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Room title confusion

When I tell Alexa to play music on my bedroom sonos speaker she can pull up a random station with no problem. When I try and tell her to play a specific Pandora radio station on my bedroom sonos spea...

Alexa won't play through my gen 1 play3's , playbar or play5's generation 1

Alexa has found my speakers ( generation 1) but when I ask it to play through them it says it's not recognised????? Are gen 1 compatible with Alexa? Or am I just making a mistake in the set up

Is SiriusXM available with Amazon Alexa?

Can i use SiriusXM using Alexa/Sonos?

Lost Alexa

We recently purchased a Sonos One and installed Alexa. It worked for about a week and now Alexa is gone. No chime. Nothing. Where did you go Alexa?

There was a problem adding Alexa

I've just installed my new Sonos One and everything works great... except I cannot connect my Amazon account to my Sonos One when activating Voice Services. It will tell me "There was a problem addin...

Sonos / Alexa Hearing Me better

Is it just me or is the Sonos One hearing me better? I'm noticing I am barely having to say Alexa more than once now which is such a relief. Is anyone else noticing this with their Ones? I apologiz...

Sonos One and Alexa

Got Sonos One and play 1, with Amazon music. Keep having to ask Alexa to discover devices to ask her to play music/playlists (otherwise she just says sorry I can’t do that or whatever it is. Then wh...

HELP! SONOS refuses to play through Alexa

I successfully went through all the steps to link Sonos to the Alexa app. The SONOS skill is now enabled and the Sonos Device "Kitchen" (a Play:1) was discovered and appears on the Device List....

Can Alexa be disabled and echo dot used on Sonos One?

If I bought a Sonos One and I decided I didn't like the Alexa integration on it, can I plug my echo dot in it and use it just like a Play 1?

Play One

How do you have Alexa recognize another speaker not connected during initial set-up of Play One?

Alexa will only play a sample of albums and cannot find artists?

So I just connected a new Echo to my system and if I say ask Alexa to shuffle a music she gets on and does it. However if I say Alexa play Taylor Swift or Northern artist on Kitchen for. Instance....

Sonos/Alexa issue's

Sonos 1/Alexa both installed on android phone, twice! both can "see" all sonos speakers but Alexas not connected to internet. Sonos app can't bring up Amazon as speaker devise. Amazon say's change WiF...

Alexa and Sonos, play:1 not supported?

So I updated Sonos app then setup alexa and Sonos. All devices are recognized. Have playback with 2 speakers, and 2 plays in different rooms. Playback works great. When I give command to other roo...


I too am very disappointed with the Sonos One I just purchased. Sonos should never have released this product in countries where all of Alexa’s features were not fully supported and functional. What t...

Sonos One and Alexa setup

Discussion on setting up the new Sonos One to work with Alexa

Apple Music On Sonos One

Can you play Apple Music on Sonos One? I have the Alexa app on my iPhone, linked my Apple Music account to Alexa, however she does not respond. I can use my Mac desktop app to play Apple Music okay, b...

Amazon music via voice frustrations

I’m having trouble getting music to play through Amazon Music. I have a Amazon Music as my default music in the Alexa app. I asked Alexa to play a specific genre. She replied that she could not find a...

Alexa and apple music and sonos via yonomi or IFTT

Hello, i’m trying to find a workaround the fact that alexa does not support apple music. We have a playlist that we use to fall asleep , we’d like to be able to tell alexa to start that particular lis...

Unable to open Slacker with Alexa

I just got a Sonos One a few days ago. I can open Pandora via Alexa, but can't seem to do the same for Slacker. I can open it via the Sonos app, but can't use voice command. Is this supported or am I...

Music stopped playing via Alex after updating Players on 10/20.

I had the Sonos skill added and it was working for the most part. Playing my Pandora on the each player via Alex voice control. and I could see in the Sonos app the art of the current playing song. I...

Alexa works only on one of my 2 Sonos One

I have pair of Sonos One speakers. Alexa works great but only on one of the 2 speakers. Can Alexa work on both speakers.

AU - Spotify Connect not working, Spotify + Alexa not working properly either

2 huge issues so far i see which is making the whole 'Sonos' experience horrible and borderline instant return: 1. Spotify Connect just doesnt work (doesnt connect, but is visible - yes i have tried...

Sonos One with Alexa - support in Spain?

Does anyone know if Sonos ONE supports Alexa in Spain?

Alexa is going deaf on our Sonos Ones

As of the last couple of weeks Alexa seems to not respond as well as it used to on our Sonos Ones. Anyone else having problems.

Enable skills

For some reason I am having trouble getting the alexa on my sonos one to enable skills ,it keeps saying unable to do this skill or something close..any solutions?


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