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Unable to connect to Deezer

Hi. After responding to the prompt to update my Sonos system, all went well until I tried to restart a Deezer playlist. Every device using Sonos was then unable to connect to Deezer. Any advice?

Sonos not connecting to Deezer??

I'm not able to play my Deezer music services through Sonos this morning - help!

Alexa and Sonos

I realise this is a beta release and that Sonos would obviously ensure Amazon music works first but having waited a year to find out I can’t use Deezer with Alexa is disappointing. Whilst I have an am...

Not connecting to Deezer

Suddenly my Sonos has decided not to connect to Deezer. Deezer works fine with my Bose and phone and I’m able to pick up radio stations with Sonos. Swtitched off WiFi etc but no joy. Help!

unable to add deezer account

when going to add music services, deezer doesn't appear in the list hence i'm unable to add my account how can i fix that?

Unable to browse music

When I try to play certain albums using deezer I get the message "unable to browse music ". I'm not having this problem with all albums just a few. Yet I can play the albums ok on deezer. Won't play...

Deezer in Sonos

Hi, I'm Fernando, I'm new in the forum, however I have Sonos equipment a long time ago. I bought them with the aim of listening to music by Deezer. I think the audio is fantastic, but often the music...

2 problems : impossible to access to Deezer + impossible to setup my play 5 - 1 with wifi

Dear all, Everything is in the object ... I tried during hours but I cannot do anything. Can you please help me ? Thank you

Deezer Elite - how to access?

Hi - just got 6 months of Deezer Premium + . Set it up on sonos as a service, works fine but its no Elite (FLAC) - how do I upgrade it, can figure this out? Thanks Ravi

Deezer 'I like' button is there, but no "I don't like" button

Hi all, The twin Sonos Play 1 set was probably my best choice ever to enjoying music very quietly on the background, while still hearing loudness/bass. I have a subscription to Deezer and I'm very gl...

Switch Deezer profile in App

How do I switch my Deezer profile in the Sonos app? We have a family plan with deezer and my wife wants to be able to listen to her music. I am the primary account and all we can access is my music.

Deezer now in Alexa app

Coming to Sonos soon? While Deezer just showed up as a music source in the Alexa app, the skill is showing geographic restrictions here in the US. Odd, since it’s available in US English. Perhaps it...

Sonos Deezer and Dot

I used a 50% off voucher to buy a Dot. Wish I had read more about it first. I use the Deezer service through Sonos. It isn't supported by Dot so I although I can get Alexa to play music I have no idea...

Deezer forum, community?

I'm a few days into my Deezer Elite subscription and I'm pretty pleased, and I also have a bunch of questions. There's very little on the web about Deezer, the FAQs on company's website are pretty spa...

"Unable to connect to Deezer" after upgrade

Hi, Upgraded Sonos Controller for Mac to 8.1.1 and after that I am not able to connect to Deezer from any devices. Checked - working fine, only through Sonos it's a problem. Tried deletin...

deezer premium full integration

As of just now it seems, deezer premium finally has full integration in sonos. Add to deezer playlists, add to favourites, favourite heart icon on now playing screen, flow, hear this, library much eas...


Deezer seems to have frozen and I can't access my music list. Is there a reason for this?

music services supported

Is Deezer going to be supported any time soon?

Deezer Premium+ but no FLAC!?!

I signed up with Deezer Premium+ last night. My account shows HiFi enabled. But everything I play from Deezer through my Sonos (wireless setup) still plays mp3 format. What is wrong. Should the file...

What are My MP3s?

Can someone explain what the 'My MP3s' button on my Sonos app is for. How do I populate it with music?

Not connecting to deezer

Not connecting to deezer in 2nd system I have two homes and recently set up Sonos in my second home - now can’t connect to old home original - despite being reassured this would be facilitated automa...

Can't connect to Deezer since the 8.4 update

My Sonos play 1's are not able to connect to Deezer since the 8.4 update. The system was working absolutely fine this morning. It wasn't until after I applied the update that the issue connecting to D...

Deezer Playlist Filtering

Hi When I view a Deezer playlist (one i have created) there is no option to change the order of the playlist before I add it to a queue. For example when I open the actual IOS deezer app on my phone...

Deezer is now encoding at 96khz

It seems that Deezer has begun encoding some new releases at 96000hz, which of course makes them unplayable on my Sonos system. The two albums that I have encountered this problem with are Ryan Adams...

Deezer connection timeout

Can search via Sonos app on both iPad and android phone, but as soon as i stream, no music and "connection to deezer lost" Diagnostic # 7461079.


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