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Alexa + SONOS

I have a big SONOS network system with 12 CONNECT boxes service the entire house and garden. I love my Amazon Echo and can see an enormous future in being able to tell Alexa where and what to play. An...

Sonos Boost and Alexa

Due to WiFi interference in my home causing problems with my Sonos speaker system I added a Sonos Boost. This worked very well in improving the stability and availability of my speakers. It did, how...

Alexa and Spotify Commands not working

Alexa does not respond to 'stop' when using Spotify. Anybody any idea why?

Alexa reduces ability to use play/pause physical button?

Is anyone else finding that if a speaker has been turned on by Alexa then when the speaker is not on it can’t be restarted using the button on the top until it has been restarted using the Sonos app o...

Alexa voice control - for one night only

Set up the new Alexa/Sonos intergration app last night (UK) worked fine last night but no longer works this evening. The Alexa app can see all my Sonos speakers and if I ask Alexa to play some music o...

Alexa won’t let me use the sonos app to play next

Sonos Ignores me is I use play next after starting music with Alexa. If I play an artist via alexa. Such as ‘Alexa play the lumineers in the living room’ Later I might use the sonos app find an al...

Alexa "Play music in the living room" not a working feature?

The majority of the advertising for the new Sonos with Alexa integration revolves around being able to tell Alexa to play music in the kitchen, the bedroom, everywhere, etc. but it seems that the Sono...

Alexa Sonos One Control of Pandora

What causes Pandora to only play one song on the Pandora radio when initiated by Alexa

Is Alexa-Sonos anything more than just a stupid skill?

Alexa is a big ecosystem. It isn't just music. It isn't even mostly music. So is it seriously the case that I can't use my Dot to hear my commands (shopping, weather, podcasts, news, grocery list, tra...

Sonos One/Alexa unreliable

Just purchased a Sonos One to replace an Echo Dot in the bedroom. So far, I am very disappointed. With the Echo dot, I could talk normally to it and it would work. I could even say 'Alexa' from outsid...

Sonos Play:1 and Alexa

Just received (2) Alexa enabled Play:1 speakers and have them set up through sonos and can play all my music through the Sonos app which suggests I have my iPhone and speaker on the same WiFi. However...

Room title confusion

When I tell Alexa to play music on my bedroom sonos speaker she can pull up a random station with no problem. When I try and tell her to play a specific Pandora radio station on my bedroom sonos spea...

No Alexa

Am I the only one that hates the idea of Alexa on my Sonos? I just want my music to play on my Sonos. I don’t need some device listening to me. Music. That’s all I want.

Lost Alexa

We recently purchased a Sonos One and installed Alexa. It worked for about a week and now Alexa is gone. No chime. Nothing. Where did you go Alexa?

Is SiriusXM available with Amazon Alexa?

Can i use SiriusXM using Alexa/Sonos?

Alexa won't play through my gen 1 play3's , playbar or play5's generation 1

Alexa has found my speakers ( generation 1) but when I ask it to play through them it says it's not recognised????? Are gen 1 compatible with Alexa? Or am I just making a mistake in the set up

There was a problem adding Alexa

I've just installed my new Sonos One and everything works great... except I cannot connect my Amazon account to my Sonos One when activating Voice Services. It will tell me "There was a problem addin...

Yonomi and Amazon Alexa

If you have an Amazon Echo you can now control your Sonos device. Download the Yonomi app, connect to Sonos. Open up the Alexa app, connect yonomi in the smart home skills. Hit find devices and Sonos...

Try Amazon Alexa With App Rather Than An Amazon Device

I read the other day that it was possible to try Alexa with Sonos through the Alex app without even having a dedicated Alexa device. I have installed the Sonos skill in the Alexa app and linked my Am...

Sonos & Alexa .. I wish

... that we could get tighter integration between Sonos & Alexa. I have a dot, and my original idea was to connect up a sonos play 5 as the external speaker (wired), hoping to get the daily briefing/...

Getting back to Sonos Queue after playing from alexa

I've noticed when playing Alexa content through Sonos that I can press "exit alexa" on the sonos app but how can I get back to the music queue using voice commands? It would also be helpful if in the...

Sonos/Alexa issue's

Sonos 1/Alexa both installed on android phone, twice! both can "see" all sonos speakers but Alexas not connected to internet. Sonos app can't bring up Amazon as speaker devise. Amazon say's change WiF...

Apple Music On Sonos One

Can you play Apple Music on Sonos One? I have the Alexa app on my iPhone, linked my Apple Music account to Alexa, however she does not respond. I can use my Mac desktop app to play Apple Music okay, b...

Alexa and Sonos, play:1 not supported?

So I updated Sonos app then setup alexa and Sonos. All devices are recognized. Have playback with 2 speakers, and 2 plays in different rooms. Playback works great. When I give command to other roo...

Can Alexa be disabled and echo dot used on Sonos One?

If I bought a Sonos One and I decided I didn't like the Alexa integration on it, can I plug my echo dot in it and use it just like a Play 1?


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