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iTunes Library sub folders

Hi All, Have had my sonos system for a while, and have quite happily been using online music services, and have neglected my local music files i have ripped from my ancient CD collection. I have fol...


Once music folders have been removed, is there any way to restore them?

Sonos doesn't recognize playlist folders in Spotify

And that fact is plainly stated in the help section. I'm just wondering why this isn't available. Example: I have a bunch of Christmas playlists and have them in a Christmas folder. I don't want to...

Sonos won't show songs purchased from iTunes (non protected)

I have had Sonos for years, and used it with iTunes for years (stored in my music folder, on a Mac). I have checked that my Sharing name is shorter than 15 characters, and the Netbios name matches. SM...

Exclude folders from indexing

Hi Sons-Experts, I was wondering if I can exclude folders from indexing (prevenet Sonos from indexing them) and still play them via the folder view? Folders are on a NAS. Thank you very much! Fuson

Playing folders on computer's hard drive?

I now select and play my music by album, which corresponds with a folder on my hard drive. (Divided into genre/artist folders spread over a few drives.) The folder names have version information which...

Music folders not added to My music after IOS update to Hi Sierra and latest SONOS updates

When I tried to reload my music library to the system (because after the updates the system showed that could not access the folders in the computer), the SONOS messages stated that is OK and could ta...

use harddrive from old computer, playlists cant find directory

I have just bought a new laptop and installed sonos, I have all my music on a external hardrive which I have plugged into the new laptop and found the music, however the old playlist I have developed...

Spotify folders gone in iOS v5.4 and v5.5

In the last 2 releases of both the Mac and iOS Controller app (version 5.4 and 5.5), Spotify folders have been removed. Which is beyond baffling. I've submitted feedback and diagnostics through Sono...

Trouble in paradise

Hi Two problems: I reinstalled Sonos 24 hours ago and updated the music library. It has still not recognised all of the songs in my library. How can I tell if it has finished updating? When I click...


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