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Play 3: surround speakers cut out

I have recently set up a playbar, 2 X Play 3:, a Woofer and a Connect. All bar 1 of the surrounds is wired via 2 switches to my router. The remaining surround is connected via wireless directly to t...

Can't add PLAY 1 as right surround

Hi guys, I have two PLAY 1's, SUB and playbar. It used to work perfectly, but then one day, my right PLAY 1 was not connected anymore. The room was showing as Living Room (+SUB+?+LEFT). Actually I wa...

Sony TV connection error

my sonos system have been functional as surround for my sony bravia tv whitout any problems until now. All the sudden i get an error message, that the tv can't connect to my sonos due to communication...

Surround sound

Hi everyone, I just recently bought the Sonos one. I already own the play1 and sound bar. I went to set up the surround sound but need either 2 Play 1s or Two "ones". Is there anyone i cause use both...

5.1 surround without PLAYBAR

Hi, I've tried out PLAYBAR, 2x Play:1 and SUB. But I'm not convinced, especially when it comes to use the system for music listening. I miss the "solid dynamic sound" from the PLAYBAR as you get in...

Sonos not producing Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound

I just purchased 2 Play 1's, a Sub and a PlayBase. I have connected and tuned the system successfully. Unfortunately, I am not getting Dolby 5.1 surround sound. I believe the problem might be that my...

Sky Q issues with Play 3 surround sound

I literally upgraded to Sky Q on Friday and now my play 3 speakers don't work, nor does my sub. Any ideas please?

Play:1 to be used for music and for surround

I have the PLAYBAR and SUB in my main tv area. I have a Play:1 for the left surround and I would like to borrow my Bedroom Play:1 for the right surround. When I returned the Bedroom speaker, it was mi...

Play 1 not working with surround on TV

Hi all, I'm aware this question has been asked a million times over, but unfortunately cannot find the answer to my issue. Basically: I have a set up with play bar that works fine with our samsung se...

Access to AirPlay 2 when using ONE as surround speaker

I want to extend my Sonos System (Playbar in one room and a PLAY:1 in another room) with AirPlay 2 functionality. If I extend my Playbar with two ONEs as surround speakers, will I have full access to...

setup failure surround speaker

Hello, I have a problem with one surround speaker. The first one i am able to connect, the second one fails. then i have removed the surround speakers but i am not able to install them again. the led...

Sonos Playbar with just one Play1 as surround

HI Can you use a Sonos Playbar with just one Play1 as surround instead of two?  I only have one Play 1 st present and what to use it as a left surround for the playbar but i cant seem to ge...

playbar surround setup, confused :)

hi all I have a playbar and planning to add a pair of play:1 for surround, but I am a bit confused by the setup. here a few questions: - once I buy the pair of play:1, do I need to set them up with...

Is the Playbar worth it without the sub?

I've got 2 Play1s and am ready to get the playbar to setup the foundation of my surround sound system. Thing is, I wouldn't be able to get a sub for a while... and I'm afraid I'm REALLY gonna miss tha...

Turn off all but one speaker - use that for radio

I have a surround setup, and I can turn off all the units except one ( a Play 1 suuround) with a single power switch, I only turn on the system when I am playing a game or watching a movie. I would li...

No AirPlay to a surround setup room with two Sonos Ones as the surrounds?

As the title says. I have a Sonos 5.1 Surround setup with a Playbar, a Sub, and 2x Sonos Ones. If I remove the two Sonos Ones from the surround setup, and set them up in a Stereo Pair, they appear as...

Surround only for movies.

I have the whole system for surround 5.1 Playbar , 2 play1 and sub. When just watching TV is there anyway to just have the soundbar and sub on without the rear play1' s on?

Surround sound

Hi all, I have a sonos playbar, sub and two play 1’s for rears. I have noticed that recently when playing films in Dolby digital (Apple TV 4K) that the playbar sound seems to be being drowned out by...

"Add Surround Speakers" not showing up as an option

I've had Sonos for years, so I'm pretty familiar with things. Alas, I'm stuck. I have a room "TV Room" with a Playbar and a Sub bonded and working fine. I have two Play: 1s I wish to add as a surro...

Surround sound

I have 2 play 5s 1 play 3 and 1 play 1 all first gen and want to use my speakers for my tv surround sound, what set up is best with what i have?

5.1 Surround

I have an existing Denon amp and speakers including a subwoofer. I have ordered a Sonos Beam. Already existing in my house are 2 x Sonos ones.My question is can i buy a connect amp use my existing spe...

Is it possible to have a 7.1 setup containing all Sonos components?

I have tried researching this but have found very little info that wasn't very helpful. I have Playbar, Sub, and two Play 1s in rear. (5.1) I would like to add two Play 3s on either side of my Playbar...

PLAY:5 line-in from TV with PLAY:1's as surrounds?

Can I use a Play5's line-in from a TV and then use two Play1's as surround sounds supporting the Play5? I know I can GROUP them, but I want the Play1's to be surround support, not grouped.

Play5 for Stereo and also as Rear Speakers

Can I easily turn my Play5s into rear speakers and vis versa?

Can't reconnect to correct rooms

My lounge (Playbar, sub and two play 1s) lost all sound when we updated the app. The sub and play 1s showed on the system but the playbar didn't. Reset the playbar and the route a few times and got it...


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