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Advice for Upgrading Sonos Network from Two Bridge Extenders (we live in 3 floor townhome) to use one Sonos Boost

Hi - I'm in process of adding a surround sound home theater to our tv room with a playbar and two Play 1's for rear channels. Our home media installer recommended replacing the bridges we have through...

Do I need to attach both speakers to ethernet cables for outdoor stereo?

I'm doing a landscaping project and my outdoor dining area will be around 70mts from my router so wi-fi isn't guaranteed. I'm going to install both Play:1 speakers under a marine-quality PVC canopy to...

New Sonos system

Hi, I'm wondering if we can expect any major updates to the line up soon. I'm interested in buying a playbar, Sub and 2 play 1's for my surround system. The One will probably replace the play:1 some d...

Which Speakers?

Hi there looking for some help. I would like to have 3no. sonos connect:amps to serve 3 areas in a house (Living Room, Kitchen & External terrace, all roughly 4.5x6m). Can anyone advise how i can calc...

Historic Home, Ideal 5.1 Setup?

After weeks of research I believe I’m finally ready to pull the trigger on a Sonos setup. The speakers I plan on purchasing are: •Sonos Playbar •Sonos Sub •(2) Play 1 Speakers One of the ch...

Gym set-up

I’m wanting to know what the best set up with Sonos would be. We’re going to have a gym an reception area and would like to be playing two different music. The gym area is about 100m^2 with over 12’ c...

Best Home Theater for HiFi sound?

Hello, I don't know that which home theater will be best to get quality sound. Anyone can help me?

Connect:amp and existing speakers in Home Cinema

We are building a brand new home from scratch. One room will be a TV and music room and I want decent sound. I have a connect:amp and a pair of Monitor Audio BX5 floor standing speakers. These current...

Options for passing through Home Receiver output to SONOS network

I'm not a current SONOS customer, so I'm trying to get the answer to the following: I understand that the SONOS Connect is used to feed SONOS audio sources to an existing amplifier/receiver system....

both connect and connect amp

new to sonos.. i want to power 2 wireless outside speakers and 2wireless inside speakers do i need both sonos connect and connect amp for that?

My pair of Play 1 sounds a bit "weak" : add a Sub or replace with 2 Play 5 ?

Hi, I have just bought a pair of Play 1 and I am very happy with the Sonos system, the stereo feeling ... but I feel they are too small and/or don't deliver enough bass for my 540 ft² room. I can off...

2 sonos Play One in small room?

Hi. I have a Play 1 in a small room of about 5m2 and I'm thinking of adding another Play 1 to listen to stereo music. Will it sound good or will the room be so small for 2 speakers? Thank you

Help with design please

I have an outdoor theater that I host movie nights at. Previously I used the JBL Flip 4's, and used their party mode to link them all together. This didn't work for me because A. The range was limited...

Outdoor speaker placements

Hi, We are planning on having our patio done, and currently I own a Connect Amp that is not connected to anything. I wanted to place some speakers and wanted some suggestions on where and how I shoul...

Playbase or single Play:5 for TV

I've been contemplating Sonos for quite a while, but having built my house with mostly in-walls and ceiling, I had a hard time justifying. Now with the Alexa integration, I'm taking another look. My...

PlayBar vs PlayBase for home theater in room with cathedral ceilings

We currently have SONOS in several rooms in the house, all for music listening only. We're looking to swap out the DefTech we have for our home theater but are not sure if the PlayBar or PlayBase is a...

Would this setup work right?

I would like a soundbar for my TV and a play 1 in the kitchen (which are open to each other). The soundbar would be the only thing that I hear TV through. I also have a ZP100 powering 2 exterior bos...

Sonos boost

Hi guys. I have a Playbar sub and 2 x play 1 in lounge. And 2 x play 1 in kitchen. Since having all this installed and setup I have noticed my WIFI is a lot slower is this because of the Sonos and if...

New Home Sonos Architecture - Boost, WiFi, Ethernet et al

Hi all, apologies in advance for the long post but I’m looking for guidance on “architecting” a Sonos audio solution in a new house that is at the framing stage and I feel I need to get into the detai...

What is the best preamp to get for Marantz tt42

I have a Play 5 and the Marantz turntable. What would be the best preamp to get so that I get the same output levels as I do when streaming (or better)?

Anyone managed to use output from a digital sound desk with Sonos?

I help out at a small community theatre/community centre. We are about to get a new digital sound desk which can provide ethernet output and therefore access our administrative/technical Wifi. We are...

Receiver & Set Up Suggestions

Off to a really bad start. Recently hired a big box store to install and set up all audio equipment I purchased from said store; Pioneer Receiver; Sonos Connect Amp; Sonos Connect; Sonos One with Alex...

Sonos 5 (v1), 3 , Boost + Mac system sound (line in)

I know this is a touchy subject and I have searched this forum multiple times trying to find the best solution to meet my needs but most of the topics don't actually speak to my needs so I am finally...

Beam or Playbase

Currently we have a Playbar, Sub and two Play 3's for the surround in our main living area. It's a large space, the Playbar has always served us well but looking at upgrading. We have just moved and w...

Fire TV Stick (Audio) --> Echo Dot -->Sonos Play 1

Hi, Is it possible to connect the audio from my fire tv stick to my sonos via an echo dot? Seems like we're close but I have not figured it out. What I can do: 1. I can push the sound from fire...


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