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Alexa and Sonos

I realise this is a beta release and that Sonos would obviously ensure Amazon music works first but having waited a year to find out I can’t use Deezer with Alexa is disappointing. Whilst I have an am...

Sonos not connecting to Deezer??

I'm not able to play my Deezer music services through Sonos this morning - help!

unable to add deezer account

when going to add music services, deezer doesn't appear in the list hence i'm unable to add my account how can i fix that?

2 problems : impossible to access to Deezer + impossible to setup my play 5 - 1 with wifi

Dear all, Everything is in the object ... I tried during hours but I cannot do anything. Can you please help me ? Thank you

Deezer Elite - how to access?

Hi - just got 6 months of Deezer Premium + . Set it up on sonos as a service, works fine but its no Elite (FLAC) - how do I upgrade it, can figure this out? Thanks Ravi

"Unable to connect to Deezer" after upgrade

Hi, Upgraded Sonos Controller for Mac to 8.1.1 and after that I am not able to connect to Deezer from any devices. Checked - working fine, only through Sonos it's a problem. Tried deletin...

Sonos Deezer and Dot

I used a 50% off voucher to buy a Dot. Wish I had read more about it first. I use the Deezer service through Sonos. It isn't supported by Dot so I although I can get Alexa to play music I have no idea...

Deezer forum, community?

I'm a few days into my Deezer Elite subscription and I'm pretty pleased, and I also have a bunch of questions. There's very little on the web about Deezer, the FAQs on company's website are pretty spa...

music services supported

Is Deezer going to be supported any time soon?

Deezer Family profile change

It appears you can only use the master account on a Deezer family package so you can't switch between profiles to listen to another persons music/playlists. Anyone know a way around this or know if...

Deezer display order of the favourite traks

Hello. When we enter in the Deezer service at the our favourite tracks, we can see the track always with the oldest track first. The player also is playing the tracks always ascendent oldest first. W...

Deezer Premium+ but no FLAC!?!

I signed up with Deezer Premium+ last night. My account shows HiFi enabled. But everything I play from Deezer through my Sonos (wireless setup) still plays mp3 format. What is wrong. Should the file...

What are My MP3s?

Can someone explain what the 'My MP3s' button on my Sonos app is for. How do I populate it with music?

Sonos / Alexa dot query.

Hi there, please can anyone help, it’s probably very basic for some but would really help me out. I have three Sonos speakers around the house, one being the Sonos play 5 (gen 2) in the living room, I...

Deezer vs Spotify, which to choose?.

Hello all, I've got my Playbar, Sub and Play1's and to be honest I've been using it more for music than the TV which I didn't expect when buying this kit!. I'm thinking of going for a music provider,...

Sonos via Deezer

Hi. I see you can access Sonos through Spotify. Will this happen with Deezer ? As I Cannot access all the Deezer “mixes”. Thank you

Controlling Sonos from Deezer app

Hi! Does anybody knows if it's possible to control Sonos from the Deezer app?

deezer elite or spotify?

We have paired Play 3's, a Play 5, and a Connect Amp I have a subscription to Deezer Elite [£20pm on-going]; am an Amazon Prime member anyway, and am currently trialling the three months of Spotify P...

Deezer - music drops and moves to next tune

I'm a Deezer Elite customer and having terrible issues using Deezer with Sonos. The music consistently drops and moves to the next tune. I have tried removing and re-adding the Deezer account within...

Temp blocked - Deezer

Hello, I have just encountered a problem with my Sonos. It has came up saying 'Your play count was unusually high during the last hour. For security reasons listening will be temporarily blocked'. How...

Sonos, Alexa and Deezer

I am thinking of purchased an Amazon Alexa Dot (2nd Generation) after installing Sonos 8. I use Deezer though Sonos, therefore, does it working using Alexa. Reading and watching various items from Son...


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