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Echo in kitchen responds when SonosOne in bathroom is asked a question!

I have three Amazon Echos and seven Sonos speakers, one is a combo SonosOne, which is in the master bathroom. When I ask the bathroom SonosOne a question or set a timer, it wakes and goes quiet, but...

FEATURE REQUEST: Podcast player controls

Hi, controlling podcasts currently using Pocketcasts in the Sonos app is a nightmare. A customisable time or at least a 15sec forwards/backwards button to replace the back and skip track buttons would...

#SonosOne Setup Impossible

[Solved] I'm the owner of two Play:1 units & Bridge and purchased #SonosOne set for Christmas. Went to setup the units this afternoon and it's definitely been a headache. I've followed the directions...

Static and lag only right before a song starts (airplay2)

Hello, The title says it all. I own two newly purchased (less than one-month old) Sonos Ones, that I pair as stereo speakers. Whenever I start a tune through airplay 2 (iPhone and Macbook pro), I...

Buffering issues

I purchased a Sonos ONE and the sound is amazing compared to other brands I have. However I have come across an issue that I don't know how to fix. After a period of time (time periods are inconsist...

Alexa Skills & Sonos One

I bought Sonos one a week ago. I enabled some Alexa skills like Spa Music, Zen Sounds, Ambient Music, Meditation Music. None of the skills work. Alexa replies "I am unable to access the skill Zen soun...

Alexa no longer playing music thru Sonos after change of wifi router

Hi - I've just changed my wifi router (we now have fibre broadband instead of ADSL, and needed new router to enable this), but now I have problems streaming music and radio via Alexa. Before this cha...

SonosOne playback delay on Macbook

I have a SonosOne and I use it with my iPhone X or Macbook Pro (early 2015) 10.13.6. Whenever I switch between watching videos on YouTube from my Mac there is a delay of minimum 10 seconds. Secondly,...

Sonos One og Altibox - fungerer dårlig sammen?

Forsøker å sette opp min nye Sonos One til å kjøre på wifi fra Altibox hjemmesentral. Dette kjører overhodet ikke. Har satt opp den samme enheten til å kjøre på andre nettverk, som går uproblematisk....

Renamed a room, SonosOne won't play to it

Hello all. I've renamed one of my rooms from "Office" to "Dungeon" because that was going to be more fun. I did the renaming via the Sonos app. But the new name appears both on the Sonos and Alexa...

Taking Sonos One on Vacation

Hello, I'm a newbie in the community (but a passionate Sonos user). I got my first Sonos one a few weeks ago. I'm planning to take it temporarily to a friend's vacation house for a few days, which mea...

Play Echo and Sonos One Simultaneously

Can someone please advise how to have Sonos One and Echo units play together? I bought the Sonos One yesterday and was surprised when that capability was not available. I tried syncing for hours wit...

Volume not working on SonosOne

I have a Sonos One and the volume control when playing music does not seem to work. If I use alexa at a high volume she shouts but when trying to turn up the volume for music it is at a very low level...

Sonos One vs Sonos Play1

I have a playbar and one Sonos Play 1. I´d like to buy another play 1 or sonos one, to complete a home theater system. Will I have any problems with using two different types of speakers or are they e...

Alexa stopped working HELP!

It's a good thing I set my alarms on my mobile phone as well because my Sonos One didn't fire off the alarm at all. I also can't issue Alexa commands to it anymore which is ridiculous. I disabled the...

Sonos One is overwhelmed by the bass in certain songs

I've contacted support about this already and was given two suggestions to try, which I have not had time to implement yet. But I wanted to throw this out to the community to see if a few of you could...

Is the Sonos One dust-resistant enough to be used in a garage workshop?

I'd love to use a Sonos One in my garage where I do all kinds of stuff—the messiest being woodworking. I've got an air filter, but plenty of sawdust can settle. Assuming I don't care how gray the clot...

Programming Spectrum remote with Sonosone

i cant get my Sonos one hooked up to my spectrum remote Help

SonosOne audio interruptions Amazon music

SonosOne cuts out occasionally when playing music from Amazon Music. Does anyone else have this problem?

Sonos App Crashing

Hi guys. I'm having a weird problem with my Sonos App on all Apple devices. App keeps crashing whenever Apple Music is linked as a service. Tried different devices (iPhone X, 6, 6s) and different iOS...

Solution to Alexa unable to found your location on Sonos One

If you encounter this issue of Alexa on your Sonos device, here is probably the issue and solution. Per example, if you ask Alexa the weather and it said in WESTLAKE instead of your location from your...

Sonos One plug too loose ?? Frustrated with my disconnecting Speaker

I've been so frustrated after setting up my Sonos One Speaker because the plug into the Speaker is just too darn loose. If I need to pick up the Speaker, the Speaker just suddenly shuts off and stops...

What to get for home cinema and listening to music

Hi, I was recently bluffed by the Phantom from Devialet but after a little research I guess Sonos can do as good or close to for less money... Our TV corner is about 20 SQM and the living room (same...


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