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Sonos Control on Android TV box needs better remote interaction

Many media apps work great on Android TV box using the handheld remote...moving from screen to screen, field to field and selecting with the typical navigation buttons. Though I just gave it a quick t...

Remote control

Just purchased the playbar and sub. I noticed from my tv there is no on and off for tv speaker. What i did is lower the volume of tv to zero and product works great. My question is there any way i can...

Dedicated remote question...

Hi there. I just ordered multiple Sonos speakers to (finally!) set up the house with a unified wireless speaker set-up. Very excited at the prospect of being able to stream the same music to multipl...

Sonos Playbar With Play:1 using a Samsung Remote

Hi Everyone, I have a question. I recently hooked up my Sonos Playbar to my Play:1 connected to my Samsung 8000 Series TV. My problem is this. When I connect my Samsung Universal Remote to my Playbar...

Volume Adjustment - continuous, smooth vs. stepped, multiple button presses

Greetings - just setup my new Playbase last night and all is well except for one issue. The volume adjustment from my remote requires me to push the up or down button on my remote for every change of...

Playbar stopped working with IR remotes

I've had a Playbar for the past 18 months, with the volume controlled by my Virgin Media Tivo remote. On Sunday the remote control stopped controlling the volume on the playbar, but works fine with th...

How do I connect my magic remote for LG OLED 55B7V to Sonos Playbar?

Hi, I have connected sonos and it works from the app for music easily, I have tried setting the magic remote but it won’t see the signal from the controller. I’ve changed the Simplink to off, set audi...

TV Remote Control

All I would like to do is add a record control to change volume.

Upgraded to 8.0, Samsung remote quit working

I upgraded to 8.0 today and I must say I like the improvements. Unfortunately my Samsung remote quit controlling the volume after the update completed. I went back through the steps to configure the...


HELP! I can no longer control the volume or mute button with my Comcast remote unless I'm standing 5 inches away from the Playbar.

Streaming from remote NAS

Hi Recently started using SONOS, and am streaming from my music library on my QNAP NAS. Very impressed with the system, so considering getting my parents some SONOS kit - but would like to know if I w...

sound bar does not respond to ir

I just configured the sound bar to work w/ a new remote. It worked fine at first, but now it does not respond at all. No indicator light or response. I tried to re-configure, but it can't recognize...

Samsung TV Remote Control Programming Issue (Playbar)

First off, this is NOT regarding the Samsung One Remote. This remote is usually referred to as the "Samsung Smart TV Remote" and has a curved back. The part number is BN59-01220E and comes with any...

LG Magic Remote

I can't connect LG magic remote control model 55LA****, any idea on how to fix this, I don't have the normal remote. thanks

Beam + Apple TV Remote

Hello! How can I use my Apple TV remote to control the volume? Thanks!

TV remote control entire group of speakers

Please fix this! We have a Playbar by the tv and a few other Sonos speakers grouped and placed around our living room. DISH TV remote volume control only works with Playbar. It is very frustrating to...

One button groups

My kitchen and family room are adjacent, and I'd like to be able to use a remote control to toggle the kitchen audio between my favorite tunes/radio station and the TV audio. I have a Playbar for the...

Sonos Volume Increases Regardless of Remote Button Used

I just installed the newest SONOS updates onto my device (iPhone) and now the volume increases - Sony TV, PlayBase, Surround 1 and 2 - regardless of which button on the TV remote is pushed - channel...

Anyone make wireless remote control for volume?

I run some Devialet Phantoms and the Devialet wireless remote control is just wonderful - silky smooth, artistic object on the desk. Granted those are in a different price class and I don't expect So...

Remote quite controlling TV Volume

My logitech remote quit controlling the TV sound. Is it the update from yesterday? How do I fix?

Remote Garage

I have a garage 20meters from tbe house. It receives wired ethernet from the internet receiving router. The garage is getting a sauna and it would be great to have music. Is 20m far enough to hard...

Remotes stopped working with Playbar

Remotes not working with Playbar

Playbar: Learn ANY IR codes from any remote

Setup: Sonos Playbar, connected with ethernet cable to router and with optical cable to Apple TV, 2nd gen. Apple TV connected with HDMI cable to Philips TV 42PFL8404H/12 I want to be able to control...

Harmony Hub, Sonos and Dot

I have an Echo Dot, Harmony Hub and multiple Sonos boxes. My set is Tv on the wall, receiver, apple tv, dvd, cable box and sonos connect boxes in connected to receiver closet. My sonos connect boxes a...

Apple 5th Gen TV and Sonos

Got apple 4k. Trying to control sound only on Sonos with Apple 4k remote, it's controlling both my TV and Sonos at the same time. My TV does not have option to turn off TV speakers. Does anyone know h...


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