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Spotify not playing "connection to spotify lost"

Can't play Spotify through any devices to Sonos. No issue playing any other music services (Tunein, Google Play, etc...). Playing Spotify either through the Sonos Controller or the Spotify app results...

Does accessing Spotify through Sonos affect Spotify personalizations?

If I use Sonos to play stuff from my Spotify account, are my selections sent back to Spotify so that those preferences are reflected in Spotify features like Release Radar and Discover Weekly? I supp...

Spotify app not showing Sonos

Hopefully I'm missing something very obvious... I had linked my Spotify premium account as soon as Ver. 7 was released (during the beta actually). Now I cannot see any of my Sonos devices in the Spo...

Cant connect to spotify

I can play every other service but Spotify. It works directly on the phone just not through sonos. I've tried removing and adding spotify. Please help.

Can't Control Sonos From Spotify (working previously)

I had Spotify & Sonos working together where I could use the Spotify App to play on my Sonos 1 directly. But now that has gone away, and I can't get it working again. ● I don’t see my Sonos speaker...

Spotify Connect - lost connection and unable to reconnect

Hi all, looking for a bit of help if possible please, Spotify Connect has been working perfectly until tonight, when I have been having some general PC issues and had to reinstall a few programs, i...

Connection with Spotify lost like many others

Hey I'm having what seems to be the very common spotify playback issues on my sonos system. Other services work fine (such as playing from my iPhone, internet radio) but spotify constantly stops play...

COMPLETED: Planned Spotify Connect Service Maintenance - 16/01/17 1 p.m. CET

To ensure the quality of the Spotify music service, Spotify will perform maintenance Monday the 16th of January at 1 p.m. CET for approximately 60 minutes. The impact during the maintenance should be...

Frequently getting 'Connection to Apple Music/Spotify was lost'

I cannot get music from either Apple Music or Spotify to play reliably on several of my Sonos speakers. I'll get maybe 2/3 through a song only to have an abrupt change to the next song in the queue or...

Spotify Randomly Skipping and Stopping

Hi, When I am playing Spotify content it is randomly skipping to the next track. In the Error log it says "Unable to play [song] - connection to Spotify was lost". I've just submitted diagnostics...

Spotify Connect loses connection to Play 1

I've bought my first Sonos Speaker today - a Play:1 Everything works great when controlling over the Sonos App but if I want to play my music over spotify connect it looses connection. Sometimes af...

Sonos Version 7.0 with Spotify Connect and Trueplay for Home Theater Now Available

Exciting news everyone, Sonos version 7.0 is now available. Update now to enjoy Spotify Connect, Trueplay for Home Theater, and more. Sonos version 7.0 delivers one of the longest running request...

Spotify Music Service cannot be added anymore

Hi, Have been using Spotify premium with Soundbar, Play 5 and Play 1 for over 12 months with no issues (Australia). The Soundbar recently stopped being able to play the tracks (I could still browse...

Cutting out after one song using Spotify

Whilst playing Spotify through SONOS or SONOS through Spotify (via an IOS or OSX device) I get the “Unable to Play “Name of Song” - the connection to Spotify was lost" error message after 1 song has p...

Skipping tracks irrespective of music service even though everything is wired only???

Hi, my Sonos system (Play 1, 3, and 5gen1) keeps skipping tracks when near the end of the song, or just stops automatically. This happens irrespective of using Spotify, or tracks from my NAS, etc....

Use Spotify Station as Alarm

I'm wondering how to use a Spotify Station as a source for an alarm. When I create a station in Spotify, e.g. an Artist Radio station, I can see it in my Sonos favourites, but I can't see my Sonos fav...

Does Spotify on SONOS support Like/Thumbs up/down buttons

I allowed my Spotify subscription to expire a few weeks ago, and as considering trying it out again. But I recall the Like/Thumbs up/down buttons not working on Sonos for Spotify -- which is a dealbre...


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