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There was a problem adding Alexa

I've just installed my new Sonos One and everything works great... except I cannot connect my Amazon account to my Sonos One when activating Voice Services. It will tell me "There was a problem addin...

Sonos One and Alexa

Got Sonos One and play 1, with Amazon music. Keep having to ask Alexa to discover devices to ask her to play music/playlists (otherwise she just says sorry I can’t do that or whatever it is. Then wh...

Room title confusion

When I tell Alexa to play music on my bedroom sonos speaker she can pull up a random station with no problem. When I try and tell her to play a specific Pandora radio station on my bedroom sonos spea...

Alexa won't play through my gen 1 play3's , playbar or play5's generation 1

Alexa has found my speakers ( generation 1) but when I ask it to play through them it says it's not recognised????? Are gen 1 compatible with Alexa? Or am I just making a mistake in the set up

Lost Alexa

We recently purchased a Sonos One and installed Alexa. It worked for about a week and now Alexa is gone. No chime. Nothing. Where did you go Alexa?

Is SiriusXM available with Amazon Alexa?

Can i use SiriusXM using Alexa/Sonos?

HELP! SONOS refuses to play through Alexa

I successfully went through all the steps to link Sonos to the Alexa app. The SONOS skill is now enabled and the Sonos Device "Kitchen" (a Play:1) was discovered and appears on the Device List....

Can Alexa be disabled and echo dot used on Sonos One?

If I bought a Sonos One and I decided I didn't like the Alexa integration on it, can I plug my echo dot in it and use it just like a Play 1?

Play One

How do you have Alexa recognize another speaker not connected during initial set-up of Play One?

Alexa will only play a sample of albums and cannot find artists?

So I just connected a new Echo to my system and if I say ask Alexa to shuffle a music she gets on and does it. However if I say Alexa play Taylor Swift or Northern artist on Kitchen for. Instance....

Sonos/Alexa issue's

Sonos 1/Alexa both installed on android phone, twice! both can "see" all sonos speakers but Alexas not connected to internet. Sonos app can't bring up Amazon as speaker devise. Amazon say's change WiF...

Apple Music On Sonos One

Can you play Apple Music on Sonos One? I have the Alexa app on my iPhone, linked my Apple Music account to Alexa, however she does not respond. I can use my Mac desktop app to play Apple Music okay, b...

Alexa and Sonos, play:1 not supported?

So I updated Sonos app then setup alexa and Sonos. All devices are recognized. Have playback with 2 speakers, and 2 plays in different rooms. Playback works great. When I give command to other roo...


I too am very disappointed with the Sonos One I just purchased. Sonos should never have released this product in countries where all of Alexa’s features were not fully supported and functional. What t...

Alexa + SONOS

I have a big SONOS network system with 12 CONNECT boxes service the entire house and garden. I love my Amazon Echo and can see an enormous future in being able to tell Alexa where and what to play. An...

Alexa reduces ability to use play/pause physical button?

Is anyone else finding that if a speaker has been turned on by Alexa then when the speaker is not on it can’t be restarted using the button on the top until it has been restarted using the Sonos app o...

Sonos One and Alexa - can't connect

Hello, I have brought a new Sonos One, and I can’t connect it to Alexa. I have tried everything I can think of. Please can someone help?? All it shows is amazon products on the Alexa app and not the...

Sonos Boost and Alexa

Due to WiFi interference in my home causing problems with my Sonos speaker system I added a Sonos Boost. This worked very well in improving the stability and availability of my speakers. It did, how...

Alexa and Spotify Commands not working

Alexa does not respond to 'stop' when using Spotify. Anybody any idea why?

Sonos one & amazon Alexa

Does it work in Portugal now?

Using Sonos for ALL Alexa Output

First of all, I love the new Alexa skills for SONOS. What I would like to have is the ability for SONOS to output 100% of Alexa's output; not just music. My SONOS setup includes a playbar, 2 one's a...

Alexa Audio Directives

I'm a developer at a company who has an Alexa skill that supports Alexa's Audio Directive Interface for audio output via supported Echo devices. The device context that gets passed to a skill when a u...

Has an update been released?

Just found Alexa on my echo Dot can now control Spotify on my Play:1 Has an update just been released to Alexa or Sonos as I don’t think I’ve seen any announcements and the Alexa skill still indicat...

Apparent bug -- Android app 8.2.1 no longer displays notification

Sonos Android app, version 8.2.1, running in Android 8.0.0 on Nexus 5X In the app's "Advanced" settings, I have both "Show Notifications" and "Show lock screen controls" enabled. In the Android sett...

Sonos One with Alexa

Getting a bit muddled here.... thinking of buying PlayBar, Sub and two Sonos One speakers for surround. If I use Alexa, will both speakers respond or am I able to turn Alexa off on one of them?


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