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Sonos please walk away from Alexa she's a bad girl

What is Sonos doing, its got a great product. why put it in danger with a second rate voice product. Amazon only will let you use, what it makes money from. So no NAS drive / Cloud / Pc /Phone music...

Alexa confuses Connect and internal speaker

I have a connect that drives my whole house music library. I have music in 4 rooms. I added 3 echo dots on my main rooms. When steaming from an amazon music station, the only thing I can get Alexa...

Local library via voice control

Hi. Playing radio from tunein via voice control is great. Also skipping tracks and changing volume is great. I’m not an online service streaming customer and never will be. I like my music local and...

Alexa and Sonos, play:1 not supported?

So I updated Sonos app then setup alexa and Sonos. All devices are recognized. Have playback with 2 speakers, and 2 plays in different rooms. Playback works great. When I give command to other roo...

Can Alexa be disabled and echo dot used on Sonos One?

If I bought a Sonos One and I decided I didn't like the Alexa integration on it, can I plug my echo dot in it and use it just like a Play 1?

Alexa reduces ability to use play/pause physical button?

Is anyone else finding that if a speaker has been turned on by Alexa then when the speaker is not on it can’t be restarted using the button on the top until it has been restarted using the Sonos app o...

Amazon households and family sharing

My wife and I each have an Apple iPad with the Sonos Controller App installed on them and connected to the same Sonos system around the house. We each however have separate Amazon accounts for shopp...

Alexa won't play through my gen 1 play3's , playbar or play5's generation 1

Alexa has found my speakers ( generation 1) but when I ask it to play through them it says it's not recognised????? Are gen 1 compatible with Alexa? Or am I just making a mistake in the set up

Lost Alexa

We recently purchased a Sonos One and installed Alexa. It worked for about a week and now Alexa is gone. No chime. Nothing. Where did you go Alexa?

Is Alexa-Sonos anything more than just a stupid skill?

Alexa is a big ecosystem. It isn't just music. It isn't even mostly music. So is it seriously the case that I can't use my Dot to hear my commands (shopping, weather, podcasts, news, grocery list, tra...

Alexa - sonos Setup

I have successfully logged in and linked both my Amazon account and Sonos account, added the Sonos skill to Alexa. Aleax wont discover any of my Sonos speakers .. just says there has been an error dis...

Sonos One/Alexa unreliable

Just purchased a Sonos One to replace an Echo Dot in the bedroom. So far, I am very disappointed. With the Echo dot, I could talk normally to it and it would work. I could even say 'Alexa' from outsid...

Yonomi and Amazon Alexa

If you have an Amazon Echo you can now control your Sonos device. Download the Yonomi app, connect to Sonos. Open up the Alexa app, connect yonomi in the smart home skills. Hit find devices and Sonos...

Try Amazon Alexa With App Rather Than An Amazon Device

I read the other day that it was possible to try Alexa with Sonos through the Alex app without even having a dedicated Alexa device. I have installed the Sonos skill in the Alexa app and linked my Am...

Music stopped playing via Alex after updating Players on 10/20.

I had the Sonos skill added and it was working for the most part. Playing my Pandora on the each player via Alex voice control. and I could see in the Sonos app the art of the current playing song. I...

Alexa + Sonos: How it Works

So you’ve read all about and you want to know more. Here’s a rundown of how the integration works. Your Amazon Alexa dev...

Alexa won’t let me use the sonos app to play next

Sonos Ignores me is I use play next after starting music with Alexa. If I play an artist via alexa. Such as ‘Alexa play the lumineers in the living room’ Later I might use the sonos app find an al...

Alexa voice control - for one night only

Set up the new Alexa/Sonos intergration app last night (UK) worked fine last night but no longer works this evening. The Alexa app can see all my Sonos speakers and if I ask Alexa to play some music o...

Alexa "Play music in the living room" not a working feature?

The majority of the advertising for the new Sonos with Alexa integration revolves around being able to tell Alexa to play music in the kitchen, the bedroom, everywhere, etc. but it seems that the Sono...

Alexa says ok or I don't know what went wrong

Just updated to the public beta and setup sonos and alexa apps. Cant get anything to play just says ok or i dont know what went wrong I have 5 devices all discovered but none work. Any ideas where to...

Sonos and Alexa is it really any good?

Hi I have 4 Connect Amps and was eagerly awaiting the support for Alexa but so far have been disappointed. For a start if I ask Alexa to change radio stations via Tunein it seems to take an eternity t...

Apple Music via Amazon Alexa

I am one of the many I am sure, to have purchased an Amazon Alexa after Sonos recent update. I also signed up to Apple Music once integrated with Sonos awhile back, but I am unable to link Apple Musi...

Alexa Audio Directives

I'm a developer at a company who has an Alexa skill that supports Alexa's Audio Directive Interface for audio output via supported Echo devices. The device context that gets passed to a skill when a u...

Has an update been released?

Just found Alexa on my echo Dot can now control Spotify on my Play:1 Has an update just been released to Alexa or Sonos as I don’t think I’ve seen any announcements and the Alexa skill still indicat...

Alexa With Sonos

When will Sonos integrate with Alexa? I see all of this information about the Sonos One, which sounds really cool, but from my reading if you already have an Echo or Echo Dot, you will be able to use...


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