelessly

To start, we have 3 connect:amp's in use. This setup was working while connected via ethernet to our modem (boosted setup). While this was working we had 2 separate wireless networks going. The other...

Sonos home screen

Not sure if this is what has been the subject of the white screen criticism of the new app, so apologies in advance if it is. When I open the Sonos app on my iPad I’m faced with a white screen and a l...

Next track on Sonons one via Alexa

I bought a Sonos ONE at the weekend. Mostly good - but have a frustration ... When playing a playlist or album I dont seem to be able to skip to the next track. If I try Alexa, next Alexa, skip A...

Sonos recycling program

Is there a program to recycle Sonos products? It's irresponsible not to have one given the business of their products. Consider the first Sonos product I have, a Play:3, required a bridge. With a soft...

Does wemo work with Sonos one?

Does wemo work with Sonos one? Specifically the outlets, also what skill is that under

New Sonos product request/ideas.

Hi, I have had my Sonos setup since 2013 and I love it. The sound is fantastic and they have never let me down. I would like to expand on my products and have some requirements that are not yet cater...

SoundBar and Sub are working but SonosOne is not integrated with them, plays music separately.

I just got Sonos One/Alexa hooked up and operating. Some of the voice commands recommended do not work, crickets from Alexa. But my big issue is that the music from my sound bar and sub are working to...

What is a Sonos Control ?

There's a cradle advertised, but no listing for a Sonos Control. Any ideas?

Amazon Unlimited Music, an exiting Echo Show, adding Sonos 1 (with built-in Echo functionality).

I currently own two Sonos 5 speakers and use an Amazon Echo Show to stream Amazon Music Unlimited via either or both speakers. No problems there. I'd like to add two smaller Sonos 1 speakers (with the...

Sonos ONE på svenska

Köpte idag två Sonos ONE på Elgiganten i Halmstad. Man gör reklam för röststöd vid användning. På min fråga om detta funkar i Sverige fick jag som svar att det kommer men det går att använda engelska...

Sonos One Review

Over the past two weeks I have been incorporating a Sonos One into my multiple Sonos and Amazon Echo home environment. I have found the experience to be subpar at best, showing the difficulty of combi...

Sonos controller not up-to-date?

I just received my Sonos One and am trying to set it up. The very first thing I saw was this message: "There was a problem confirming if your Sonos controller is up-to-date. If you continue and you...

thinking about getting sonos one- confused about Alexa capabilities.

So here's the deal. My 10 year old has an echo dot and really loves it. She is really getting into music these days and I wanted to get her a Sonos One to replace the echo dot, because the sound will...

Sonos - connection to audiobooks was lost

Over the last few days I’ve started getting this message. I have removed and re-added the audiobooks account, but it stills gives me the error message. Other services are working fine. Any thoug...

Sonos One - Never been so confused!

Please help! I have just about every Sonos product and never had any issues with set up until now. I bought 2 Sonos One's arrived today only plugged one in so far as firstly I cant get Alexa to play...

Disconnecting Sonos

Selling a condo and two play 3 speakers go with the sale. How do I deactivate the speakers so they can be used by the new owner.

Lost contact w. players but music can still be played

Hello, I cannot connect to any of my 5 players around the house, but they still respond to the play/start button on each Player. I made the playlist before I became unable to connect with any player...

New to Sonos: How does Sonos One work with ....

Have had my Play 1 only a couple months. Interested in current sale of Sonos One bundle but first want to know how does the Sonos One work with my existing Play1? Will the Sonos One control the Play...

TuneIn radio not connecting

TuneIn radio stations are not connecting with my Sonos system this morning. Is anyone having similar problems?

Spotify Connect

Hei, jeg har siste tiden opplevd flere feil med spotify connect for sonos. Fleste av de irriterer meg ikke. men jeg har merket at hver gang jeg bytter fra en høytaller til en annen mens jeg hører på s...


Sonos marketing has definitely changed under Spence. Bootleg?

My Sonos, Stations, See All - now an extra click

With the new app I have to do an extra "click" to "See All" on my Stations. On the previous version it defaulted to the "See All" list and I could scroll down to the station I wanted. Now it default...

Trying to send audio from Roku Ultra to Sonos Playbar using an optical cable but unsuccessful

Hello, I have the following I am trying to work with: 1. Roku Ultra - HD and 4K UHD (it has an optical connection at the back) 2. Sonos playbar & sub 3. Optoma projector (short throw) I am trying to...

Casting from Amazon Music app to Sonos Play:1

Is it possible to cast directly from Amazon Music app to Sonos. I can cast directly from Google Music, but from Amazon Music the Play:1 does not appear in the list of the devices available for cast. O...


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