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Playbar connects alone, after turning off the tv

Hello, The Playbar I have connected to the TV and works perfectly when I connect the TV. The problem comes when I turn off the TV, after a few minutes it activates again and starts to play the music...

Unable to play Spotify with Sonos Playbar

I am aware of this issue from October but unfortunately i can no longer connect and play my spotify through my Sonos Playbar. I keep getting an error message asking me to update to Spotify Premium but...

Can't factory reset the playbar & surrounds won't work

1) I have followed the instructions - unplug > hold down mute button and plug back in > hold and wait for amber light > amber and white light flashes ... but then it immediately turns to flashing red...

Sound cutting out on playbar and play one surrounds using line in

Hey I am having a sound cut out problem on my player and play one surrounds when using the line in for a turntable. This has only happened today - and is NOT happening on any other Zones? Wonde...

New playbar won't connect to existing system

Hi, I've got a current Sonos setup with a Boost connected to my router, a Living Room zone comprising 2x Play:1 speakers in a Left-Right pair, a Kitchen zone with a Play:1 speaker and a Bedroom zo...

How to get DD 5.1 from PS4 & PS3 to the Playbar

I've searched this forum and googled but didn't really find a solution for my problem. Unfortunately nearly every article/tutorial in the sonos knowledgebase regarding PS3/4 was not online anymore and...

Playbar Orientation

Is there any benefit to the short orientation versus the tall (wall) orientation with regards to one providing better sound?

Playbar Night Mode time schedule

Hi, Is there any plan to put time schedule for night mode in playbar? I'm using the sonos sub with the playbar, and if I forgot where I put iphone while turning on the tv, it's waking up my kids! t...

Playbar out-of-sync with surround speakers

Recently my TV Room (1 Playbar with 2 Play:3 surround speakers, Playbar is wired, rest of speaker through SonosNet) is starting to play music out-of-sync. When I watch TV nothing seems wrong (TV and m...

Is there something wrong with my Playbar?

Hey, I just bought a Playbar for my living room and a Play1 for my kitchen. I had no problem installing the units and I'm really impressed with the Play1 but my Playbar is a big disappointment....

CONNECT:AMP As Surround Rear Left & Right

I just bought a house that has speakers in the ceiling in some rooms, and I would like to use the two in the living room as rear left and rear right in a 5.1 setup using the PLAYBAR, SUB, and the CONN...

TV 5.1 (Stereo option availability)

Hi guys, I'm researching and considering investing in a playbar, sub and a couple of play speakers for my bedroom! I just want to confirm if they have made the stereo option available when playing s...

Playbar TV Sound cutting out on regular basis for past few days.

I am getting many 1/8 second cut outs of sound from Sonos speakers. This seems to have started happening at the last software update a few days ago. Lipsync is fine, this is actual cut out of the so...

Remote set up for Sonos Playbar + Samsung TV + Virgin Media??

Hi, I have managed to programme my Virgin Media remote to control the Samsung TV power & volume. I've even managed to prevent the annoying "external speaker" pop up message! I've connected the new Pla...

Pioneer PDP-436XDE Plasma TV 43 inch To mount incorporating playbar

Pioneer PDP-436XDE Plasma, Sonos playbar Want to mount the above tv on wall, but now bought a Sonos playbar Any one suggest a installation of Sonos underneath wall mounted tv Thanks

Problem: Playbar Frozen with no sound

Not sure if anyone had this problem before. I did a search and didn't find anything similar. My Playbar connect to my TV using optical cable. It also connects to my router that thus goes to the Int...

Playbar auto switches to previous source

When I'm watching TV with the Playbar and there is no audio from the TV for a few minutes, the input will switch from optical to the previous source. I've set the auto-detect option for optical audio...

Router Setup with Wired Sonos and Multiple other devices

Hello, I'm building a new home and I would like to lay out my plans for my network setup with wired Sonos and some other devices and hoping you all can tell me if it will work, how i could improve it,...

5.1 Setup with Wired Setup and Ceiling Speakers

Building a house and I'm currently running ethernet cord throughout the house. I am hardwiring all of my Sonos throughout the house into my network to increase reliability...but I am not quite sure e...


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