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Play 1 not working with surround on TV

Hi all, I'm aware this question has been asked a million times over, but unfortunately cannot find the answer to my issue. Basically: I have a set up with play bar that works fine with our samsung se...

Play:1 to be used for music and for surround

I have the PLAYBAR and SUB in my main tv area. I have a Play:1 for the left surround and I would like to borrow my Bedroom Play:1 for the right surround. When I returned the Bedroom speaker, it was mi...

Surround without bar/base. When?

For music, I already use multiple sonos zones throughout the house. Awesome. Now I would like to replace my Sonos-connect-connected 5.1 surround system (traditional receiver/amplifier, speakers, sub,...

Can't reconnect to correct rooms

My lounge (Playbar, sub and two play 1s) lost all sound when we updated the app. The sub and play 1s showed on the system but the playbar didn't. Reset the playbar and the route a few times and got it...

Surround slår seg av og på.

Har problemer med at surround slår seg av og kommer på 10-20sek seinere. Har playbar, play1 bak og sub. Bruker optisk kabel fra TV til playbar. Noen forslag?

Sonos One speakers crackling

I have a pair of Sonos One's setup to play with my TV and they crackle a lot. Diag# 7948200

Rear speakers not working (surround sound)

Hi, this may just be me. I have had a playbar and 2 play 1s as my surround sound set up for a while now. When I play my TV or music the sound out of the rear play 1s is extremely low and do not add an...

Separate surround sound

I set up playbar, sub and sonos ones in surround sound configuration. I tried to separate the ones to move to another room and play music. Could not get music services to the play ones. Is there a sim...

Connect Amp Wireless Card

Why doesn't Sonos update the connect amp wireless card so that it can be used as surrounds without being connected by an ethernet cable? Kind of a rhetorical question, but it seems like this would be...

No surround tab as described in the instructions

I am trying to increase the volume of my surround speakers as in the instructions but I have no surround tab as described

Sonos Surround Speakers crackle/static sound

Good day, I have a Playbar and two Play 1s as surround speakers. Coming from my left Play 1, I sometimes hear crackling or static sound coming from it. Anybody have this issue before and if so how did...

Playbase, Samsung TV, 2 Play 1's for 5.0 Surround Sound

OK, I need some general input from those of you that have a bigger brain than I do. I just got the Playbase, and Setup 2 Play 1's as surround sound. TV - Connected to Cable Box with HDMI Cable, ROKU 4...

rear speakers volume control

have 2 play1s, and soundbar. Can the volume be increased on the play 1s, without raising the volume on the soundbar? Can't seen to get full effect of surround. Went through all the motions ie: truepla...

How to play only the surround speakers?

i Have the playbar, a sub , and two Sonos ones in a 5.1 configuration. I am moving into an apartment and to lessen the noise at night when I want to listen to music, I just want to listen to the Sonos...

Surround sound with four play 5's and one Playbar?

I just recently purchased four play 5's and one Playbar. I have a couple of questions... 1. Can I set it up as surround sound from my television with the Playbar as the center channel and two of th...

Sonos One as Surround sound speaker

Iv'e taken delivery of a Sonos One yesterday. it is everything iv'e come to expect and am very pleased with it, however, I intended to add it into my living room sound setup as a surround sound speake...

Play 1 Surround cannot be configured with the playbar

Hello Guys, I am positing this thread because after sevral days of research I was not able to find a solution. My problem is that at the end of the Sonos Surround speaker setup (2*1 Play 1), there...

Sound drop outs.

I have a play base and two play 1’s A’s surrounds, but I’m constantly getting dropouts in sound. I’ve tried sonos support but nothing has solved the problem. They are in standard setup (WiFi) because...

Sonos Surround sound problem

I have a sono soundbar and 2 play ones in my front room setup to listen to surround sound movies, this works perfect.. But my sound bar and tv mains lead is behind the flat screan on a Wi-fi switch s...

Unable to setup Playbar and Connect:amp as Surround System

I am having trouble setting up these components as a surround system. This is what I have done so far. 1. Setup connect:amp as Standard setup with my house speakers and it worked. 2. Setup playbar as...

Right Surround Play:1 not working

I've had a BAR, SUB and 2 play:1s in surround set up for a while, and have recently had in issue where the right surround speaker won't make any noise, though it's added and I can see it the list of m...

Lost wireless connection on Playbase

Playbase no longer connects to wireless My playbase no longer connects to my Google fiber wireless router. I had two play 1,s also connected. They are able to connect independently. Diagnostic code...

Moving Satellite Speakers to another room

I just got a PlayBase and have two Sons One's to use as surround speakers in a den. I want to be able also move either or both to the living room to play music on occasion. What is the best way to set...

Surround sound with Sonos One and PLAYBASE

Can I create surround sound set up with the playbase and two sonos one's but no sub woofer?

Sonos Play 1 surround sound stopped working

The system was working fine several months. Suddenly, playbase works but surround speakers do not. I've checked their volume, internet connection, removed and added them several times with no results....


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