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itunes library...

I've just bought a Play 3 and have discovered I cannot play from my iTunes library... all my music is in the cloud using itunes match and there no longer on a physical computer... want to play from ip...

Play music stored on cloud-storage (f.e. DropBox)

I have ripped all my CD's an put them on my dropbox so I can access them any-where any-time. But I can't find how to play them on my sonos.

Sonos and Personal Cloud

Hi there, I have a seagate Personal Cloud and Sonos Playbar and Play 3. On my personal cloud I have 2tb of music. I dont want to add this as a music service due to the 65k limit. But when I am browsin...

Is it me or does Sonos kinda suck?

Sonos is nothing but a very expensive, glorified radio. Does Sonos have Cloud services available, so that I can upload my personal music to a cloud and then just use my phone to play it without havi...

Seagate Personal Cloud??

Hi all I currently have a seagate personal cloud with 2tb of music on it. I can see the personal cloud in services as it is detected on the network as a windows media server but I cant play any music...

Will Sonos play music in the cloud

Will Sonos play music in the cloud (ie apple music not downloaded) or does it the music have to physically reside on the device (iPhone or Mac/itunes)?

iTunes Music in the cloud

Hi everyone. Since the last update of Sonos, I’m missing the songs I uploaded on ITunes in the Cloud (linked to iTunes Match subscription). Before the update I was able to play them, but by now I stil...

Sonos and Plex Cloud

I have moved from Plex Server to Plex Cloud and I have all of my music in Google Drive. When I add the Plex to Sonos, it only sees my old Plex Serve and does not recognize my Plex Cloud. I cannot se...

Invalid Music Source

The Music Source list on my Sonos application has a source named "Personal Cloud" listed. I seem able to navigate through that source to the individual songs. However, when I try to play a song, I g...

Sonos Remote Access: Set Alarms when away.

I love my sonos system. It's amazing. One thing that would really make my day would be a way to set the alarms remotely. I find myself often scheduling a meeting while in the office, and needing to...

Unable to play cloud queue access is denied

Hello, For the last days I've had an issue which happens several times a day. I control my sonos system from a windows 8.1 computer with the sonos and spotify applications. During playback, sometimes...

Unable to play 'cloud queue' - access is denied

Hi there I am experiencing problems with a Play 1. When I play a song from my phone through Spotify, it plays for a few seconds and then restarts. Fiddling and restarting the song a few times gets...


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