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Connecting other speakers to Sonos Controller

I used to have 9 play:5 speakers connected to my network. However, earlier this week we had a network outage and the wifi had went down. Ever since the outage when it was resolved the controller did n...

Apple Music: Some songs either won't play or skip after a few secs

I have both Apple Music and Spotify. For some reason Sonos keep skipping about half of my Apple Music songs after a few seconds or just doesn't want to play them entirely. And it is always the same so...

Sonos and latency (delay)

I have been experimenting with my system, including connecting electric piano to my Sonos system. I accept that there is going to be a delay aka latency with wireless (and there is) but I didn't expec...

AppleMusic & Sonos : big problem ?

Using my iPhone with and AppleMusic Service. When adding a song or a playlist from within on the iPhone, the change is not replicated in nor in my iTunes library. I see...

Lost contact w. players but music can still be played

Hello, I cannot connect to any of my 5 players around the house, but they still respond to the play/start button on each Player. I made the playlist before I became unable to connect with any playe...

Running 6 Sonos connect on a network switch- stops working and everything on the switch hangs

I have 6 sonos connect devices on a Packedge SE18 network switch. They work fine for awhile, then sonos app stops working (iphone cannot connect) and everything else hanging on the switch stops worki...

Sonos and Chromecast pauses each other?

Hi, I don't know whether to post it here or in the Google help section, I might do both. Whenever I play content on the Chromecast, my Sonos system pauses the audio. I naturally try to play the...

New songs do not appear in Sonos

I have added new songs to my iPhone 6 but they do not appear in Sonos app. How do I solve this? I tried update your music library but nothing happened

Sonos Dropout

My home wifi is via a BT Smarthub. I have a BT plug in wifibextender that is cloned to the same SSID and password as the Smarthub router. I have set up my Sonos products in booster mode with one of...

Unable to play Spotify with Sonos Playbar

I am aware of this issue from October but unfortunately i can no longer connect and play my spotify through my Sonos Playbar. I keep getting an error message asking me to update to Spotify Premium but...

Sonos Mac App works on one Mac while on another Mac the system cannot be found?

Sonos Mac App works on one Mac while on another Mac the system cannot be found?

Could I move my library to a USB stick attached to my router?

Hi, I'd like to move my Sonos library to a USB drive and stick into my router. I'm unsure how to describe the path for the Sonos bridge to locate the drive. Has anyone done this, and is it even feasib...

Cannot add music service

The app doesn't have the option to add a music service? Any one know how to add, for example, Pandora?

Sonos playlists: cant delete. problems adding to them.

Hello. I can't add Sonos Playlists (error message says its full and to delete), but I also cant delete old sonos playlists (ask me to confirm delete playlist, I select yes, but nothing happens). Tried...

Feature Suggestion: Music Categories/Sub-Folders

I love Sonos.....but I have to say that unfortunately I don't love the Sonos App/Interface. One of the main problems that I have with it is that I have saved tons of Pandora stations, but there is...

Sonos Connect frequently cutting out

Diagnostic code: 7034867 Hey! I just bought a Sonos Connect to connect my phone and computer to my two Play 1's... However every now and then (quite often), they stop playing audio coming from...

Sonos Controller for past iOS version

Hallo everybody! Still available the APP Sonos Controller for iOS 5.1.1 onboard on my iPad 1? I've got a lot of music inside and I would like to connect to the brand new Play3...

Cutting out after one song using Spotify

Whilst playing Spotify through SONOS or SONOS through Spotify (via an IOS or OSX device) I get the “Unable to Play “Name of Song” - the connection to Spotify was lost" error message after 1 song has p...

Sonos Connect and my PC

Hello! I know it's possible to connect my PC to the Sonos Connect, and use my PC with my two Sonos Play 1's... However, is there a noticeable delay? I do know there is some sort of delay between...

Setup Sonos with Amazon Echo

I created a video on how to setup voice control using Amazon Echo/Alexa with Logitech Harmony and I just want to share it. I am still waiting for Sonos to release the new firmware to allow direct int...

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Two SONOS accounts in one Household accessing the "same set of speakers"

I have a SONOSbar for TV, 2 Play:3 and 2 Play:1 in our house. I have my account setup and the 5 speakers added. I have it setup with access on Macbook Pro, iPhone and iMac. Most of music is loaded o...

Sonos Connect - Will this work?

I currently have a TV audio out connecting to the interface module of a Cinemate Series II on SPDIF. I am exploring the following scenario - 1. Connect TV out to Connect Line-in through analog 2....

Mac OSX Sierra no longer has "no sleep" setting, so Sonos can't play iTunes library

There is no longer a way to link Sonos to the iTunes library on my iMac. There is no way to set the computer to never sleep (just the display). What to do? All of the music in my library in inacces...

Use Spotify Station as Alarm

I'm wondering how to use a Spotify Station as a source for an alarm. When I create a station in Spotify, e.g. an Artist Radio station, I can see it in my Sonos favourites, but I can't see my Sonos fav...


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