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Sonos Connect not working

Hi, Sonos connect stopped working while listening via a Play 1. Connect is the only component connected to router. Checked Connect, front LED not lit. Green network activity light solid. Corresp...

2 connects?

I have 2 home theaters in my house and I currently have 1 Connect connected to one home theater. Can I purchase and install a 2nd Connect to be used with the 2nd home theater?

I have a BOOST and a PLAY:1 working but cannot add CONNECT

I was able to setup a Play1 and Boost but I cant setup the CONNECT. The screen before it says "We found 1 new player near you": CONNECT (plus serial number). So I go ahead and try to setup the pla...

Can I mount a connect (not connect:amp) upside down?

I'm limited on space and for a cable management, I need to mount the Connect upside down in my desk. Any concerns? I'll be using the 10 lbs, super heavy duty velcro. Does the connect get hot at all?...

using CONNECT to receive analog stereo audio from Blue-Ray Player

is it possible to configure CONNECT to receive analog stereo audio from Blue-Ray Player? I want to make sure before I buy it. It seems CONNECT is the only SONOS device, other than expensive PLAYBAR, t...

Sonos Input only component

I would like to see a Sonos input only component. Something like a Connect but without the outputs - hopefully a lot cheaper than a Connect. Preferably with multiple phono, TOSlink and HDMI audio in...

Brand New Connect Won't Connect please help!

Hi, I have a bridge in my home office where all my networking equipment is located. The bridge is connected via cat-5 to my router. I have a Play 5 in the kitchen working just fine for some time....

Can I use multiple Sonos Connects?

Currently have 1 Sonos Connect, connected to my surround processor. My question is can I use another one for a different component?

Connect setup

Totally new to Sonos, so I'm going to ask a daft question bear with me. I am trying to setup a projector in a playroom. I intended to send a wireless HDMI signal to the projector but I'm not sure how...

Connect (not Amp) with Third Party Powered Sub

Sorry if this has been asked a lot, but I couldn't find a question with just this situation. I want to buy a sub, as much as I would like the Sonos sub that's not happening anytime soon. My price rang...

Sonos Connect + Play:1's with Klipsch Soundbar?

Hey there! I have a Klipsch Soundbar (RSB-11) and have been wanting to get some Sonos speakers as well. Would it be possible to use a Sonos Connect on the soundbar, and have it work with 2 Play:1'...

Play1 Won't Connect

I have a new Play1 that I want to add to my existing set up of 4 Play1s and a Soundbar. When I connect the new Play1 to power in the room I want to use it, the white light comes on briefly and then go...

Is the ZP100 still worth buying?

I am looking to buy a used Connect or Connect:AMP type Sonos after being blown away by my recently purchased Play:1. I can get a used ZP100 for cheaper than a used ZP120 & ZP90 it seems, am I making a...

request for sonos to modify software to link connect amps

i have a multi zone sonos wired system. i have speakers on the patio and would like a bit more power out there. it would be great if sonos would update the software so u can "channel" the power of amp...

connect through Spotify ap

Spotify will not recognize my sonos speakers. I have a play 5 (gen 1), Play 3, and a Play 1. It will not find any of them but has no problem finding the Amazon Echo. I have my spotify account linked u...

TV-sound to CONNECT + PLAY:1

Hey, I've been trying to get my sound from the TV go to the Sonos system. I got: 2 x PLAY:1 1x Connect + existing soundsystem with amplifier with all sorts of sweet ports and stuff As pre S...

Best Way to Add a Headphone Amp to my System

Hi all. In my main system, I am running a Connect (old white ZP 90 I think) to my Marantz receiver which drives my speakers. I am looking to add a dedicated headphone amp to that system. If I were add...

Can't use Spotify connect with Bridge

I've been trying to use Spotify connect with my Sonos components and had no luck. I've had to remove my Bridge and setup my products wirelessly to get this to work. Should I be able to use Spotify Con...

Sonos Connect light won't stay on

Hi. I'm kind of a tech idiot. But I bought two Sonos through Magnolia at Best Buy, Geek Squad set them up for me. One is working perfectly, the other one just quit working one day, it won't turn on. T...

Running 6 Sonos connect on a network switch- stops working and everything on the switch hangs

I have 6 sonos connect devices on a Packedge SE18 network switch. They work fine for awhile, then sonos app stops working (iphone cannot connect) and everything else hanging on the switch stops worki...

can I connect my tv with connect ?

If I buy a sonos connect , can I also use it to play my tv through my sonos speakers?

TV 5.1 to connect ... new to sonos

Hey all, I am new to the Sonos community and just wanted to get some input on how to set up my home theater. I currently have a Samsung 4K TV sending surround to my home theater system via optical...

Connect AMP only playing to one speaker

Hi guys, so here's the deal. I bought some Bose speakers for my living room and the Connect AMP to play music and use as TV speakers. Apple Music works a charm. My TV outputs audio through optical, so...

In Ceiling Speakers, a good idea? How to?

I currently have 4 Play5's, 2 Play3's, and a Connect wired to a stereo receiver for an outdoor 2 speaker zone. I was thinking this would be a great time to install in-ceiling speakers since we are com...

Want to listen to TV in kitchen

Hello Everyone. I have a 55" Sony 55"w950b Yamaha YSP-1000 sound projector Tivo Roamio Ps3 I have audio and video for tivo connected to TV via hdmi and using the optical out from TV to go to m...


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