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Problems with the sonos app and spotify connection

Hi The sonos app doesn’t function well with Spotify connection

Spotify makes computer slow

Hello Community, I have a yogastudio and in the yogaroom i have 2 Play:1 and in reception area i have 1 play:1 and a Sub. I have a router set up in a room next to reception where i have the computer...

Sonos - Alexa Spotify capability

Is it possible to use Alexa voice command to synch with a Spotify streaming playlist, so that you can say "play songs by eminem" ??? I have it set up so you can start sootify pause, , and skip songs...

Spotify Music Library - Artist selection missing

I'm a new Sonos user. Is there a reason that you can't see all the same functionality in the Spotify app via Sonos as you can on the direct Spotify app? Specifically, My Music Library is missing Artis...

Problem med Spotify

Hej, har problem när jag spelar musik från Spotify appen i telefonen ut till min Sonos Playbar. Den spelar 5 låtar ungefär utan problem sen bara stoppar den och appen hittar inte Playbaren mer men jag...

Cannot use Alexa to play Spotify on Sonos at all

We've got 4 x Sonos Play:1s dotted throughout the house - usually all grouped together. We bought a couple of the Echo Dots under the recent offer, and have subsequently signed up for a trial Spotify...

spotify quality over sonos speakers

Hello, I am considering buying Sonos speakers (like Play 1 pair and sub) and one of the main uses will be to play Spotify. I am wondering about the sound quality over sonos speakers. I currently hav...

Spotify songs are grey

Some songs of personal playlists are grey and not playable. I can play them in spotify on my devices, but not through Sonos.

Spotify loses authorization regularly

On a fairly regular basis I cannot play Spotify music either via the Spotify app or songs app. This is immediately fixed if I re-authorize the service in my settings, it's frustrating to have to manua...

Spotify connection

Still unable to connect to my Play 5 with spotify using my Android phone. Any solutions/idea when this is going to be corrected?

Spotify disconnects despite only one source being used

Spotify disconnects with the message due to more than one source being found, but only one controller is used and all other zones have no music / or queue. Tried clearing all queues etc. but has made...

Sonos, spotify and slexa

When i ask alex to play a certain track on a sonos speaker it will only play a sample.can anyone tell me why this is happening . Ps i do have a premium spotify account.

Sonos not linking with Spotify

Sonos is always asking to reauthorize with my Spotify account when I try to connect to Spotify. Sonos is trying to connect to my account name, which is my ‘billing’ name, where Spotify has my account...

Changing my linked Spotify Account

I want to link my Sonos to a different Spotify Family Account - I travel a lot and keep getting kicked out when I'm listening to Spotify whilst away because the family are listening to Spotify on the...

Lost connection to Spotify ...

Done resets several times with no luck. Submitted diagnosis #7959838. Hope someone could help. Thanks!

Issues with Spotify Direct Control cutting out and not connecting

I've been getting issues with Spotify Direct Control cutting out or not connecting during beta testing, and have been advised to raise the issues with Customer Care. Please see https://betacommunity...

Connection to spotify not working

Diagnostics no. is 7168888. Im trying to use spotify via a bridge, going out to 2 x play 3 speakers. Usually works fine, however over the past couple of weeks the track shows as playing but I've no s...

Spotify "browse artist" gone

Hi all, I seem to have lost my "browse artist" button in Spotify? Not had any issues befor now?

Alexa and Spotify

Why does my new Sonos 1 with Alexa not recognise that I use Spotify? I ask her to play an artist from Spotify and she keeps reverting back to Amazon...... confused!?

Sonos, Alexa and spotify

Very disappointed so far with voice control. Been waiting for nearly a year and finally it's here. But you can't voice control via alexa to play locally stored files of Spotify the no1 streaming servi...

Sonos One Alexa Spotify features – add song & artist radio

I've got a Sonos One and have Spotify set up as my default service. I'd like to be able to say "Alexa, add this song to my library" or "Alexa, add this song to playlist My Jams". I'd also like to use...

Spotify byter låt eller stannar.

Hej, Vi har problem med vår Spotify via sonos. Den byter eller stannar låtarna i mellanåt. Jag har gått igenom de steg ni rekommenderar men har fortfarande samma problem. Diagonostik nummer: 7480917...

Spotify and Country change

I changed the country in Spotify. After month expiration, now the Spotify catalog, if accessed by Spotify app, has been correctly reset to the new country catalog. However if use the Spotify service f...

Spotify Download

Is it possible to download music from Spotify to play later - offline?

Sonos will randomly stop/pause song from Spotify

I have a PLAY:1 that runs Spotify in my child's nursery every night, and has done so well for about 11 months. A couple of months ago we noticed the music would just stop. No error message or anythi...


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