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Multiple Audio Inputs into Play Bar

My TV is connected to the sound bar. What if I want to connect my Xbox or Blu-ray player to get digital audio through the play bar? Will I get the same quality if I connect those devices to the TV via...

Playbar connects alone, after turning off the tv

Hello, The Playbar I have connected to the TV and works perfectly when I connect the TV. The problem comes when I turn off the TV, after a few minutes it activates again and starts to play the music I...

Echo in playbar

I have a room (kitchen and living room) with 2 zones (connect) in addition I have a playbar (+ sub) in the living room which mainly are used for TV sound. From the version 7, and the truesound capabil...

Playbar or Playbase?

So I'm new to the Sonos ecosystem. Last month I bought the P5Gen2 for my home office. Last week I bought 2 P1's for the living room. The next part for my home theater system will be the Playbar or Pla...

Trouble with Playbar

got a new playbar- connected to TV- sound was AWESOME.... went to add music- now can not get back to the TV volume- all that keeps coming up is " no music" please help

Trouble adding pair of play 1’s to PLAYBAR

Had the PLAYBAR and pair of play1 for over a year and pretty sure the play1’s have never worked as part of the surround sound, so yesterday I tried re adding the play 1’s to the PLAYBAR one works fine...

Use playbar with and without TV

I now use the playbar as a stand-alone unit for music in the living room. We bought a new tv and want to use the playbar as a soundbar for the TV. But is it then still possible to use it when the tv i...

Flicking Noise through PLAYBAR and Play 1 surround speakers

Good Afternoon, after updateing this morning when using the PLAYBAR with 2x Play 1 speakers as a left/Right surround, it seems as if it’s dropping notes and occasionally makes a flicking noise. Anyone...

Playbar volume is funny

Hi everyone I have this problem where the Playbar's volume is low when viewing normal TV (what I mean by low is lower than when playing music through the Playbar). However, when I change to an AV inp...

Optical Extendwr

Is it possible to extend the cable for the digital optical link used to connect playbar to a tv? I will have my playbar sitting on a hutch and the tv is mounted on the wall to a full motion rack. I...

Playbase vs Playbar & Sub

Current using a PlayBar with my tv set. Was thinking about getting the sub for it too. But then I see a new product, Playbase. Since its the same price as the sub, would I be better off getting the Pl...

Playbase or Playbar?

Hello, I am currently considering buying a soundbar for my living room TV, so I am thinking of getting the Sonos PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE to add to my existing Songs setup. What are the key differences b...

Playbar stopped working Support Data: 8030655

Suddenly the Play stopped working. Powering off an on did Not work. The white led is on. No Connection to the System. I send the Support Data 8030655 Regards Michael

Not sure whether to keep my playbar

Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1Ch DTS:X 600W 45-Inch Sound Bar with 8" Wireless Subwoofer & 2-Way Rear Satellite Speakers. I was looking to maybe sell my playbar and get the above system instead. I mainly...

Does the Sonos One pair with the Playbar?

Just bought the Sonos Play One and I'm looking to purchase a Playbar to hook all 3 speakers (the Playbar and 2 ones) with my TV. I want to make sure that this combination is supported. The only ones I...

Bizarre Playbar Issue

I am having a very strange issue with one of my Playbars. I have a fairly complicated Sonos setup with over a dozen devices. I have playbars in 3 different rooms, one of which has a surround setup w...

Playbar Line-In Drops

I realize that this is well-traveled ground, and searched diligently. I have a Playbar, with Play:3 surrounds, and a few other Play:1/3/5's that are often grouped. No troubles with streaming, only h...

Connect Playbar with two devices?

My living room has a tv and a projector. Can Playbar connect to them both? I saw some hdmi matrix hub with optical output but not sure if they causes audio delay.

Dolby 5.1 input with just a Playbar + Sub (ie. without rear speakers)

Hi, I have had a playbar for about 6 weeks. Ultimately I caved in and bought a SUB to go with it today. It sounds great, but I have a question. The Playbar + SUB is a 3.1 system. However, the audio...

Play button when selecting TV grayed out

I just updated to 8.0 about 20 minutes ago. I have playbar and base connected to receiver and TV. It worked flawlessly prior to updating today. Now, when I select TV option, the play button is gray...

Playbar- Fios

Hi, I just had Verizon Fios installed and using a Samsung 8500 TV. I was able to program the remote so that the volume will work through the soundbar but every time I turn the TV off the volume wont...

Playing music with playbar and sub

I just got a play bar and sub, when I play music on my cell phone, only the play bar is playing, the sub is not. How can I solve this problem? Thank you.

Soundbar cutting out

Just got my Sonos for Christmas. Not happy....Sound has been cutting out and then quitting all together while watching movies and live tv. Have to unplug soundbar from power source and reconnect. T...

PlayBar en panne

Bonjour, j'ai acheté un playbar en 2013, en même temps qu'un play3. Aujourd'hui, en regardant la télé, j'ai entendu un gros craquement, et le son s'est arrêté. Comme je suis repassé sur le son télé, l...

Wireless headphones for use with Playbar?

I know there are lots of topics on this, but they are all old. Any news on getting wireless headphones to work with playbar/sub? There is no way to listen to the tv privately with sonos at this poin...


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