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Is SiriusXM available with Amazon Alexa?

Can i use SiriusXM using Alexa/Sonos?

There was a problem adding Alexa

I've just installed my new Sonos One and everything works great... except I cannot connect my Amazon account to my Sonos One when activating Voice Services. It will tell me "There was a problem addin...

Sonos / Alexa Hearing Me better

Is it just me or is the Sonos One hearing me better? I'm noticing I am barely having to say Alexa more than once now which is such a relief. Is anyone else noticing this with their Ones? I apologiz...

Sonos One and Alexa

Got Sonos One and play 1, with Amazon music. Keep having to ask Alexa to discover devices to ask her to play music/playlists (otherwise she just says sorry I can’t do that or whatever it is. Then wh...

HELP! SONOS refuses to play through Alexa

I successfully went through all the steps to link Sonos to the Alexa app. The SONOS skill is now enabled and the Sonos Device "Kitchen" (a Play:1) was discovered and appears on the Device List....

Alexa with Wired Sonos Speaker System

I bought a house that had a very good wired speaker system, and connected a Sonos controller to it. Works fine. Can control from multiple iPhones or Tablets and a PC. What I have not been able to f...

Room title confusion

When I tell Alexa to play music on my bedroom sonos speaker she can pull up a random station with no problem. When I try and tell her to play a specific Pandora radio station on my bedroom sonos spea...

Alexa won't play through my gen 1 play3's , playbar or play5's generation 1

Alexa has found my speakers ( generation 1) but when I ask it to play through them it says it's not recognised????? Are gen 1 compatible with Alexa? Or am I just making a mistake in the set up

Lost Alexa

We recently purchased a Sonos One and installed Alexa. It worked for about a week and now Alexa is gone. No chime. Nothing. Where did you go Alexa?

Sonos one & amazon Alexa

Does it work in Portugal now?

Using Sonos for ALL Alexa Output

First of all, I love the new Alexa skills for SONOS. What I would like to have is the ability for SONOS to output 100% of Alexa's output; not just music. My SONOS setup includes a playbar, 2 one's a...

Alexa Audio Directives

I'm a developer at a company who has an Alexa skill that supports Alexa's Audio Directive Interface for audio output via supported Echo devices. The device context that gets passed to a skill when a u...

Has an update been released?

Just found Alexa on my echo Dot can now control Spotify on my Play:1 Has an update just been released to Alexa or Sonos as I don’t think I’ve seen any announcements and the Alexa skill still indicat...

Apparent bug -- Android app 8.2.1 no longer displays notification

Sonos Android app, version 8.2.1, running in Android 8.0.0 on Nexus 5X In the app's "Advanced" settings, I have both "Show Notifications" and "Show lock screen controls" enabled. In the Android sett...

Sonos One with Alexa

Getting a bit muddled here.... thinking of buying PlayBar, Sub and two Sonos One speakers for surround. If I use Alexa, will both speakers respond or am I able to turn Alexa off on one of them?

Beam and TV source

My SONOS Beam is connected to my VIZIO TV. Whenever I tell Beam to turn on my TV it’s on a different source than what it was when the TV went off. How do I fix this or does Beam change sources via A...

Alexa connected, but not delivering

I asked Alexa to give me my morning briefing and she says, "Here is your morning briefing from ..." then nothing. It does the same when you ask for a song, she says the name and site but then nothing....

Sonos One/Alexa unreliable

Just purchased a Sonos One to replace an Echo Dot in the bedroom. So far, I am very disappointed. With the Echo dot, I could talk normally to it and it would work. I could even say 'Alexa' from outsid...

Sonos Play:1 and Alexa

Just received (2) Alexa enabled Play:1 speakers and have them set up through sonos and can play all my music through the Sonos app which suggests I have my iPhone and speaker on the same WiFi. However...

Sonos One and Alexa

Alexa is connected but can't find any music

Sonos one w/ Alexa

I have a sonos one with Alexa enabled. It worked fine until a month ago. Now, nothing. I have unplugged and restarted and have used the reset button on the back with no success. I have checked the...

Alexa App is not shown under the voice services in Sonos App

Hi, I am trying to setup Alexa voice control but under the "Voice Service" according to the guides I should be able to see "Amazon Alexa App" which then I can add. Same way as I have added e.g. Spoti...

Can’t pause playback

Just ran the update and Alexa can no longer do simple things like pause playback. Submitted diagnostics, just not sure where/if I need to follow up!

Alexa + SONOS

I have a big SONOS network system with 12 CONNECT boxes service the entire house and garden. I love my Amazon Echo and can see an enormous future in being able to tell Alexa where and what to play. An...

Alexa reduces ability to use play/pause physical button?

Is anyone else finding that if a speaker has been turned on by Alexa then when the speaker is not on it can’t be restarted using the button on the top until it has been restarted using the Sonos app o...


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