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Samsung smart tv remote and sonos playbar

August 2015 bought new Samsung SUHDTV model UN55JS9000FXZA. Unable to pair smart remote to playbar. My set only came with one remote which I think is Bluetooth. It did not include an IR blaster. I...

Playbase weight limit?

Playbase specs say is can take TVs weighing up to 77 lbs; mine (78 in Samsung) weighs 87 lbs. Can the playbase take this weight?

Samsung UN55KS8000

I own a Playbar and a Samsung UN55KS8000. I cannot get the Samsung smart remote to pair with the Playbar and control sound. My TV did not come with an IR blaster. What can I do? I do not want to u...

Setting up player with Samsung UE46F6800SBXXU - V5 TV - normal IR control

I have a Samsung UE46F6800SBXXU - V5. I am not using the smart remote, but the standard IR one which came with the TV. I've set up my Sonos PlayBar which works fine with the Samsung remote to control...


Will the Sonos app support Samsung Bixby voice control

Connecting Playbar with Samsung TV Smart Remote

It is´nt possible to connect the new Samsung Smart Remote (Samsung TV KS 8080 / 8090) with the Sonos Playbar. Connection works with other remotes (e.q. Apple TV4). How can I connect the Samsung Smart...

Playbar not playing Samsung TV

Playbar suddenly stopped playing TV music, works fine with XBOX or phone. Optical cable looks fine too and same cable works with xbox. Sonos controller says no i/p at the audio. I see red light at the...

Connecting Soundbar to Samsung Q Series

Does anyone know how to connect the Soundbar with the Samsung Q Series remote control? I can control it thru my Samsung blueray player, but not thru my tv remote. Thanks in advance!

Sound problems on Samsung UN50MU630D

Howdy, I also posted this in Home Theatre, seems like it's better suited for this forum. - Samsung TV UN50MU630D - DirecTV mini Genie - AppleTV - Sonos: 2, 5.1's Playbar Sub - The TV is 2 months ol...

Kontroller lyd fra Apple TV med Samsung fjernkontroll.

Hei, jeg har følgende komponenter: - Samsung UE55KS8005 - Apple TV 4. gen - Sonos Playbar Jeg har akkurat kjøpt sonos playbar, og problemet mitt er at jeg ikke får styrt volumet opp/ned med Samsun...

Soundbar app on Samsung S6 lock screen. How did it get there?

Why have I got a soundbar app on my phone when I don’t have a sound bar, just other speakers? And how do I get rid of it (Samsung S6)? I need the Sonos app for my sound system.

Connecting Sonos:5 to Samsung Smart TV

Hi, I cant seem to get my Samsung Smart TV to play audio through the Sonos:5. I am using a Red/White RCA to 3.5mm audio cable, directly from the audio out on the TV to the Line In (not the headphones...

Controlling SONOS playbar volume on Samsung J series

Is this possible? All the documentation I've found involves plugging in an IR cable / sensor, which this series does not support. I can't find an option for Universal Remote on the menu, which the pre...

How to get Dolby digital on my tv

Hi I’ve a Samsung tv ue55f6670 and I’m running a sonos soundbar, sub and 2 play 1s for my surround but for the life of me I can’t get it going Dolby digital even though Samsung say it’s a dd compatibl...

Samsung Q7F One Remote

Hi Have just purchased a new samsung QLED Q7F tv (QA55Q7FAMWXXY) to be exact. I note that this remote is different to all samsung / sonos related support topics currently available - I have tried the...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Lite wifi SM-T113 - Android OS, v4.4.4

Hi all, I know from @Chris that you can lock an iOS device to just one app but would like to do this on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. If you can how do you do it and if not can I make a android wid...

TV-mode and sound from Samsung KS8005

I have a PLAYBAR which is connected to my Samsung KS8005 TV via the optical cable. Sound is playing fine, when the PLAYBAR is set to TV-mode. If I want to stop the playback on my PLAYBAR (and only ha...

Volume from Samsung MU7000W remote control wont work with sound bar.

I have connected my sound bar to a new MU7000W tv and have found that the volume button on the TV remote does not work. I have looked at other posts on these forums and have not found a fix for the S...

Sonos One and Samsung Smart Televisions

Why am i seeing my two "One" speakers in the list of connected devices on my samsung Smart TV. they are both referred to as "Media Server"s andI did not initiate thes connection, it appears to have ha...

Sonos Playbar and Digital Audio out from Samsung TV

I am having samsung UE37C5100 connected to playbar. Weird behavior here: i listen the same TV program directly and audio level is pretty low. If i listen to the same program while in PIP with the main...

Samsung Q8C / Sonos Soundbar with Samsung TV Smart Remote

Hi all, I've been spending DAYS trying to get this remote to work with the soundbar... I have followed the instructions on the following link and have actually got it working a few times now, but fo...

Sonos, Samsung TV, BluRay, and Playbar Setup

I'm sure I'm not the only person out there who is using YoutubeTV with a newer Samsung TV (with the One Remote) that has the built-in YTTV client. I like having a Chromecast, as I cast from my PC's an...

Unable to control playbar volume with TV remote

I've tried some suggestions on this board but can't, for the life of me get my Samsung one remote to pair with my playbar. Playbar doesn't recognize it at all. I have a Samsung ks8000 series TV. Help...

Connecting Samsung Smart Remote to SONOS

How do I connect my Samsung TV (49" KS9000 Curved SUHD Quantum Dot Ultra HD Premium HDR 1000 TV) through the smart remote to enable sound adjustment? The SmartRemote does everything but change the so...

Samsung Gear S3 app

Hi, Are any plans afoot to develop an app for the Samsung S3 Gear models? I'd love to be able to operate the sonos network in my house from my wrist. Cheers, Andy


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