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No sound from speakers

I am using the Sony STR-DN1050. I want to be able to hear the audio from the TV in the room with the Sonos speakers. I have tried the zone 2 audio jacks but I am not getting any sound, not sure what...

Sony 900F

An answer from Sony U on Amazon says the Sony 900F series wont pass dolby digital through the optical cable. This contradicts the 900F user manual (page 17). Has anyone hooked up their playbar to a...

Beam connecting to Sony KD-65X9300D

So this isn’t working... I connect the Beam to HDMI4 which is the ARC port also. During setup the Sonos recognised the TV was a Sony and directed me to BraviaLink however that’s where it all goes wro...

Sony OLED?

Wondering if anyone here might have bought a Sony A1 OLED TV and if it works with the playbar?

Beam working with Sony XBR 46hx929, Dish Network, & 4G Apple TV

Have the Beam connected & working on the HDMI-ARC port, but also had it connected & validated working via the Optical Digital Out on the Sony with Dish Network & 4G Apple TV. My audio remote control...

Problem Sonos Soundbase tillsammans med Sony Bravia TV och hemanläggningå

Jag har en Sony Bravia TV (2016) med en optisk ljudkabel till en Sonos Soundbar och det fungerar perfekt när jag tittar på TV från kabelTV. Problemet uppstår när jag vill titta titta på ex. Apple TV s...

Beam + XBox One X + Sony x900e Audio Delay and General Settings?

Uh oh. Last night, watching a Bluray via an XBox One X to Sony x900e and the lip sync was off. Sonos app only lets you modify lip sync the opposite that it needed to go so that only makes it worse. I...

Connecting Sonos Playbar to Sony STRDN1080 Receiver

Is it possible to connect my Sony STRDN1080 receiver to a Sonos Playbar to be used for a 5.1 surround system? I am using a projector as my video source, so I may not be about to feed the audio output...

Sony tv automatically switching between tv speakers and beam

I purchased the beam yesterday. Connected to my sony kd-65xe8596... When watching tv, the connection alternates between tv and beam. So the sound cuts out every 2 seconds. It shows audio system active...

Sony Bravia Message Audio System has been connected

Hi, I have had Sonos playbar, sub, and 2 X play1 in my living room for 18 months. I love it - faultless - until last night when the message below started to appear and after resetting (Factory) the T...

Sonos Beam and DTS using Sony AF8 and Sony UPB-x700

Does anyone else have this configuration of equipment and know how to set up please

Problem med sonos appen

Sonos appen vil ikke åpne etter den nye oppdateringen. Har en sony compact 5

Sony TV, Xbox One and Playbar advice

Hi, I'm close to taking plunge into the world of Sonos but have been doing some reading this afternoon and found myself unsure if my TV is compatible with the Playbar that I was looking to buy. My pl...

Making play5 work with Sony htxt1 ?

I have a Sony HTXT1 ( soundbar. It works great but I want to get Play5 since I have been hearing great things about it. Is there a way to make both of...

Sony Bravia TV and Sonos

Can someone please tell me how to set up Sony Bravia TV with my Sonos system? Thanks

Sonos and Sony Atmos

Hi all New to the forum. I have an LG C7 TV - with sound output to a Sony Atmos ST 5000 sound bar and sub. It’s impressive but lacks full 360 sound. I wasn’t sold by the full Sonos setup at the...

Sony X800 - option to convert DTS > DD?

Can anybody here confirm if the Sony UBP-X800 has a menu option which allows us Sonos users to convert DTS to DD5.1, so we can output to a playbase (that's connected via optical from TV). The UBP-X800...

Voice Control not working on Sony TV

I have a Sony 900e. I have the Beam connected via HDMI-ARC and sound is working fine. However, I can’t get voice commands to turn on or off TV... or change volume. Any suggestions on how to fix? T...

Sony TV & soundbar - would like to use Play 1 for surround sound

Hello. With the Play 1 on sale at the moment I thought about picking up two to add to my lounge. I have a Sony TV and the soundbar/sub that came with it. My thought was that maybe I could get 2 Pla...

New Sony XE90 tv + playbase and 2xplay1

Hello All I just got my New tv: Sony XE9005 paired with a playbase and 2x Play 1. When I use the Android smartTV and using apps the output is only stereo and not 5.1 according to the Sonos app? Wh...

Beam and Sony TV --- in sync

Hi all, I just wanted to chime in with my experience. I have received my Beam a couple of days ago (international shipping took a bit of time; Beam is not sold in my country, unfortunately) and inst...

Best way to hook up Sonos Connect and Sony STR-DA5ES receiver

What is the best way to hook the devices together?

Comparable tv for sonos playbar in Dolby digital

Is the Sony kd55xe8596 compatable with playbar via optical cable? Thanks. Adam.

Problem: Sonos Android app interferes with Sony PlayMemories Home

Dear all, I've recently bought a Sonos Play 1 speaker and installed the app for Android. I also got a Sony digital camera (A6000) for which there is a remote control app (called "PlayMemories Mobile...

Sonos surround sound speakers not working with my Sony tv

Sonos PlayBar working but two play 1s producing no sounds when tv on. They work perfectly if I play music. My tv has optical audio out as well. Help!


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