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Lost music library after update to High Sierra

I updated my Mac OS to High Sierra today, and now I cannot connect to my music library. Any suggestions?

Unable to access music from QNAP NAS

Every time I try and access my QNAP NAS from SONOS I cannot. It can see the music, all the albums are there, but when I select an album, when it opens all the tracks are greyed out and if I trt the pl...

Wake my NAS.

My main music library resides on a WDC MyCloud (PR2100). I have selected to configure the Energy Savings setting with Drive Sleep set to on. I do this since a vast majority of my listening using Sonos...

Certain FLAC files not playing

I listen to most of my music (FLAC format) using a Synology DiskStation as my music library. I've converted HUNDREDs of CDs to FLAC files, and to date haven't had a problem listening to any of them. R...

Moving music library to NAS connected to router - music not indexing

Moving the music library from a Windows desktop to a standalone external hard drive (WD MyBook 4TB) that is connected via USB to the back of our Nighthawk R7 router. This router has been flashed with...

NAS recommendation - USB, ethernet, etc.

I'm moving from a dedicated PC to a NAS for holding my files. I've seen that historically folks like the WD My Book models for a stand alone NAS. Is that still the case? Is there a reason to prefer et...

Android library

Music library set up on Android

Bug: Library (network drive) not showing in android app. it does show in mac controller.

I cannot see the library on the mobile app anymore. it should be in the list with spotify and line input and other services. it was there before. I did see it this morning on the mobile app, i think t...

Forgot my NAS connected music library user name and password but sonos is still connected

Hi, i want to know if there is a way within Sonos to display the username and password for the nas connected music library? My NAS is connected to sonos via the router and working fine but i want to...

Can't upload music library to player

I just reset up my speaker after moving and uploaded the playlist but it gives me a 1002 error for all my songs. I have tried unplugging it, relaunching the app, adding a new system, etc and nothing w...

WD My Cloud Home

I'm trying to set up a Western Digital My Cloud NAS to share music on Sonos. I'm using an Airport Extreme named Airport, the NAS drive is named Cole, and the file is Music. I've tried \\Airport\Cole\...

//mac/iTunes no longer available.

Ugh....ever since the updates I have had nothing but problems with my Sonos. Now I can't manage my playlists. I keep getting the above message. Any ideas how to fix this, I've tried all the solutions...

Finding hard drive network path

I have an NAS drive and also a regular hard drive with a lot of iTunes music which is on my network via an iMac. How do I find the network paths to them?

Latest update cut off access to my music library

Diagnostic 7932866 The latest update will not access my local music library stored on a hard drive connected to my mac. This has been working fine all throughout the latest Beta testing, however onc...

Controller can't find server for iTunes Library - won't play songs

Sonos can't find server to play my itunes library songs. Firewall off, running Sierra 10.12.6 Was working fine until this afternoon. Tunein and other sources play fine. Last mac update was 9 November....

Unable to set Music Library. Any other way to stream my music directly?

When I choose my music library on internal or external disc, after all steps it shows "unable to find the computer". Is there any other way to stream directly my music to Sonos player?

Can't play from my Mac

I have been using my Sonos successfully for 9 months. Now I can't play music from my macbook. Two issues. First the Play 3 forgets where my music is. The folder disappears from the window. Second, w...

Sonos one play Local Library

When if ever can Alexa communicate with our music library ?.....what a disgrace.....

Can't connect to music library

Hey...sporadic, for a long time, connection to my music library on my Windows 10 desktop. Error msg 1002. Please help and thanks. Reinstalled the software and tried multiple paths. No joy...

Not playing from my Itunes music library

I have two Play 1 speakers set up to play in stereo. I have been using the radio for a long time without problems. The radio is still fine but when I try to play from my music library it appears on my...

Can't Add Music Library

Having issues connecting music library on a Lacie drive connected to Airport Extreme. Change names to less than 15 and no characters, did recommended changes on firewall, etc, etc. Get the message c...

Music Library recognized in 1 room and not the other

I can play my music library on my living room but not in the playroom. But, I can play pandora from both.

Sonos can't index. Music Library is too large

Is there a way too add some or change the place where the index is stored? I have lots of space on y PC or NAS for index space. I'm using the Sonos controller for PC (Windows 10) I have over 100k o...

Sonos not updating my google play music library

I was looking through my music library and realized that not only did sonos not pick up a few of the recent live Phish downloads ( it picked up 1/6), but none of the live baits were picked up and non...

Sonos Music Library Song Limit, iPhone&iTunes, AIFF file playback

I have a rather large music library on a RAID that my Sonos connects. Because of the size of the library, Sonos cannot index but a small portion of it. Sonos has chosen to limit the number of songs a...


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