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Feature Request: Frisky Integration

Hi Sonos, How about adding a service integration to Frisky Radio's platform so we can playback specific DJ sets? At the moment the only way to access the service directly on Sonos is through radio sta...

Feature Request: MP2 Audio codec support

This might be a bit of a niche one but I figured it might be worth asking! Basically, we have a couple of Play:3s and a Play:1 in our house. All brilliant except for one thing that I’d love to be abl...

Feature request: iOS share sheet support

Please update the Sonos Controller on iOS to accept “Share Song” from Apple Music to send tracks, albums, or playlists directly to the controller without the need to switch to AirPlay2.

Feature Request: Sonos Controller for Apple TV 4(K)

We have a home setup with several rooms. Our living room is the center to our home with a surround system centered around playbar. With the TV/playbar and Apple TV 4K almost always on it would be conv...

Albums sorted by artist first, then by album name

I think it would be great to display the albums sorted first by artist, then by album name (e.g. the music app on iPhone does that). I know I can see the albums by artists, but that requires an extra...

Feature Request: IR Blaster and Device Control for Connect

I like the idea of the Connect, so I can add Sonos functionality to my existing Surround Sound system... But it seems rather expensive for what you actually get from it. Why doesn't the connect featu...

For Podcasts Specifically: Quickly reverse the sorting of the queue

The issue I'm making this feature request to address is that, with Google Play Music, if I navigate to a podcast and want to listen to all the available episodes, and so I double-click the podcast to...

Single page experience for volume, EQ & Advanced Audio controls

I'm constantly tweaking my EQ, Surround and Sub levels based on what I'm watching or listening to. I really just want these sliders all on the same page instead of drilling into the Advanced audio men...

Feature Request: Storable Trueplay Tuning Profiles

Hi everyone, Hi Sonos, I've recently purchased my first Sonos speaker, a Sonos One, and I'm very happy with it! The way I use it is very mobile: I bring it with me from a desk space in the living roo...

Genius playback using music stored on NAS

Recently purchased some sonos speakers, awesome sound. Only thing I miss when using sonos is the functionality of genius playlists that I used to use through itunes. I've got a McMassive music librar...

Lower the volume for loud TV commercials

The volume is always louder for television commercials and it's annoying when I'm watching something with infrequent bass and then there is a commercial with a lot of perpetual bass. Can Sonos create...

Let us have different "Scenes" or whatever with the same Speakers

I have 2 Sonos One's and a Beam in my Bedroom. While I have it in Surround Sound mode for watching TV in the Bedroom, we also listen to Audiobooks at night and while I prefer it louder, wifey prefers...

Feature Request: L-PCM support via the HDMI input for Beam

Seeing as the Beam has an HDMI input, I'd like to request adding support for 5.1ch L-PCM. If you could please add support for this, it would warrant an instant buy for me, as I am among the 20+ millio...


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