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moving music from microsoft groove

i have got all my own music stored in microsoft groove, i have just got a new ipad / i installed the sonos app and i can not play my music from the groove. do i need to transfer for my music to the i...

Sonos and Groove Problems

Please note I am posting exactly the same message both here and at Microsoft as I am not sure who can help. Thanks. I used to have Spotify Premium but switched to Groove once I saw that support for S...

Groove Music - "Unable to browse music" on iPhone Sonos app

The Sonos app on my iPhone says "Unable to browse music" whenever I try to open my Groove Music playlists & collection. I can see everything fine through the Windows PC app, and have also tried re-add...

Restoring Groove Music as Music Service

Sonos dropped Groove Music as a music service when Microsoft discontinued their pay-for music streaming service. Groove, however, also provided a very valuable feature in that it provided seamless rem...

Sonos desktop program shows Groove "Recommended for You" not "New Music"

Hi, it appears that under the heading "New Music" the Sonos program for MS Groove actually shows "Recommended for you". Is there a way to actually display "New music"? hinten1

Groove support stopped working

Groove support stopped working and the service can no longer be added. There is an error stating it cannot authorize my account.

Can't authenticate Groove Music

As of a few days ago, Sonos gave me the message to Reauthorize my Groove Music account when I tried getting into my Music Collection. When I click on authorize and get linked to the Groove Music authe...

How can we stream our music stored on Onedrive now that Groove Service is discontinued ?

I've stored all my personal music on OneDrive (more than 20K songs i.e. about 100Gb). I use to play this music using Groove and it worked perfectly. Also it has been very easy to stream the music dire...

Personal music on Sonos by Onedrive and Groove

It was for me not possible to play my own favorit music on my Sonos without a paid musicservice Not I made that by organisate my music by Onedrive and Groove. Select my music on my computer (Windows 1...

Groove City stopped playing on Tunein Radio

Groove city radi oi has stopped working on tunein radio. Plays ok in the tunein app, just doesn't work through sonos and tunein. Diagnostic code 525315252

Streaming Your Music Collection to Sonos

Many of the streaming services supported by Sonos allow you to upload your personal music files and stream them via the Internet. While Sonos has always been able to play your local collection from a...


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