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Sonos Beam Connection/Set-up Failure

Just purchased a Sonos Beam for the Living Room, having already purchased and enjoyed a Sonos One for the Bedroom. I've attempted to set up the Beam using the Sonos app, but it fails each and every...

Cannot setup my beam

I am attempting to set up my Sonos Beam. The beam is right next to my router, but it says it cannot find it. Gave up and connected the two via Ethernet. I get the green flashing light but the minute I...

Sonos beam hdmi arc and optical outputs

Here's the issue. I have none of these ports. just hdmi. I need them for the sonos beam I just bought. I search for televisions with optical outputs but they are too expensive with my 100 - 200 dolla...

Beam Setup Options

Hello: A couple easy questions about the Beam for two rooms with existing Sonos My living room has 2 X Play 5s and my guest room has 2 X Play 1s. In both rooms the speakers are next to the TV and I...

Beam setup questions

Hi everyone. I received my beam today and have successfully set it up with my TV and two Sonos Ones for rear surrounds. When I play music through the Sonus app from my iPad it works fine. I also have...

Beam setup issue

I am trying to connect a new Sonos beam to my seiki tv, and when I go through the setup in the app I get an error saying "there is a device interfering with the HDMI connection" and advising that I un...

How to check audio output?

How do you check the audio format that's being outputted by the Beam? I heard you can check it with the app, but I don't see where... I have a beam and two ones and I want to make sure I'm getting sur...

Beam Setup - first speaker - no flashing green

First time setup - unable to get a flashing green led. On hold for Sonos support. Unplugged for 10 minutes, and just get solid white, and changes to flashing red when pressing the setup button. What...

Home theater 5.1 setup with Sonos Beam

Recently, I bought a Sonos Beam to compliment my existing 2.1 setup, Sub and 2 Play1s. It was a breeze setup and the sound quality is simply superb. I just want to share that I do not have any issue w...

Sonos Setup for TV and multi room

Hello! I'm very new to this, and looking for a simple setup that "just works" for TV sound and music in the entire apartment. The apartment: TV in the living room, kitchen and an extra room. I would...

Sonos Beam + Receiver + projector setup

Need Help with set-up. I connected my Beam to the Receiver using the HDMI/Optical converter - plugged into the Optical TV/Sat digital output slot. Have Roku HDMI to receiver Input. Have HDMI cable...

Sonos Beam Now Available - Setup and Useful information

Sonos Beam, the smart, compact soundbar for your TV is now available. Play music, TV, movies, podcasts, radio, audiobooks and video games with rich, detailed sound that fills the entire room. We've co...

Beam and Play1s on a Sprint Hotspot

Already had a Beam running on a Sprint hotspot for several months without incident. Added two Play1s -- no joy: - W/the Beam 'as is', managed to get one Play1 onto the config but not complete the pr...

TV set up

Haven't got a HDMI ARC or a optical port how can I connect to the TV

Beam setup with projector - Help

Hi guys hoping for some help, not an audiophile by any stretch so go easy on me, laymans terms please. Got and oldy but goody set up in the flat, projector (Infocus IN1144) VGA to laptop (Toshiba sat...


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