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Error Code 4 - Connect will not update

I have a SONOS Connect that we not update. When attempting, I continue to receive Error Code 4. System Diagnostic # Your confirmation number is: 7283846. I have reset every controller. Reset Wirel...

Connecting a turntable to existing Sonos Speaker network | Connect or ConnectAMP

I'm purchasing an Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable (with built in pre-amp). I have two Play 1's and a Play 3 -- and I want to be able to play to those speakers only (or any additional Sonos spea...

Not all speakers showing up in Spotify Connect

After running into some trouble with an update a few days ago I ended up factory resetting my Play:5 (house has 2x P:3, 1x Playbar at the TV, and 1x P:5 in the kitchen). The speaker issue was correcte...

Queue restarting when using Spotify Connect

I'm having trouble using Spotify Connect through both Mac and iPhone when connected to my Play 1. When playing songs in 'Your Music' or via a playlist, I double click on the song I want and it begins...

Cannot add CONNECTs and CONNECT AMPs to system after "Factory reset" of system

After internet provider decided to exchange the router, I began having issues with the SONOS system falling out (sound disappeared for a couple of seconds) and I decided to perform factory reset of ev...

Streaming Issues

Hi all, I have 5 Play:1 and one Connect which are distributed in my flat. The flat is really small, about 60sqm, there is one Play:1 in every room, in the living room there are two of them as ster...

Connect lost sound in the middle of song

Just sat around playing some music via Spotify to my Connect, and suddenly the sound were gone, but the track were seemingly still playing. There have been some instances with Spotify before, so I clo...

Audio Delay through Connect Amps.

When I play live DJ music through a seperate set of speakers via XLR and I also connect the Dj mixer output to a Sonos connect via RCA, which feeds into th Sonos network with 7 connect amps wired up t...

Cr100 wont connect

Hi, I have a Cr100 that I'm trying to add to my system and it won't connect to my system. I have a bridge directly attached to my router, with a Play 5, ZP90 and a Ipod dock using the sonos wireless...

Connect AMP with Polk Atrium Garden System

I am looking for reviews / feedback from those of you who have or are using the Polk Atrium sub 10 / sat 30 set with the connect amp. I realize the connect amp was not intended to be used with passiv...


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