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Sonos marketing has definitely changed under Spence. Bootleg?

Sonos One a massive disappointment

I can’t even begin to voice the level of disappointment I have with the Sonos One. It’s advertised as a Sonos speaker with Alexa in it, and I guess at a very high level that’s accurate but it’s riddl...

Boost or Sonos One?

Hello all, currently i've connected a Sonos BOOST to my router with an Ethernet cable for creating a dedicated Sonos wireless network. Since i intend to buy a Sonos ONE i'd like to directly connect th...

Sonos One Easter Egg??

Anyone else noticed that Alexa on the Sonos One responds to Blake’s 7 as well as Alexa? Very cool.....

Alexa won't start in mornings unless Sonos One re-plugged in

Alexa will not respond in the morning unless I unplug and re-plug in my Sonos One. The commands are received, the sound is lowered and the lights blink but the command is mot implemented. Any fixes?

Cannot set up One

I already have a One on this system, trying to add another One and it will not see the Sonos network or set up. It had a white light meaning it was already set up, but it has not been.

Reset Sonos 1

How do i reset a sonos one?

Unresponsive "Alexa" wake word on Sonos One

I'm new to the Sonos ecosystem and purchased a Sonos One to replace an old Echo. So far I have really enjoy the music playback and quality of the sound. But compared to Amazon's Echo line, are the mi...

New Play 1 - Cannot connect

I am having difficulties connecting to wireless wifi. I do not have a router so I dont have anywhere to connect the ethernet cable.

Sonos One with Alexa and Google Home Working Together_Sort Of....

I've been living with the Sonos One since release date 10/24/17. I am very pleased with Sonos One/Alexa marriage. Before the Sonos One with Alexa I was using a Google Home device with Chrome Cast A...

Sonos Play ones not discoverable in Alexa App

New to Sonos. Gone through searches on this subject. Tried many. I own 2 play ones. Located in kitchen and family room. Sound and play great with sonos app. Can use voice command with Alexa to play i...

Sonos One and Echo Dot

How do you get an Alexa reminder to play on both a Sonos One and an Echo Dot. I have a Sonos one on the first floor and an Echo dot on the second floor. I can't seem to have a reminder set on one de...

Now Available: Sonos One

On shelves in stores and arriving at your homes if you pre-ordered, the Sonos One is available today. Read more about the all new Sonos One here. Take a look at our blog on voice and the smart home by...

Sonos One not playing to other rooms

I have a Sonos Playbar and two Sonos Play 1 speakers set up in the same room. The Sonos One just arrived and I can get it set up to operate on its own or to turn on the other speakers but not to play...

Alexa on the one

Hi... has anybody else had a problem with the alexa function on the new one... mine doesn't play songs when you ask it ... it says shuffling songs by.. then nothing.. no flash briefings.. i contacted...

Sonos one with my existing sonos

I have 8 sonos and a playbase. If I add a single sonos one will the commands I ask Alexa for songs play thru all of my speakers? Can I tell the single sonos one Alexa which rooms individually to play,...

Connect + Sonos One + TV

I understand that you can't connect Sonos One speakers to a TV -- the Playbar is made for TVs. But I have two Sonos One speakers, and I'm thinking of buying the Connect to hook up my record player....

Drop In on Sonos One

Does my Sonos One have the drop in feature that my Echo Dot has? Can't seem to find it, yet its readily visible for the dot

Sonos One issues

I would be interested in people’s views on the new Alexa enabled Sonos? I purchased on the other week but find its functionality very limited. It will not fully operate my other Sonos units. In additi...

Sonos One Spotify Update

Will there be any other Sonos One updates with the Spotify release on December 21st? Or will it be strictly focused on Spotify? Just curious if any other new Alexa functions will be added.

Purchased a Sonos One. Suggestions for adding on to this 1st purchase

I've just purchased a Sonos One and am very happy. I have 2 goals. One would be stereo and the 2nd would be surround sound. Improving the sound from my tv (and Apple TV) would be optimal. Would others...

Sonos One update not working

I purchased a pair of Sonos One's about a month ago but have been unable to use Alexa on them because they can't hear me unless I'm standing literally right next to them. An update was released, 8.2.1...

Buy another Sonos One or get a Play 1 to add?

Ok, so I got a Sonos One for Xmas and love it-Alexa working well, finally! I have the one downstairs but now have the bug and want one I better to go for another One upstairs or just get...

Issue adding new play 1 speaker in controller app

I’ve just bought the new sonos 1 speaker but we’re having some issues adding it to our setup. I get a message midway through setting the speaker up that says I need to do a controller update. However...

Sonos One playback issues

Have had the sonos one for 2 weeks now. Everything worked out......not now. Ask Alexa to play 80s music and she doesn't play anything at all even though she tells you she is. Whats going on Sonos?????...


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