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SONOS Playbar (5.1) doesn't work any more,

It stopped working all of a sudden and they want $200 for replacement. I barely used it for less than 2 years and the playbar stopped working. I've recommended this to many of my friends, but wont be...

Playbar locked in TV mode ?

Hi. Anybody here know, if I can adjust or cancel the timeout for the TV settings. ? When I turn off the TV, my PlayBar is in TV mode for more minutes. It's a little annoying when I want to music just...

TV for my Soundbar.

I am currently fitting out my new house with my Tv and sounds. I want to go down the full Sonos route. I intend to buy, Soundbar, Subwoofer. 2 x play1. I also want a new TV and DVD player at he same t...

Playbar Cuts Out After Updating

After updating to 7.3, the sound keeps cutting out while watching TV. The only way to get it back is to switch it to another audio source (radio station, music, etc) then quickly switch it back. Again...

Playbar - with SUB or with 2xPlay 1s?

I'm about to get a Playbar for the TV and alongside that my budget will stretch to either a SUB or 2 Play 1s (or Ones) plus stands to use as surrounds. System will be used as much for music as for TV...

Play button when selecting TV grayed out

I just updated to 8.0 about 20 minutes ago. I have playbar and base connected to receiver and TV. It worked flawlessly prior to updating today. Now, when I select TV option, the play button is gray...

Playbar works on top of stand but not on wall

When my playbar is sitting on top of the entertainment center and I use the TV volume control it works fine. When I rotate the playbar to mount it on the wall, the remote no longer works to adjust th...

Playbar no longer has sound with TV; fine with music

My playbar/TV/sound surround was working fine yesterday. I then moved the TV a bit and the audio cable was disconnected. I reconnected as before, but now there is no sound from playbar when watching...

Trouble adding pair of play 1’s to PLAYBAR

Had the PLAYBAR and pair of play1 for over a year and pretty sure the play1’s have never worked as part of the surround sound, so yesterday I tried re adding the play 1’s to the PLAYBAR one works fine...

Playbase or Playbar?

Hello, I am currently considering buying a soundbar for my living room TV, so I am thinking of getting the Sonos PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE to add to my existing Songs setup. What are the key differences b...

Playbar stopped working Support Data: 8030655

Suddenly the Play stopped working. Powering off an on did Not work. The white led is on. No Connection to the System. I send the Support Data 8030655 Regards Michael

What should I get?

Ok, so i'm about to embark on a large extension and want to make the move to Sonos at the same time. Due to costs i'm not going to worry about bathrooms or bedrooms at this time and only need to consi...

playbar only visible when TV is on?

Playbar always has power but is only reachable from app (both webapp and iphone app) when the TV is on. If I just want to play music thru it with the TV off - apparently that's now impossible. It 'u...

Playbar Aesthetic Update

Is Sonos planning to update the "look" and sound quality of the playbar?


For as long as I can remember I’ve been getting a buzzing noise from my playbar mainly when there is no audio from the tv the buzz is there and also when the channel flicks between shows and ads I’ve...

Sonos net doubt

Hi guys, I used to have my sonos setup connected through wifi, but recently I hooked a Playbar to the router expecting to leverage the sonosnet connection, but all the speakers are still connected thr...

New Sony Bravia Update may fix Optical out issues

My Sony X900E TV had an update yesterday and here's what was listed. Of note is the Optical digital sound sometimes stops release fix. I'll be testing this out later today, but wanted to get this out...

Connecting LG Magic Remote with PLAYBAR

I just bought an LG TV and am trying to link it up to my PLAYBAR. There seem to be good tutorials on exactly this on this forum, however they are not helping as I can't seem to find 'Room Settings' in...

Playbar crackling sound

I have a 5.1 setup (playbar, sub, 2 play:1s). Recently, the playbar has a crackling and static like sound coming out of it when I watching cable tv (cox). I have an optical cable running from the pla...

Crackling sound from playbar

Diagnostic number 7486455 Hi team, recently I have been having a few issues with a crackling sound coming from my playbar. I haven't had this happened before and I don't use the speakers on a regula...

Trying to send audio from Roku Ultra to Sonos Playbar using an optical cable but unsuccessful

Hello, I have the following I am trying to work with: 1. Roku Ultra - HD and 4K UHD (it has an optical connection at the back) 2. Sonos playbar & sub 3. Optoma projector (short throw) I am trying to...

Next generation Playbar 2018?

When will we get a new Playbar?! Perhaps in 2018?!

White playbar

Hey guys have you seen Sonos one? The white white? It's beautiful isn't it?....please do this with the playbar....PLEASE!!!!

Surround not working with Sony TV

I have just changed my TV to a Sony xe93 and cannot get the surround speakers to work. Optical out plugged into playbar (working fine) but rear speakers (Play 1 *2) not getting any sound. Playing musi...

Playbar dropping out using Tidal after update

Following the last update a couple of weeks ago, every time I listen to Tidal my Playbar drops sound and occasionally disappears from the network altogether. I have checked the wireless network which...


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