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Spotify Family on two separate Sonos systems

With a Spotify family subscription can you set it up such that there is one Spotify user set up on on one Sonos system and another Spotify user setup on another separate Sonos system? Will it be possi...

Skips two Spotify songs, then works

Hi. When I start music from Spotify on my Sonos system, I get the "connection to spotify was lost" error message twice, for the first two songs (it seems to try for some seconds to play, before giving...

Support for Spotify Party

Spotify has an interesting new feature that is a great fit for Sonos. See here:

Does accessing Spotify through Sonos affect Spotify personalizations?

If I use Sonos to play stuff from my Spotify account, are my selections sent back to Spotify so that those preferences are reflected in Spotify features like Release Radar and Discover Weekly? I supp...

Spotify organisation.

Let me preface this by saying I think that overall the integration level with Spotify has been headed in the right direction along with continual improvements to the app as a whole. There's a coupl...

Optimal way to log into Spotify?

Hi, When I'm on the road, my iPhone Spotify stream terminates as soon as my family stream Sonos Spotfy at home. Are there any other optimal ways to fix this, other than setting up a ficticious...

Spotify tracks playing but no sound

Im trying to use spotify via a bridge, going out to 2 x play 3 speakers. Usually works fine, however over the past couple of days the track shows as playing but I've no sound. The controls on the ap...


Hello, I have now been experiencing the following issue while trying to play spotify song via Sonos: "Unable to play the song... the connection to Spotify was lost". Report reference: 6413127 To...

I can play spotify in the sonos app, but i can't select sonos as a device in the spotify app

Hi, I have 3 x Play1 installed and can uae spotify in the sonos app. I can pair and unpair, tune with trueplay and everything. But in my spotify app there is no sonos in my devices. They are all on t...

Can't connect to spotify

As of yesterday I've had trouble connecting to Spotify on my Sonos system. Sometimes I get an error message when trying to enter a playlist, and no songs will appear, other times I can see the songs,...

Spotify dropping out on Sonos equipment - Virginmedia DSL connection

I have several PLay 1s,3s, and 5s in my house which have been playing fine through a Virgin Media superhub. Due to poor wirleess network range and poor Video calling experiance, I have recently put...

Cant connect to spotify

I can play every other service but Spotify. It works directly on the phone just not through sonos. I've tried removing and adding spotify. Please help.

No "Albums" view for Spotify's "Your Music" in Sonos Controller

Hi, Great thing Spotify's "Your Music" now appears in the Sonos Controller. However, I only have the "Songs" view and not the "Albums" one which is really annoying. Probably an easy fix ? Ced...

Unable to Add Track to Queue (Spotify)

When clicking on a song while using Spotify, Sonos says "unable to add track to queue", anyone able to help? worked fine yesterday.

Spotify - Start a playlist from the middle

If I open one of my spotify playlists in the sonos app and select to "play now" a song, the music stops after the song is over. The only way that I found to play a playlist is to start from the begin...

Spotify play counts when streamed through Sonos

I have noticed that when I use Sonos to stream music from Spotify, those songs do not appear in my Spotify music history. Are those streams still being recorded by Spotify (so that artists are stil...

DAILY MIX of Spotify

Will the DAILY MIX of Spotify appear in SONOS?

Unable to connect to Spotify

Hi, I've been trying to play music from my Spotify account for weeks now. I've searched this forum without any luck. The error i get when trying to connect is as follows: I have tried all...

Connection to spotify not working

Diagnostics no. is 7168888. Im trying to use spotify via a bridge, going out to 2 x play 3 speakers. Usually works fine, however over the past couple of weeks the track shows as playing but I've n...

Spotify app not showing Sonos

Hopefully I'm missing something very obvious... I had linked my Spotify premium account as soon as Ver. 7 was released (during the beta actually). Now I cannot see any of my Sonos devices in the Spo...

Spotify down

I can't get connection to spotify today, was fine, now its down. Is there a connectivity problem. Direct connection to Spotify is fine.

Can't Control Sonos From Spotify (working previously)

I had Spotify & Sonos working together where I could use the Spotify App to play on my Sonos 1 directly. But now that has gone away, and I can't get it working again. ● I don’t see my Sonos speaker...

Manage spotify playlists in sonos

I listen all the time to personal curated spotify playlists (using my Sonos) and while listening often I want to remove a song from that specific playlist because I'm tired of it or think that this so...

cant add spotify in the sonos app on IOS and OSX

Hello, i have configured today my sonos speakers, all is working really good, the only think i cant configure is to add spotify to the sonos app. hope you can help me

"Enjoy Spotify’s entire catalogue" on Sonos

How do I do this? In the Sonos controller I can only see the Spotify playlists (Charts, New Releases, etc.) and my saved songs and albums. How do I browse play a specific artist or album?


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