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New Sonos product request/ideas.

Hi, I have had my Sonos setup since 2013 and I love it. The sound is fantastic and they have never let me down. I would like to expand on my products and have some requirements that are not yet cat...

Voice integration?

Wife bought echoes for me. Need to just get voice commands to Sonos. Have an Apple system. Would like to use Siri to run Sonos. Any hope?

Sonos issue when playing directly through Spotify

Hi - no problem playing Spotify through Sonos but when I try to play on my Sonos devices through Spotify by pressing play (or switching devices), it skips to the end of the song and stops. Any one e...

TuneIn radio not connecting

TuneIn radio stations are not connecting with my Sonos system this morning. Is anyone having similar problems?

Spotify Connect

Hei, jeg har siste tiden opplevd flere feil med spotify connect for sonos. Fleste av de irriterer meg ikke. men jeg har merket at hver gang jeg bytter fra en høytaller til en annen mens jeg hører på s...

Cutting out after one song using Spotify

Whilst playing Spotify through SONOS or SONOS through Spotify (via an IOS or OSX device) I get the “Unable to Play “Name of Song” - the connection to Spotify was lost" error message after 1 song has p...

Sonos speakers dropping out

Hi everyone - since the update to 7.3 I experience problems with non-responsive Sonos app - speakers dropping out suddenly (and re-appearing sometimes) one by one. A speaker can drop out but will keep...

Can I use the SUB in 2 different configurations?

So here's the deal. I have 2 PLAY:5 (Gen 2) and have set it up in my living room in vertical orientation for listening to music, and have also connected the TV to one of the speaker using LINE-IN. The...

Sonos playlists lost during glitch with Apple Music membership

I recently had a glitch with my Apple Music membership when my card got cloned and I had to wait a week for a new card to be issued. This coincided with my direct debit being presented with my old car...

Airport time capsule

I have an airport time capsule that I use as storage for my music library. I have just recently moved and am setting up a system that has worked before but that I can't get to work again. I am NOT ver...

Spotify Direct and erratic volume

I love the Spotify Direct feature, but one gripe. When I use Spotify Direct to start playing a song to Sonos, and attempt to adjust my Sonos system volume via either the Spotify app or Sonos app, I...

Spotify wont play, just skip

When trying to play on my 2 sonos (or 1) from the Spotify app, it just skips straight to the next song, without playing anyghing. Then pauses. When I hit play again it does the same thing. Skips to ne...

Can I Or Should I Connect My AVR to Sonos 5.1? It's Complicated....

Looking at options to get rid of all my 5.1 speaker wires. I have an Onkyo TX-NR709 AVR running to 5.1 surround speakers an LG 55EC930V Oled TV, with inputs from a Bluray Player and a Freesat box (plu...

SONOS Connect: amp - Subwoofer

Best regards. As you know in SONOS connect: amp, when the subwoofer is connected automatically a kind of filter is activated adjusting the sound in the speakers, reducing the bass and increasing th...

Sonos and Amazon Echo wireless integration

When is this update due to be available?

Who's fault is it that we can't stream anything from our macbooks to our sonos speakers?

There are thousands of people upset about this. Obviously, The Sonos speakers are only doing half their job if we have to get additional speakers to play the audio from anything we stream. It is a pr...

New Multi-Room Setup

I am in the middle of building out a large basement and am at a stage where I need to start wiring speakers. I have no prior experience setting up AV systems, especially the multi-room setup that I am...


I use sonos at my martial arts club to play music during fitness classes etc.. the issue is the router sonos is connected to doesn't have internet connection and when I go on my iPod/iPhone to use t...

4K Bluray player

Can anyone recommend a 4K Bluray player, with HDR, that will pass 5.1 properly? The player would use hdmi to my LG OLED B6, which is running optical out to my Sonos Plabyar 5.1 setup. Everything else...

Sonos Controller App--turn off confirmation questions, please

Turn off the "Are you sure..." notifications when clearing the queue, updating library, etc. Can this be added to future releases?

Play 5 grill

Just quick, how do I safely remove this? It's proper stuck in. A drink was spilled next to it, and I just want to make sure the spillage hasn't done anything too serious...

Adding wireless polk audio speakers to existing system?

What is best way to add (4 rooms) wireless polk audio speakers (or similar) to existing system? We have several P5 with bridge and love the ability to control separate volumes/music from the app. It...

Harmony Ultimate Remote issue with Playbase

I have the Harmony Ultimate remote that I'm using with my Sonos Playbase which for the most-part works really great! The issue I'm having is when the TV is first turned on there is a delay of several...

Sonos not connecting to Verizon Fios

Hello All I have a Play 1 that i have connected before at another location. I am connecting it now at my home. I have the SONOS directly connected to the LAN line/Router, and am attempting to update...

Cannot connect my sonos play 5 1st. gen

Hey there, I have a problem. I cannot connect my sonos on my Sonos app on my iPhone and on my mac computer. This is kind of strange, because my other Sonos devices: Playbar, play 3, play 1, are connec...


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