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cover top of playbase

The front feet of my Samsung 49 TV stand overlap my playbase by 2 cm at the front(the rear feet are not as wide) can I place a sheet of toughened glass on the top of the the playbase to stabilise the...

Intermittent tv audio skipping

Every 20 or so minutes my audio intermittently skips for ~5-10 seconds. I submitted a diagnostic immediately after the last time it happened. My code is 715368047.

Connecting my Samsung Smart TV to my new Sonos One

How do I connect my new Sonos One to my Samsung Smart TV? Thanks.

All my remotes don't work anymore

Is it possible that my Sonos play base has messed with all my remotes? Tv, blyray and aircon have gradually been knocked out and I can't use them.

Sonos Arrrg !!! App. Issues

I have a Samsung 55 8 Series UN55MU8500FXZA with the One Connect. I have 2 HDMI cables I use and one Optical cable. HDMI 1 connects the Dish Network Receiver to the One Connect. HDMI 3 connects a Sam...

Surround sound not working with tv but with music

I have read the forums and there is a patch for my problem. I have a playbar, sub, and 2 surround play 1s. I dont have surround audio with tv but I do have normal audio surround with music. I have rea...

Using only a Playbase for television sound

I am thinking about buying a Playbase for my Panasonic SmartTV. Currently there is a PLAY:1 close to my tv, to stream internet radio and iTunes from NAS. Main reason to replace the PLAY:1 with a Pla...

Short TV sound drops on secondary speakers in surround group

I have a playbar connected to the TV through optical cable. The playbar has a wired ethernet connection. The playbar has two play 1 speakers configured as surrounds. This works perfectly! I however a...

Volume for playbar different from music

How to controle playbar music and tv volume settings , they are out of wack, tv volume way to low compared to Spotify on playbar, so when changing in between tv and musik we jump out of our seats ever...

Sonos works fine but wont let me play sound from the TV

Hello, it's probably a simple feature but the Sonos Play Bar works just fine but I can't seem to stop the volume from it and play volume from ONLY my tv. I bought a new tv when I bought the Sonos and...

Surround sound for television

I have a beam and 2 play1's , the tv sound only come out of the beam. If i play mucis their is surround sound came someone help me with make my tv surround sound

2 Samsung TV's and SONOS

Hi there, I own 2 Samsung tv's; one in the livingroom and one in the kitchen (it's a space without walls, 60m2), and want to buy a SONOS set. My thoughts: - TV livingroom: 2x PLAY5, 1x PLAYBAR, 1x SU...

Auto revert to music queue after turning off the TV.

For years, whenever I turned on the television, Sonos would automatically switch from whatever music was playing to the TV's digital audio output, as expected. Then, after turning off the TV, Sonos wo...

Surround not working through TV.

Hi! I love the sonos app and enjoy the sound I get. However, when I watch movies or TV I don't get the surround sound quality I get when listening to music. Chromecast, streaming, Netflix, gaming all...

Sonos play bar not reponding to Tv

My playbar has stopped responding to the fibre optic cable from the tv. The cable is not kinked or damaged and red light is passing through from the tv to the end of the cable that inserts into the pl...

Play 1 skipping while watching TV

I have grouped 1 Play one speaker with playbar and sub. When listening to music it plays/sounds great. When Ingo to watch TV Play1 is constantly skipping . I have emailed for help for 3 days without a...

TV sound to my Play 3 as well?

Hi! I have a Playbar and two Play 3's. I am using the Playbar to listen to my TV sound but sometimes group all the speakers together and listen to music. I would like to make it so my Play 3 outputs...

Audio Dropout on Playbar when watching TV shows/ Optical to Mac Mini

I know that some have had issues with the Dolby 5.1 signal used for TV when connected to a Samsung TV, but I am directly connected to my media server (A Mac Mini) The breaks in audio seem to happen s...

Sound cutting out

I've seen a lot of threads around sound dropping with Apple TV,etc. I've had the Sonos system for just a short time, maybe 3 months. The sound started cutting out a couple weeks ago while watching...

Question about Playbar and Optical with Television

I used to have this $250 Sony 5.1 surround system with my livingroom television. It didn’t sound bad and did the job, and the rear speakers were even wirelessly connected to the unit so I didn’t have...

Will SONOS Boost help with line-in drop-outs?

I recently plugged a TV into one of my Play 5s and was pleasantly surprised to discover it automatically transmitting the line-in audio over all of the SONOS system, throughout the house. I previously...

My sonos system stopped playing sound from my TV all of a sudden...why?

I have done some research on various forums and haven't been able to find a solution as to why my Sonos stopped playing sound from my TV (samsungJUN65JU7100F). My sonos system will play sound from ap...

Samsung One Remote Sonos Playbar No Control

I recently purchased the new Samsung "The Frame" 55 inch Lifestyle TV (UA55LS003AWXXY) I have TV connected through the coaxial, The Sonos Playbar connected optically and an AppleTv (4th gen) connected...

Audio to PLAY:1 via a silent PLAY:5 possible?

Hi, I own two Sonos PLAY:1's: one my living room, one in my bathroom. Just as most Sonos customers, I like it very much. And just as most Sonos customers, the lack of sending any audio to the speakers...

No surround sound from tv

My surround sound in my 2 Play 1s is not working with my Playbar. I have the optical plugged into my Sky box and have checked I am getting Dolby 5.1 as an input to the Playbar. The TV is an LG 49UF77O...


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