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New Feature Request

Hi. Someone kwows if sonos plans to add scenarios definition in the App? I mean the possibility to define scenarios where easily group of rooms, source (e.g. play list) and volume for each room is al...

Sonos on iMac keeps freezing

Did the latest update on my iMac as well updating library. Every now and then it just stops a song before the end. When i look at screen everything is blank and protected. It then comes back to a diff...

control one Sonos 3 with multiple PCs? and more newbie questions

Is it possible to install the Sonos app on multiple computers so a single Sonos 3 unit can be controlled by either computer? When I tried, it seemed to mess up the functioning of the app on the first...

Homepod in Sonos App?

Will the Homepod show up in the Sonos App itself as a speaker to select? It didn't for me and I'm wondering if this is due to an error on my end?

Configuring the Sonos on wireless

I am not getting the Sonos network to show up on my phone Wi-Fi

sonos controller forgets play 1 speaker

I recently bought a second play1 speaker and after I connected it, the Sonos controller began forgetting either it or the original speaker. I have tried re-setting up the speakers separately numerous...

Multiple Users

My partner has downloaded the Sonos Controller to her phone to use our Sonos One. I already use the Sonos Controller on my phone. Whilst my partner can connect to my account, whenever she tried to pla...

Controller configuration

Hi - I have a six zone system in my apartment. All my music files are stored on a Windows 10 PC with the Windows controller application. However, before I got that PC set up with the controller, I use...

Controller for Android TV

Hi, this is just more (and more recent) requests to add support for AndroidTV with the Android controller... The main Sonos controller says not supported on my Sony Bravia 2016/2017 AndroidTV. From t...

TruePlay menu option missing from controller app

Running iPhone 6 on iOS 9.3.3 Sonos Controller app version 6.3.2 After updating the controller version recently, I lost the TruePlay option altogether - completely missing from the menu. I'm moving s...

Alexa won't play Sonos

I set it up, I say, "Alexa play sonos" response: "hmmm to do that, enable your sonos skill in your alexa app, after enabling skill just say Alexa discover devices" The skill is enabled and I say "Alex...

Update Error 30 for Play1 and Play3. Ok for Play5 and Connect

First time ever I got update error in many, many years of use. As far as I understand this is a SonoS side issue (or not on my side). Any information when this issue should be solved ? Thank you.

Mini controller

The idea about the mini controller is great, but it is still pretty bulky? Any chance to find an even smaller player without the album/station graphics taking up so much space? Quick access to Sonos w...

Anyway to go around Sonos Controller?

I'm the happy new owner of a Playbar, Sub, and two Play 1. Big user of Spotify and Apple Music, I can't bear the Sonos Controller: counter intuitive and sad. Is there anyway I can go around that? Usi...

Desktop Controller Cant Find System

Windows Desktop controller has suddenly stopped working and wont find any of the Sonos boxes. It is set up as a standard system with Play 1, 3, and 5. All android and apple devices can still find al...

Strange issue with Sonos Controllers.

OK so here goes with this weird problem I'm having regarding my Sonos controllers. First let me give background on my system and the little bit of troubleshooting I've already done...I'm really hoping...

New app version for Christmas.?

All I want for Christmas is to be able to operate my music system again. I just updated my app today, really hoping that I was going to see significant change, either back to the way the app was, or a...

Sonos Controller Android

I'm playing a song on the Playbar via the android-controller, but the main audio dashboard doesn't show any kind of next/previous/pause options, just the "TV" dashboard. I recently updated my wifi r...

Controller starts on unasked-for SONOS device

Android phone controller displays a SONOS device of its choice, not the last used, or most often used. Why? Can it be asked to startup a specific device?

sonos controller with other wifi locations

How can I use my sonos controller on other wifi systems

Can't Pair my laptop to Sonos zp80

I downloaded the desktop controller onto my mac and trying to pair it to an existing sonos system. When I choose "pair with existing" It tells my that the Sonos has paired successfully, however when I...

creation of groups in Alarm is needed.

Hi, i am very happy SONOS user, and I use it very often ! I am also a Beta user because I like to try the latest innovations and give feedback to help make this application the best in his kind...

Auto Open Mini Controller

It would be terrific if there was a setting that allowed me to Show Mini Controller by default. I organise my desktop in a very specific way and each time I start my PC I auto start the Sonos control...

Sonos Controller Issues

Since the last update, I have been having issues with the Sonos Controller. I am currently running on the latest software versions for both the device and Sonos platform for iPhone, iPad, and iMac. Th...

Operating speakers on the same network with 2 different phones

How can I add Play1 speakers that are on the same network, but already set up with a different phone and account?


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