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Amazon Prime on Sonos skips tracks

Hi All, So I use Sonos with my Amazon Prime subscription. Generally a positive experience. However, quite often I notice that Sonos seems to skip tracks before they have fully played. So I end up li...

Amazon music

Can someone help me please. I have Sonos set up in my living room. I have Amazon prime which includes Amazon music. I have linked them by entering the five character code but nothing is appearing unde...

Amazon Music Connection Issue

I have several musics (bought from itune) uploaded to my amazon music space. Everything works fine until recently (starting from 9/21 or 9/22). Now, I am no able to play those musics through Amazon Pr...

Amazon Prime not working on shared account (on 6.1): Bug or Design?

Last week I had my own Amazon Prime account and was running Sonos 6.0. All was good. Today my Prime account is part of a household account, and I am running Sonos 6.1 beta. Not good. While I can see A...

Amazon Prime Music

All worked fine until tonight when the Sonos app suddenly decided I didn't have Amazon Prime. I checked with Amazon - I have. Tried reauthenticating. Didn't work. Removed the service. Didn't work...

As of this afternoon Amazon Music stopped working. I've reauthorized with 2 unique accounts.

As of this afternoon Amazon Music stopped working. I've reauthorized with 2 unique amazon accounts.

Amazon Music Unlimited Playlists

I have setup Amazon Music Unlimited on Sonos and it works with my main account perfectly. However, my Family Members are unable to see their Amazon playlists on the Sonos App. Are Amazon Music Unlimit...

Amazon music is on streaming on another device ...

Starting to get tee hang of this. 4 Sonos devices and 1 echo dot here. Cancelled Deezer and have Amazon unlimited 30 day trial (not the limited echo music service). I can start multiple Amazon stre...

Trouble with Amazon Music and uploaded songs

I'm new to Sonos but have a question. The set-up was easy, and I added Amazon Music to the services. However, the app on my Samsung tablet will only allow me to see the music I purchased and the stuf...

Beware the Amazon Echo Dot scam before you buy!

I am now the unhappy owner of two Sonos Play 1s falling for the scam of a "partnership" with Amazon allowing users to send music from the Echo to a Sonos Play 1. Turns out the Sonos is WiFi and the E...

Search is somehow favouring Amazon

Apologies if the heading seems dramatic; I suspect it's a volume / swamping thing. But I am getting sick and tired of searching for things and then finding that I have to select "show all" to get past...

Alexa Amazon Music Sonos problem

I have Amazon Dot connected to my Sonos Playbar and pair of Play 1's. I have an Amazon music account. Normally I can ask Alexa to play, for example, Roxy Music on Living Room and it will play through...

Sonos Sub with JUST the Amazon Echo (not the Echo Tap or Echo Dot)

I started out with the Sonos Sub because we want deep bass with our Amazon Echo music experience. Any one else pairing just the Sub with an echo? How does it sound? Thanks.

Amazon prime

Please add Amazon prime subscription songs to the next controller app release. When will occur?

Sonos one

I have amazon music set up in sonos but when I go to play anything from the amazon prime music list it asks me to go online and take out a thirty day free trial with music unlimited from amazon and re...


I have just purchased a Sonos. My primary reason for buying it was so that I could play music through voice recognition ie Alexa. Every time I ask Alexa to play something she tells me it’s not in my m...

Amazon music won't work

I've tried factory rebooting, soft resets, reauthorizing my amazon music account, and my amazon music still won't play through the Sonos system. Says it is "unable to queue" or that the "amazon music...

Cannot connect Amazon account in Sonos App

Devices: -Sonos One -Sonos Play 1 -Echo Spot I had all my devices up and running for about a month. For some reason, my Alexa app listed three Sonos speakers when I only have two, so I decided to cl...

Amazon prime disappeared from services

Hi, we use amazon prime sometimes. I turned sonos on this morning to find the service wasn't there anymore. It's not in the list of services that can be used subscribed to, either. It was working fine...

Amazon Spot

Hi all, I have just purchased a Amazon spot to control a plate three that I own. Whilst I can get it to play music through the Sonos speaker, it will not display the lyrics of the song that is playing...

Amazon Music Prime

Can I get and use this service with my Sonos Connect?

Amazon Prime Music won't play on my Sonos

I have an Amazon Prime account and want play the Prime Music feature through Sonos (which works fine on my computer). I added the account, no problem. But when I go to play something, it looks like it...

Sonos / Echo Private Beta

So how would one go about getting on the Echo control private beta?

Sonos & Amazon Echo

Is there a definitive list of Amazon Echo Commands that work with Sonos

Connecting Amazon music to my Controller app

Hello... Im having trouble connecting my amazon music service to the Sonos controller...I do everything it asks. When I hit "continue" Amazon says I can now play my music from sonos but when I go back...


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