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Lost music library after update to High Sierra

I updated my Mac OS to High Sierra today, and now I cannot connect to my music library. Any suggestions?

Can't add music library - computer "not responding"

User seeking help. :-) Everything was working fine (and had been for over a year) until a couple of days ago, when I returned from a two-week vacation, during which my computer and Sonos player had b...

Computer refuses to let Sonos connect to it

Sonos has worked fine for > one year. Suddenly I lost my Sonos music library and cannot index it. I get the error message that "computer name will not let Sonos connect to it. I have checked sharing s...

Where to store my Music Library?

I feel like this should be addressed somewhere on the Community boards, but I couldn't find any specific answers to this question. I have a large digital music collection much of which is not availab...

Baffling problem with Sonos Music Library

My Sonos Music Library shows music from folders not specified in my preferences. In preferences, a single library is listed for the music I want accessible via Sonos. The path is /Volumes/Drive2/Music...

Latest update cut off access to my music library

Diagnostic 7932866 The latest update will not access my local music library stored on a hard drive connected to my mac. This has been working fine all throughout the latest Beta testing, however onc...

Controller can't find server for iTunes Library - won't play songs

Sonos can't find server to play my itunes library songs. Firewall off, running Sierra 10.12.6 Was working fine until this afternoon. Tunein and other sources play fine. Last mac update was 9 November....

Cannot Add Music Library

Hi, Recently one of my networks machines died and contained my mainmusic library as it was always on. It was on raid so no big issue as I recovered all the music. Since then I am using a Windows 10...

Can a music folder be selected in Sonos library?

In the Music Library Settings if I add a second music folder I am unable to play from it unless I remove the first one, close the Sonos app and re-index the new folder. Is there any way to not remove...

Music Library Set up

Hope you can help. I am setting up my music libraries from my Windows PC (running Windows 10) My music is linked to iTunes. I have on my desktop two user accounts, each with its own music library....

Unable to access music from QNAP NAS

Every time I try and access my QNAP NAS from SONOS I cannot. It can see the music, all the albums are there, but when I select an album, when it opens all the tracks are greyed out and if I trt the pl...

Unable to find song

Why won’t Sonos play a song in my library but can be played on my device.

Can Sonos Play:1 ignore a library?

I have a music library added from my laptop. My wife has her music library added from her laptop. The two libraries are treated as one big library in the Sonos app. This is generally OK, but if I'm l...

NAS recommendation - USB, ethernet, etc.

I'm moving from a dedicated PC to a NAS for holding my files. I've seen that historically folks like the WD My Book models for a stand alone NAS. Is that still the case? Is there a reason to prefer et...

Moving music library to NAS connected to router - music not indexing

Moving the music library from a Windows desktop to a standalone external hard drive (WD MyBook 4TB) that is connected via USB to the back of our Nighthawk R7 router. This router has been flashed with...

Android library

Music library set up on Android

Sonos looses sight of music folders on computer

I'm using my computer as my controller. My sonos looses sight of my music folders when I close Sonos and leave it closed for more than a day.. So when I open it I have to go into my music library set...

Why do I get my sons music library via the iPhone SONOS APP?

On iPhone, I enter SONOS APP, enter Spotify, BROWSE / Your music, only to get my sons Spotify playlists, songs and albums. He has his own account, so how do I log out of his permanently, and access my...

Mac with software OSx 10.7.5 - how to play any sound from my mac on the speakers?

Hi, I juste received sonos speakers and my mac has version OSx 10.7.5. It is a too old version to download the tools to play my music on my new speakers. What should I do to play, my music or any soun...

Ma musique ailleurs

Comment puis-je utiliser ma musique (liste de lecture, ma iMusic, ma bibliothèque) quand je vais chez des amis qui ont des appareils SONOS? J'ai beau me connecter sur leurs réseau mais je n'ai accès s...

Artist dropped from index

My system is working fine, but seems to have dropped an artist and the two records of his that I own. These are Purchased AAC audio files. I checked the iTunes file path (/Users/don/Music/iTunes/iTune...

WD My Cloud Home

I'm trying to set up a Western Digital My Cloud NAS to share music on Sonos. I'm using an Airport Extreme named Airport, the NAS drive is named Cole, and the file is Music. I've tried \\Airport\Cole\...

Error loading/playing tracks

Hi, I am receiving the message "Error occurred while adding tracks to the queue (1002)" and "Unable to connect to Paul-Pc/Music" These errors appears to have happened since loading the last Sonos sof...

Playing music from my itunes library on my HP laptop

Can I play music from my iTunes library on my HP laptop on my Sonos One?

Troubleshoot adding my iTunes library

I have cannot seem to get my iTunes library to add to my Sonos desktop app. I go through the process, it says it successfully adds "Music 2", it indexes for a while and then i get a notification that...


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