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How to hook Sonos Connect with Denon AVR-3312

Hi, Just got a Sonos Connect, attempting to hook it with Denon AVR-3312, to play Sonos music to those speakers (Sonance) wired to Denon AVR. I ordered the digital optical audio cable and need some h...

Alexa not finding Sonos Connect

I have two Sonos Connect units. One is working dine with my Alexa echo dots. The other one Alexa always says is offline. I've tried restarting it and selecting discover devices in Alexa but no chan...

using CONNECT to receive analog stereo audio from Blue-Ray Player

is it possible to configure CONNECT to receive analog stereo audio from Blue-Ray Player? I want to make sure before I buy it. It seems CONNECT is the only SONOS device, other than expensive PLAYBAR, t...

Understanding Sonos Connect Potential/capability

After looking into a bit more, I have encountered a few shortcomings on Sonos and starting to seek alternative (as I have only one Sonos device for now). But as I read more about other systems, Sonos...

Making a Powered Speaker Wireless?

I want to install the Sonos Connect unit to a Electrovoice Powered Speaker and another Connect to a Mixer, and connect the PA system wirelessly. Has anyone tried this? if so please help!! Thanks

Bose Cinemate II - can I use Connect to add all 3 speakers (incl. sub) to Sonos?

Can I use Connect to use my Bose Cinemate II system speakers (includes 2 speakers and a sub)? I ask because the FAQs suggest it can only connect 2 speakers (and mine has... well 3 including the sub).

Sonos Connect not working

Hi, Sonos connect stopped working while listening via a Play 1. Connect is the only component connected to router. Checked Connect, front LED not lit. Green network activity light solid. Correspondi...

Spotify Connect issues on PLAY:3

Hi there im not that great with tech ive had sonos play 3 for a few months now and have been listening to spotify through it but since friday night i cant connect when pressing nearby devices am i bei...

Using Connect to setup existing sound bar to Sonos

I am looking at connecting my existing JBL (SB250) and JBL 3.1 (JBLBAR31BLKAM) sound bar to my exisitng Play 1's and Play 5. Does anyone know if these two models are capable? Also the SB250 will be ou...

2 connects?

I have 2 home theaters in my house and I currently have 1 Connect connected to one home theater. Can I purchase and install a 2nd Connect to be used with the 2nd home theater?

CONNECT doesn't play well with other Sonos components

My current Sonos system is comprised of (2) play5 (1) play3 and (1) sub. that system has worked very well for a couple of years. I am trying to connect my high-end stereo system to the sonos syst...

Amazon echo Dot and sonos Connect

I have hooked up my Sonos Connect to my Marantz Amp and all working great. I have just Connect a new Amazon Echo Dot to the Connect and all set up with the App fine, however, when using the Echo Dot,...

Play bar and connect help

Just bought a new house and they have installed speakers in the living ceiling and then there is a sonos connect in the storage cupboard. My question is, if I buy the sonos playbar, will it sync up w...

Connect White Light Going Out

My Connect has been working fine but it has recently dropped from my App. On investigation the white light was not on. I switched the unit off and then on again. The white light came on but only for a...

Analogue to sonos connect

I have just purchased a Sonos connect and a Sonos Boost to add to my two Play1 speakers. This was primarily to play our considerable collection of CD’s over Sonos. The WiFi is fine, but I am confused...

Sonos connect. Can’t access my music from my hard drive

I recently bought a née Netgear modem/router. I use a Seagate 1 EN2P@-500 2 terabyte hardrive. Since I switched it over, I can’t get my music to play. I switched out the cables, reset the modem/router...

Adding a turntable through Connect

I have just purchased a Reloop RP2000 turnable (with Pre Amp) and a Sonos Connect. I already have numerous Sonos speakers. I was told I can connect the turntable to my system through Connect as an inp...

I have a BOOST and a PLAY:1 working but cannot add CONNECT

I was able to setup a Play1 and Boost but I cant setup the CONNECT. The screen before it says "We found 1 new player near you": CONNECT (plus serial number). So I go ahead and try to setup the player...

Can I mount a connect (not connect:amp) upside down?

I'm limited on space and for a cable management, I need to mount the Connect upside down in my desk. Any concerns? I'll be using the 10 lbs, super heavy duty velcro. Does the connect get hot at all?...

Connect locks up intermittently

I have 3 Connect units, all wired directly to my router. One of the units will frequently stop playing and disappear from the controller app. When i look at the Ethernet connector on the rear panel, b...

My Sonos Connect stopped working and now it will play for a moment and then stop playing. It doesn't report any network problems

Sonos Connect stops playing after a few seconds - no network error reported

Confused on what we need for set-up

We have 2 interior rooms and one exterior room hardwired for speakers. I was told Sonos Connect will only handle 4 speakers. What all do I need to purchase that will control 3 sets of ceiling speaker...

"Connect is offline"

I purchased a Connect and two Play:1 speakers because i needed to play CD's. Worked great, but i returned the speakers because I wanted a smart system - Alexa is built in, Google Home on the way. So i...

Connect and connect AMP

I have tried 3 different devices multiple times to get my Sonos added to an already existing setup. I open the app and select to add player or sub.....BUT FIRST ........I make sure my phone is on the...

Have a CONNECT: I need a CONNECT as well?

Trying to integrate an old analog system


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