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Playlist location

Feature Request It would be great if you could see the 'play list' name on the controller. In the office you sometimes hear a few songs and think that you'd like to know which play list so you can ad...

Password protection for zones/ rooms

Hi! I have play 1s and a play 5 setup over 4 rooms. My 3 yr old keeps fiddling with my phone and starts playing music in one room or the other at odd hours. Is it possible to password protect each r...

Google home, which Sonos?

I know that sonos havent officially released that the Sonos will work with Google home wirelessly yet but on the assumption that the update will be released in 2018 will all the sonos speakers be able...

Feature Request - Presets for favourites

I believe the one big feature missing from the Sonos remote apps now is the addition of say half a dozen buttons for instant access to "Favourite" actions. For example to instantly play "BBC Radio 4"...

Is it possible to get Libby to work on Sonos?

So I have the app Libby that I use a lot of audiobooks. Is there a way to get it to work on my Sonos? I hate that I have to use headphones to listen to audiobooks when I have 3 speakers around the hou...

How can I add my sonos products without using two buttons?

I want to add a new connect amp to my current system. As I understand, I can't add new product without sonos account. I have some problems with adding, because some devices hidden in walls. Can I add...

iTunes match support PLEASE!!!

Sonos, PLEASE add iTunes match support to Sonos. I have 25,000 songs uploaded into the Apple Cloud, and I am NOT in the mood to have to re-upload them somewhere else, or stream them from my computer...

Feature request - EQ Settings at top level

I'd love to have the EQ settings at the top level when playing music. Example use - I have a connect amp and have four ceilings speakers connected to amp. One room on left channel and one room on the...

A bit more music info in the app?

Don't get me wrong, I love my sonos system and the app. However ... the app is a bit minimal. A couple of options i'd like are 1) A band has 10 albums on your system.. Which was their first one?...

Play:1 no access to line in or audio apps

I bought my Sonos play:1 at Christmas time because the guy at the store said it was the best one but I can’t play any app that has audio through it, such as library borrowing audiobook apps or meditat...

Feature Request - Audio for Video

I like my SONOS a lot but it's lacking an important feature which I know has put off many of my friends investing in the system. I would like to be able to stream any sounds from my computer or phone...


Living in the Midwest in the sticks... We are always having severe weather. It would be great if Sonos could offer the feature to turn on or turn off weather alerts of certain types and for specific...


Another one for Headspace or Calm mediation app through Sonos

Request for functionality

It would be really helpful if the option to toggle Speech Enhancement could be made available as a command for Alexa, and as an option on the Harmony Hub. Is there any chance of this functionality bei...

Sonos watch app

Yes it would be great if Sonos developed a Apple Watch app! WE invest in the sonos product and should have the best up to date compatibility with our devices! Come on sonos don't let us down!

Plans to support Cortana?

Given that Google Assistant is coming, I was wondering if supporting Cortana on the One is on the books?

Google home

Hi, I have a Google home speaker and a Sonos play 1. I want to be able to play the same music through both speakers the same time, is this or will this be possible??

Access Sonos Through Siri

I live within the Apple ecosystem. I don't want to go down the Amazon or the Google road because I already use Siri and Apple Music on everything but my Sonos system and would like to access Apple Mu...

Password to avoid guests changing music

Hi Let's say i'm having a party, and my Sonos is playing the music. Many of my guests are friends that earlier has gotten access to my WiFi. During the party, these guests could download Sonos Control...

Music Controls - Stop After Current

Coming from Winamp, I have to say there are a few small things that I find make a big difference in the control of my music. The one I'd like to mention here is "Stop after current" which does exactly...

Echo Spot - Picture and title on screen when playing music with Sonos

Hello ! Is there a possibility that one day, in Wifi, an illustration of the album and the title of the song are on the screen of the Echo spot when we listen to the music with Sonos ? Thanks in advan...


This may be totally ridiculous, but wouldn't it be great to use something like Cortana to help control SONOS? It's available for all the mobile OSs (including Windows 10 mobile by the way - which we...

Karaoke in SONOS app

Hi all, What if you were the artist in Spotify and on the Sonos speakers, now this could be your moment; Karaoke on Sonos. Imagine the fun you have with Sonos and when you could sing into the speaker...

AirPlay 2 request

I understand that SonosNet is allegedly superior to Wi-Fi/AirPlay for streaming.. but I hope Sonos re-considers the decision to not implement AirPlay. Now with AirPlay 2 supporting HomeKit integratio...

Family Credentials

Ok I'm sure this may have been asked but maybe it is more of a features request thing. We have a number of Sonos devices in the house and as you can imagine when you have kids they like to change the...


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