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Buffering issues

I purchased a Sonos ONE and the sound is amazing compared to other brands I have. However I have come across an issue that I don't know how to fix. After a period of time (time periods are inconsist...

#SonosOne Setup Impossible

[Solved] I'm the owner of two Play:1 units & Bridge and purchased #SonosOne set for Christmas. Went to setup the units this afternoon and it's definitely been a headache. I've followed the directions...

Sonos One vs Sonos Play1

I have a playbar and one Sonos Play 1. I´d like to buy another play 1 or sonos one, to complete a home theater system. Will I have any problems with using two different types of speakers or are they e...

Alexa stopped working HELP!

It's a good thing I set my alarms on my mobile phone as well because my Sonos One didn't fire off the alarm at all. I also can't issue Alexa commands to it anymore which is ridiculous. I disabled the...

Sonos One separate volume for alarm

Hi all, On my Echo Dot, there is an option for sound where I can handle the volume for my music and alarm separately. This means that with my Echo Dot, I can set the music volume (or Audible volume/a...


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