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When will Sonos get the new Apple Music hierarchy?

Apple Music gets some big changes today along with the iOS 10 update. For You is more "sectioned" including Recently Played things, etc. It also includes the new Your Favorites Mix and New Music For Y...

How to play Apple Music 'New Music Playlists' in Sonos Controller?

Hi, In iTunes, there is 'New Music Playlists' that contains a lot of playlists such as 'Todays Hits', 'Best of the Week', etc ... I navigated every possible item in Sonos Controller to find those bu...

AppleMusic & Sonos : big problem ?

Using my iPhone with and AppleMusic Service. When adding a song or a playlist from within on the iPhone, the change is not replicated in nor in my iTunes library. I see n...

Multiple Apple Music Accounts?

Is it possible for my wife and I to have our individual Apple Music Accounts on Sonos? So If I’m using my phone/Sonos app, i see my Apple Music. She see’s hers? Possible?

Sonos playback problem

My system has worked flawlessly for a year until recently. The most frequent errors are: (i) Network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer (happened with Apple Music playback) (ii...

How do I access Beats 1 Replays?

I can save some shows from Beats 1 as playlists in iTunes, but I can't figure out how to access them from Sonos. Can anyone help?

Error 1002 when selecting any Apple Music track

I’ve been part of the Apple Music BETA but have since applied the 6.2 updates to my devices (2 x Play 1) but I’ve never been able to get a single Apple Music song played successfully. I keep getting a...

Apple Music playlists completely messen up in Sonos Controller

Since a few days, my apple music playlists are just totally garbled in the Sonos controller. Deleted playlists are showing, active playlists are shown twice, there is a “ghost” playlist I cannot seem...

Sonos App Crashing

Hi guys. I'm having a weird problem with my Sonos App on all Apple devices. App keeps crashing whenever Apple Music is linked as a service. Tried different devices (iPhone X, 6, 6s) and different iOS...

What's the latest on Apple music support?

I made the mistake of migrating my Beats Music subscription to Apple music and now i'm with out music on my sonos system. I'm thinking of canceling Apple music in favor of Spotify, until this gets r...


what is going on with sonos updates and now the lack of any tech support. use to be the best support in the business and now its a joke. i have been fighting with multiple issues for months and tec...

Spotify style integration for Apple Music

It's been a long time since Spotify got full integration with the SONOS app. At the time it was suggested similar support was on the way for Apple Music but nothing appears to be happening. The lack...

Missing Playback Time / Progress for On-Demand Beats 1 Apple Music Episodes

It seems with all of the on demand shows for Beats 1 in Apple Music, you don't get any time information for the show, so you can't determine how far into a show you are. As you can see in the screensh...

Streaming Your Music Collection to Sonos

Many of the streaming services supported by Sonos allow you to upload your personal music files and stream them via the Internet. While Sonos has always been able to play your local collection from a...


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