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Playbase Problems

Hello Need help before I return this item. I have purchased the playbase and I'm finding it an absolute nightmare to control. If I switch the tv on from overnight there is no sound so I have to un...

Playbase failed after 3 days

Hi, our Playbase is no longer seen on our network. It is only 3 days old, and has already failed - which is shocking really! We have tried to connect it, going through the multiple diagnostics that yo...

PlayBase Wi-Fi not connecting

Hi, I've had my Playbase attached to my TV for a while, using a couple of Play 1's as a stereo pair for rear speakers. A few weeks back, I noticed no sound coming from the Play 1's when watching TV. I...

Playbase and cabinets

Does it make any sense to put a Playbase beneath a TV of an open faced cabinet the width of the Playbase? A Playbar is not an option due to cabinet design. Would the sound quality be severely hampere...

Disable Playbase buttons?

This is going to sound extremely dumb, but here goes....Is there any way to disable the volume controls on the Playbase itself? One of my cats has taken upon sitting on it while I watch TV. Just by...

Playbase Turns on and off randomly

I have a setup Playbase with two Sons One's as rear speakers. Every once in a while the playbase turns itself off for a few seconds and then turns back on. There are so few controls, I don't even know...

Photos of Playbase on TV with outer stands?

After the release in April we'll see just how the Playbase aligns with different TVs, but until then, has anyone seen any product shots of the Playbase with a TV that has outer stands? I can only find...

Can't add Playbase; no chime, no connection.

I've owned two Sonos:1 and a Playbase for a few months and have not had any problems with them until now. They were all grouped together under "Living Room." However, a few days ago when I opened my S...

Sonos connect, playbase and a/v reciever wiring question

How can I link up my LG 4k tv, sonos connect and playbase to operate tv and playbase thru my Denon a/v receiver?

Digital turntable to playbase

Hi, I have a Project digital turntable with digital audio out connected to my Playbase. It only plays for about a second, then skips a second, then plays again. I can’t find a solution - any suggestio...

Pairing subwoofer to Playbase question

When locating the subwoofer, is the pairing stronger (enhanced) when the subwoofer is closer to the Play-base?


Lyckades till slut installera min Playbase. Fick även igång ljudet på mins två play 5:or samt Sub. Kollade på Netflix via Appel-tv och ljudet var till belåtenhet. När jag sedan skulle kolla på musikvi...

Playbase predominantly for music?

Hi all, I’m new to Sonos (just got a Play:1), having used Airplay through amps and separate speakers for years. I’m impressed with the sound for such a small speaker. Long story short, for various...

Echo Dot and Sonos Playbase

Hello We purchased a Sonos Playbase, Sub Woofer, and two Play:1 speakers for our lounge a few months ago. Last month we added the new Sonos:One (with built-in Alexa) - which is very handy to use voi...

Sonos one + playbase : once on TV mode, ONE'S seem to only play background sounds

Bought 2 Sonos ONE to pair with my playbase. Once I put music on, the sound is wonderful. However, when on TV mode, it seems like there's only background noises and no "true" sound like when playing m...

Connecting Playbase via switch (hub) not working

A brief guide to my setup. I've got an Ethernet cable going from my router (Asus RT-AC3200) down to my lounge. From there, it connects to a switch (Netgear GS108Tv2). The switch then hooks up TV, A...

How does the PLAYBASE compare against the PLAYBAR?

I am wondering if anyone has compared the PLAYBASE to the PLAYBAR - my vision for the PLAYBASE is somewhat defeated by the cheap two part plastic TV stand under my LG OLED65B6P that resonates and rat...

Does Sonos ever respond to Qs posted here?

Having issues with low volume on PlayBase. Searched the forum for similar issues and there are plenty of questions about this problem, but never any responses from Sonos. Is that the normal MO around...

Playbase not recognised - losing sub and surrounds

Hey there, Recently my two play 1 surrounds and sub stopped playing. Looking at sonos controller the Playbase is not being recognised - it appears as a ?. Read another topic saying it could be a dup...

Playbase doesn't connect

I recently tried to access my Sonos system (1 Room - Bridge + Playbase + Sub) and it said one of my players was missing. Tried restarting everything. Router, Bridge, Controllers, etc. Incredibly frust...

Playbase not play audio

Cannot get sound to go from my tv to playbase.i had to buy a digital to analog audio converter because my tv had no optic in it.however it still wont not v.techie so i appreciate any help??the...

Playbase WiFi problems - no longer working

Hi there, I have a TV surround setup, with a Playbase, 2 x Play:3, and a Sub, purchased last year and all of which initially (first few weeks) worked perfectly. (I also have a Play:1 in a separate zo...

Playbase fails to connect

My playbase no longer connects to my system. It was previously working along with a sub and 2 Sonos play 1 surrounds. The other units are still visible in the controller. I have reset my router and th...

Playbase no longer works on wifi

Last weekend my Playbase and 2 Play 1 surrounds suddenly dropped out and my system was not found by the app. I set them up again but whatever I do I cannot get the Playbase to work over wifi and it ca...

PLAYBASE Scratch Resistance

Just got my PLAYBASE. Am about to set it up, before I do, can someone front Sonos confirm scratch resistance? My TV is 70lbs (under the 77lbs max) but I definitely don't want a blemish on my brand new...


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