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Someone switched my sonos account

When I open Sonos it says "We found at least one player that's not linked to your Sonos account..." There's an icon that says "Let's fix it." When I click it, the next screen asks to sign in to my S...

Don't know Sonos account name on my system!

Hi there i have the very recent problem of my playbar and speakers in my living room no longer being connected to my sonos controller . My daughter has signed in to the sonos account,in her name so i...

"Sign in with the account used to set up sonos"

My sonos system worked fine for 2 years, then suddenly i got the above Message. I have signed in with every email account i can think of and still can not find it. I am sure you can re attach the spea...

Latest update requires a Sonos account? Please knock it off.

I don't want a Sonos account. I have enough accounts out there already. I paid a lot of money for the hub and speakers and now my usage is being held hostage to Sonos' desire for that fat data harvest...

Windows 10 Sonos Account? Where did this come from?

My installation of Windows 10 has a new account named Sonos Wireless HiFi System. Does anybody know why? Thanks for the help!

No Spotify with new Sonos account, but OK with old Sonos account

Custom integrator here. Setting up a new system (Playbar, sub, Play 3) for a client. Client created and verified a new Sonos account, however Spotify does not appear under Add Music Services, and th...

Offline system use seems no longer possible?

First off, I’m aware there are numerous topics on “can I use my system offline” and I’ve scanned them but they all seem a bit dated and the final nail in the offline coffin seems to have come with a r...

updating your username on your sonos account

Hi, We have Sonos for our clinic and I am trying to add Apple Music with great difficulty inorder to do this i need to do an uodate. I cannot do any updates on my Sonos as the username I have is inco...

Feature request: Manage Sonos playlists online via my Sonos account

To make the Sonos account a little more useful, it would be great if I could manage my Sonos playlists online; create/edit/remove a list, and add/remove tracks from a list (by URL to a service I subsc...

How to delete a (duplicate) Sonos account

I find I have two Sonos profile accounts (two e-mail addresses) and want to delete one of them. I cannot find the "Delete account" function in the "My Account" area on Sonos. Where is it? /Wilm

Can't Link Player To Account

I just experienced the issue with Alexa and as a result I created a new Sonos account and tranfered to that - Alexa now works again (I know they've sorted it but I'd already done the switch). When I...

Delete Sonos account

I need to delete my account as I have inadvertently taken over my housemates system and now it asks for my email address whenever he needs to do anything with it. How do I delete my account?

Linking devices to account

I recently purchased a new connect amp & when I went to add it I was asked to create an account linking all of my devices to that account. The app sees my older devices saying it needs to link them bu...

iPhone Sonos Account Issue

My iPhone says my Sonos system is registered to my old email, yet all my other devices are on my new email. When I try to transfer the Sonos account on the iPhone it says 'Network Error, check Date/Ti...

Spotify and my Sonos account, how do they interact?

Since I just recently registered my Sonos account in my Sonos system I've just discovered Spotify Connect and while evaluating this and trying to figure out how the two systems worked I realize I'm qu...

New Requirement for Login to setup Player is not acceptable!!!

I often have limited to no internet access which is why we decided on Sonos in the first place - we can use it as a standalone system without having to "online". Recently the controller software has...

Sonos One - change Amazon account

I registed my Sonos one to an Amazon account. Now I'd like to move it to a different account. I have removed it from the Amazon accoynt but cant seem to link it to the new account. Tech support provid...

Removing a Sonos product from account

How do you remove one of the Sonos devices from the products on your account?

changing sonos account details easy way ?

have two systems in two different homes but want to put one under another account is there an easy way to change details without having to re setup etc

2 accounts

I somehow made 2 accounts, how do delete 1. Thanks

My sonos account

Does anyone else try to make a sonos account on the app and it keeps saying theres an existing account with my email but iv never made account or used sonos before in my life very frustrating i even t...

Is there a way I can delete some of "My Products" or "My Software" from my sonos profile?

1. There is a Play1 on there that isn't mine. I don't have a Play1. It was recently added and that is when my troubles started. I'd like to delete that but cannot find a way to do so. 2. There are...

no longer have old email account,so trying to add my new one!!!

no longer have old email details and want to use my new email account, nightmare trying to change,please help

Sonos Account: No way!

Hello, as a long time customer from Germany with 7 components and many recommendations to friends and family I want to inform you, that I will not create an Sonsos account. I read some postings here a...

Link players to Sonos account

I'm getting an error message that says "We found at least one player that's not linked to your Sonos account." When I hit "next" it takes me to a screen that says "Enter the account information for g...


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