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Amazon Alexa: Backwards compatible with existing Sonos speakers

When it was first mentioned last year that Sonos was going to team up with Amazon to allow Alexa your music, it was stated that it would be backwards compatible with existing Sonos speakers. This was...

Sonos Player - how to setup continous playing

All - we have Play 3 speakers + Spotify family Plan + Ipad we have setup a playlist from Spotify that plays through the SONOS app but after a couple of hours it stops playing, we have the playlist on...

Set Up wirelessly

To start, we have 3 connect:amp's in use. This setup was working while connected via ethernet to our modem (boosted setup). While this was working we had 2 separate wireless networks going. The other...

New Sonos product request/ideas.

Hi, I have had my Sonos setup since 2013 and I love it. The sound is fantastic and they have never let me down. I would like to expand on my products and have some requirements that are not yet cater...

What is a Sonos Control ?

There's a cradle advertised, but no listing for a Sonos Control. Any ideas?

Amazon Unlimited Music, an exiting Echo Show, adding Sonos 1 (with built-in Echo functionality).

I currently own two Sonos 5 speakers and use an Amazon Echo Show to stream Amazon Music Unlimited via either or both speakers. No problems there. I'd like to add two smaller Sonos 1 speakers (with the...

Version 8 for IOS is terrible

I love my Sonos kit but I have to say the new release of controller is awful. Switching content and rooms just seems so much more clunky now, I’m never 100% which room or group i’m changing music for...

Sonos ONE på svenska

Köpte idag två Sonos ONE på Elgiganten i Halmstad. Man gör reklam för röststöd vid användning. På min fråga om detta funkar i Sverige fick jag som svar att det kommer men det går att använda engelska...

Sonos One Review

Over the past two weeks I have been incorporating a Sonos One into my multiple Sonos and Amazon Echo home environment. I have found the experience to be subpar at best, showing the difficulty of combi...

Next track on Sonons one via Alexa

I bought a Sonos ONE at the weekend. Mostly good - but have a frustration ... When playing a playlist or album I dont seem to be able to skip to the next track. If I try Alexa, next Alexa, skip A...

Does wemo work with Sonos one?

Does wemo work with Sonos one? Specifically the outlets, also what skill is that under

SoundBar and Sub are working but SonosOne is not integrated with them, plays music separately.

I just got Sonos One/Alexa hooked up and operating. Some of the voice commands recommended do not work, crickets from Alexa. But my big issue is that the music from my sound bar and sub are working to...

Sonos One problems

Received my Sonos One a couple of weeks ago and it is still not working properly. I can play Spotify through the Sonos app and Spotify app which is fine, the Alexa function does not seem to work at al...

The Wrensilva Sonos Edition Console

Anyone seen pictures of the new Wrensilva Sonos Edition Console which incorporates two Play 5s? I think it’s hideous but leaving that aside I hope Sonos haven’t devoted much time and resources to this...

When attempting to sign in to alexa (for Sonos One) the Sonos login page shows I have 2 systems, when the second is just a copy/duplicate/ please fix !! cannot sign in to alexa properly.

Sonos Alexa

why limit my sonos favorites?

I use Apple Music and it's really frustrating that I am limited to only putting 40 albums in Sonos favorites. Why?

Play Sonus One through existing sound system

I've never owned a Sonus but I'm thinking of getting the new Sonus One, my question is can I connect it to my existing sound system either via bluetooth or a cable so when I ask the sonus to play a so...

Alexa integration for SONOS

Does anyone know if/when Alexa will be supported by SONOS? I've seen a lot of conversations about a public trial in 2017 but nothing specific about dates and official release. Can anyone confirm if...

SONOS BETA program/Echo Plus control

Do we need to be involved in BETA testing on Sonos to hook up the Amazon Echo Plus to control Sonos and is this operational in Ontario Canada ??

Sonos One suddenly lost connection to music services

All voice commands were working great on Sonos and suddenly music services stopped connecting - Spotify and pandora notably. Now when I try to get the Sonos One to play music I get a message that “som...

compatibility with new Sonos One Alexa and old play:1

Im interested in purchasing the new alexa play:1 but need to know if it will be compatible with my old play:1 Thanks for your help

Now Available: Sonos One

On shelves in stores and arriving at your homes if you pre-ordered, the Sonos One is available today. Read more about the all new

Sonos One not playing to other rooms

I have a Sonos Playbar and two Sonos Play 1 speakers set up in the same room. The Sonos One just arrived and I can get it set up to operate on its own or to turn on the other speakers but not to play...

Sonos / Alexa / Sonoff compatibility issue?

I setup my echo dot to my 2 Sonos Play 1 and was able to control volume, turn on/off etc. Today I added a sonoff Wifi Switch (from amazon - compatible with Echo) which is working correctly however, no...

Alexa on the one

Hi... has anybody else had a problem with the alexa function on the new one... mine doesn't play songs when you ask it ... it says shuffling songs by.. then nothing.. no flash briefings.. i contacted...


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