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Error Code 4 - Connect will not update

I have a SONOS Connect that we not update. When attempting, I continue to receive Error Code 4. System Diagnostic # Your confirmation number is: 7283846. I have reset every controller. Reset Wirel...

using my TV as an output for my sonos connect

I have a Sonos Connect which I'm trying to connect to my Samsung tv UN55ES8000 to use the TV's speakers to play music from the Sonos Connect. I've found a lot of documentation on how to connect the TV...

Spotify Connect doesn't recognize all Sonos players, plays only one.

Spotify Android app recognizes only two out of three Sonos on the network and plays only one of them. On the Spotify App and on desktop, everything is fine.

Connecting a turntable to existing Sonos Speaker network | Connect or ConnectAMP

I'm purchasing an Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable (with built in pre-amp). I have two Play 1's and a Play 3 -- and I want to be able to play to those speakers only (or any additional Sonos spea...

Sonos Connect vs Connect AMP

so we currently have an a CD player which connects to a set of speakers using ONLY the audio out red/white cable All the speakers are wired to a central point (around 10 in total) with the 1 red/w...

Queue restarting when using Spotify Connect

I'm having trouble using Spotify Connect through both Mac and iPhone when connected to my Play 1. When playing songs in 'Your Music' or via a playlist, I double click on the song I want and it begins...

Connecting Soundbar to Samsung Q Series

Does anyone know how to connect the Soundbar with the Samsung Q Series remote control? I can control it thru my Samsung blueray player, but not thru my tv remote. Thanks in advance!

Not all speakers showing up in Spotify Connect

After running into some trouble with an update a few days ago I ended up factory resetting my Play:5 (house has 2x P:3, 1x Playbar at the TV, and 1x P:5 in the kitchen). The speaker issue was correcte...

ZP 90 Faulty Line in and out

HI, Anyone had this issue? I have a ZP90 Connect and its stopped working. When i use Line in there is a load of static and the music is really faint. Same when streaming music through the ZP90. The...

Connect Amp with Play 1

Hi all Currently we have a connect amp hooked up to in ceiling speaker system. it's a large room, and we feel the addition of another speaker would be beneficial. Might be a silly question,...

"Connect" device messing up with my setup

Hello, I've reset my system from scratch. It now works ok although I see all my devices in a Tertiary node. When I try to connect my last device, a Sonos Connect it pretty much takes the all syste...

iPhone won't connect after successful controller reset

I can no longer connect to the Sonos network with my iPhone. I was able to connect yesterday, I can still connect on my iPad, I'm on the same network with both devices. I've tried resetting the contro...

Cannot add CONNECTs and CONNECT AMPs to system after "Factory reset" of system

After internet provider decided to exchange the router, I began having issues with the SONOS system falling out (sound disappeared for a couple of seconds) and I decided to perform factory reset of ev...

Sonos Connect Amp drops out all the time. Going NUTS

I have a Connect AMP that keeps dropping out all the time and a Bridge, Serialnumber: 00-0E-58-66-18-D2:G, Version: 7.2 (utgave 35339010) And a Play 1: 00-0E-58-C2-8A-50:7 Version: 7.2 (utgave 35339...

Streaming Issues

Hi all, I have 5 Play:1 and one Connect which are distributed in my flat. The flat is really small, about 60sqm, there is one Play:1 in every room, in the living room there are two of them as ster...

On my wishlist: A modern Connect

I realize Connect is probably a bit oldschool since most younger people might not own traditional stereosystem but I personally believe it's time for an updated version of the Connect anyhow. I've...

Connect (Not Connect Amp) with local speakers out of sync with rest of Sonus network..

I have ready various posts about compressed/uncompressed usage of the Sonus and I think I have a different problem. The issue that I have is that I have a Connect (not Connect Amp) attached to my Son...

Spotify Connect broken shuffle

Hi all. I've just bought a Sonos Play 1 but I'm having issues with Spotify Connect. Whenever connected to the Sonos speaker using Spotify Connect, shuffle only plays songs from my latest 10 albums...

ZP80 Cuts in and out when played at low volumes.

ZP80 seems to cut out for several seconds at a time, and resumes output like nothing was wrong. I noticed that it only seems to happen when the volume on the ZP80 is set in the lower part (< ~20%)....

"Control Sonos from Spotify" not under "Settings"

The "Control Sonos from Spotify" menu option is not appearing under the "Settings" menu on the Sonos Android app as per the documentation. I'm trying to configure the Sonos to use Spotify Connect to...

Connect Amp with Kef Ci130QR ceiling speakers?

I’ve had a pair of Kef Ci130CR speakers running from a Connect Amp for a while now. They pair up brilliantly. I’d just added a pair of Kef Ci130QR speakers to a second Connect Amp, and it’s problem...

Connecting Amazon Echo Dot with Sonos Connect and playing back via Playbar TV setup

Hi there can anyone help me please? My whole house is full of Sonos speakers 🙂. In my playroom I have Sonos playbar, subwoofer and a couple of play ones so the full setup. I am getting an Amazon ec...

Vintage setup - naked end speaker wires

Hello friends. I have an old Sansui G-4500 Pure power Stereo Receiver (connected) to a Dual turntable and an AKAI cassette deck) and I am considering replacing the speakers with Sonos equipment. I bel...

What is tap setting and how to make it work with sonos connect amp?

i just purchased a Sonos Connect Amp to power a new JBL outdoor speaker (Control 88M). The speaker setup requires me to adjust the "tap setting" before powering on the system. Can someone please advis...

LG soundbar (NB3530A), CONNECT & 2x PLAY 3's -----> Sync issue

A friend of mine has just installed his Sonos system (2x PLAY 3 and 1x CONNECT - wifi connected, no BRIDGE or BOOST). The CONNECT is optically connected to the LG soundbar. When playing all devices in...


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