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Will Sonos easily work with Sharp LC-70SQ15U?

If I am going to pay $600 for this, I want to make sure it works well and is hassle-free. Is anyone able to assist? Thank you for your time. Regards, Kevin

Connecting Playbar with Sharp TV

I have a Sharp LC-52D64u TV. I have connected playbar via digital optical port and changed speakers to variable on TV. Still no sound. Please help.

Sharp TV no longer responding to Alexa

I originally worked through successfully setting up a new Sonos Beam to my older Sharp Aquos TV. I was able to use voice commands to Alexa to turn on/off the TV up until a recent series of power outa...

Sharp Backlight connection

Connected the Playbar music plays through it but all I get is intermittent sound from the Sharp Backlight TV LC 60LE360X when connected

Sonos Compatibility with Sharp Aquos LC-75N8000U - HDMI Dolby Pass Through Questions

I am setting up a small media room (10’ x 20’) solely for the purpose of watching movies and television, as we already have a separate audio setup for music for other rooms (a few AirPlay Bowers & Wil...

Volume too low on Sharp LC-55LBU591U

I have the beam connected to the hdmi arc. When I play videos games the volume can be at 25ish and sounds great. But when watching tv the volume has to be around 90% to be normal volume and I can’t tu...

No audio with Netflix or DVD player (both HDMI)

I set up the Sonos playbar with two Play 1 speakers on my Sharp Aquos TV (LC-60LE600u). The system works well with music and regular tv (local channels) but there is no audio with my Netflix streaming...

Sharp Aquos - no sound coming from Sonos bar

I have a Sharp Aquos (LC-65LE654U). I have connected Sonos Bar directly to TV using digital optical cable, however, there is no sounds coming from my Sonos. If I stream music from Sonos (no involv...

Setting up a Playbar on a Sharp Aquos quattron

I have been having trouble setting up a Playbar on a Sharp Aquos Quattron (LC-40LX3) using the Digital Audio Output. Does anyone have any advice? I can't seem to get my TV to send the signal to the Pl...

Sharp Aquos LC52 no sound from playbar; Apple TV and Music work great

Playbar with two Sonos Ones. My setup-Direct TV and Apple TV through HDMI ports. I set up the Apple TV first without issue. When I switch TV input to DirectTV no sound. When I switch the audio on...

Volume control issue between Sharp Aqous TV & Playbar

Hi - hopefully someone can assist, as I've come across similar issues but can't believe there doesn't look to be a final and full solutIon (though I may have mid-read others comments!). Basically I ha...

Home Theater and Television Recommendation Megathread

Looking for information on Sonos home theater setups? Find answers about surround sound, Dolby Digital, TV recommendations, and all the rest to get the best possible theater experience on Sonos here....


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