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Can I mount a connect (not connect:amp) upside down?

I'm limited on space and for a cable management, I need to mount the Connect upside down in my desk. Any concerns? I'll be using the 10 lbs, super heavy duty velcro. Does the connect get hot at all?...

I have a BOOST and a PLAY:1 working but cannot add CONNECT

I was able to setup a Play1 and Boost but I cant setup the CONNECT. The screen before it says "We found 1 new player near you": CONNECT (plus serial number). So I go ahead and try to setup the pla...

Apple Music: Some songs either won't play or skip after a few secs

I have both Apple Music and Spotify. For some reason Sonos keep skipping about half of my Apple Music songs after a few seconds or just doesn't want to play them entirely. And it is always the same so...

Persistent static from speakers connected to Connect

I've got a pair of JBL LSR305 powered monitors connected directly to the analog out on my Connect. No matter the source (Spotify, line-in, or stored music) or volume level there is a persistent static...

Play different radio stations at same time

I'm trying to work out if I have a fault or not. Play tunein radio fine but when I select 2 different stations on 2 different devices, my new sonos connect stops playing unless I group the devices and...

Connect AMP only playing to one speaker

Hi guys, so here's the deal. I bought some Bose speakers for my living room and the Connect AMP to play music and use as TV speakers. Apple Music works a charm. My TV outputs audio through optical, so...

Running 6 Sonos connect on a network switch- stops working and everything on the switch hangs

I have 6 sonos connect devices on a Packedge SE18 network switch. They work fine for awhile, then sonos app stops working (iphone cannot connect) and everything else hanging on the switch stops worki...

Spotify Connect - lost connection and unable to reconnect

Hi all, looking for a bit of help if possible please, Spotify Connect has been working perfectly until tonight, when I have been having some general PC issues and had to reinstall a few programs, i...

Connect - just keep disconnecting

I've tried it all: Reconfigured WIFI, connected via ethernet, via boost and via wireless. all my other SONOS components stream fine - 2 connect amps, one play 3 one play 5 - no issues. But this Connec...

Connect Play 5 to TV

I have my Play 5 connected to my TV via aux cable to RCA and then I pair two other Play 1's to this and it sounds great. It's no Playbar and Sub, but it's a start. I tried to hook this setup to two ot...

Trouble Adding Connect to Home Theater

I'm trying to use the Connect to create a home theater system. I have a receiver, center channel, and subwoofer from a previous home theater set up. I also have 2 Play:1s that I want to use as speaker...

Function of Amplifier with Sonos Connect Attached?

I have a pretty nice wired receiver but I need to move to a wireless setup. I'm thinking of buying the Sonos Connect to attach to that receiver/amplifier, but I'm wondering what the point of even hold...

COMPLETED: Planned Spotify Connect Service Maintenance - 16/01/17 1 p.m. CET

To ensure the quality of the Spotify music service, Spotify will perform maintenance Monday the 16th of January at 1 p.m. CET for approximately 60 minutes. The impact during the maintenance should be...

Geluid synchroniseren Connect en play 1

Goedenavond, Sinds vandaag heb ik mijn geluids systeem uitgebreid met een play1, deze speelt alleen helaas de muziek niet synchroon af met me bestaande geluidssysteem. Ik had al een connect om muzie...

Tv sound dropping out

Hi there, I have our TV going to the line in on a Connect. This is then linked to two Play1s setup as a stereo pair for stereo sound from the TV. The sound drops out intermittently though. It can be f...

Small Projector setup with Sonos

Hi, Wanted to confirm whether I understand the Connect amp right as looking to us it in a small projector set up. My plan is to use an Amazon fire tv box, then taking the hdmi output use a splitter t...

Connect Amp suddenly stopped working

I bought my Connect Amp in 2013 and this evening it just stopped working for no apparent reason. I'm assuming the shelf life is longer than 3 years on these products, please can you assist in troub...

Sonos Connect + Samsung KS8000: Optical input

Hi, I'm planning on buying a Connect so I can use it with my current turntable setup. It occurred me that I can get rid of my Samsung HW-K430 (soundbar + subwoofer) if I connect my TV (Samsung KS80...

Sonos Connect and my PC

Hello! I know it's possible to connect my PC to the Sonos Connect, and use my PC with my two Sonos Play 1's... However, is there a noticeable delay? I do know there is some sort of delay between...

Using a Connect and some speakers in the bathroom

I've just won a Connect (ZP90) on eBay and want to use it to add Sonos to my bathoom (6'5" x 5'9" , 1.96m x 1.75m). I don't have much experience with audio tech so just looking for some advice on w...

Cannot connect to any music sources

Hi, I appear to have a complete failure with my system. I have run the same set-up for years without any issues. Last week however it started stuttering on all sources. Tidal and my Music Library were...

Sonos Connect frequently cutting out

Diagnostic code: 7034867 Hey! I just bought a Sonos Connect to connect my phone and computer to my two Play 1's... However every now and then (quite often), they stop playing audio coming from...

Turntable + Phono Preamp + ZP90 (Connect) + Headphone Amp = Hum/Buzz

I'm hoping someone can provide a solution to this hum problem. I understand which component is causing the problem. It's the Headphone Amplifier. When I disconnect that (by unplugging it), the hum dis...

losing connection frequently

Hi, I have one connect and 2 play:1 speakers at home. Connect is wired to my switch (ethernet). Play:1 speakers are connected to connect through sonosnet. Today I frequently lose connection to my...

Spotify Connect loses connection to Play 1

I've bought my first Sonos Speaker today - a Play:1 Everything works great when controlling over the Sonos App but if I want to play my music over spotify connect it looses connection. Sometimes af...


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