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Playbar Cuts Out After Updating

After updating to 7.3, the sound keeps cutting out while watching TV. The only way to get it back is to switch it to another audio source (radio station, music, etc) then quickly switch it back. Again...

playbar only visible when TV is on?

Playbar always has power but is only reachable from app (both webapp and iphone app) when the TV is on. If I just want to play music thru it with the TV off - apparently that's now impossible. It 'u...

New Sony Bravia Update may fix Optical out issues

My Sony X900E TV had an update yesterday and here's what was listed. Of note is the Optical digital sound sometimes stops release fix. I'll be testing this out later today, but wanted to get this out...

Playbar dropping out using Tidal after update

Following the last update a couple of weeks ago, every time I listen to Tidal my Playbar drops sound and occasionally disappears from the network altogether. I have checked the wireless network which...

Connecting LG Magic Remote with PLAYBAR

I just bought an LG TV and am trying to link it up to my PLAYBAR. There seem to be good tutorials on exactly this on this forum, however they are not helping as I can't seem to find 'Room Settings' in...

Crackling sound from playbar

Diagnostic number 7486455 Hi team, recently I have been having a few issues with a crackling sound coming from my playbar. I haven't had this happened before and I don't use the speakers on a regula...

Outdoor Speaker & TV Audio Question

I am building a home and am going to start out with a very modest living room set up of PlayBar, Sub & either two Play:1's or two 3rd party speakers (with connect amp) as surrounds. I will also have...

Replaced my PLAYBAR...

I recently replaced my 5.1 PLAYBAR set-up with a new Denon home theater system. I now get HDMI audio, DTS and HD audio support. I no longer use optical audio and can use any blu-ray player I choose....

iPhone notification sounds coming from Playbar

Hello, I'm not sure what's going on, but I can hear iPhone notification sounds playing from my Playbar when my iPhone is on silent (side switch). I don't understand why this is happening. Both iPhone...


Hi, I am curious to know if you can use two CONNECT:AMPS as surround rears to a PLAYBAR and SUB. Its for a theatre room and would like to instal 2 sets of third party rear ceiling speakers, due to t...

Unable to setup Playbar and Connect:amp as Surround System

I am having trouble setting up these components as a surround system. This is what I have done so far. 1. Setup connect:amp as Standard setup with my house speakers and it worked. 2. Setup playbar as...

Playbar cuts out and shows Audio In: No signal. Intermittently then works again

Hi, as above my Playbar is intermittently cutting out and not working. Generally the fix of switching it off and on again at the wall fixes it, however this is a PITA as the switch is behind a wall r...

No sound on playbar/sub/play1 through SkyQ since 7.4 update

Hello, Since upgrading my Sonos system at home to 7.4 I don’t get sound on Sky HD channels when I select them. It comes on about 30 seconds later and sometimes drops out again and again. Seems to b...

Harmony Pro and PlayBar - Muting issue?

Hi all! I have a client with whom I installed a PlayBar and am using a Harmony Pro remote to control the room. She has called me once and just let me know that she's having an issue where she can mute...

LG YouTube App issue with playbar

I'm having issues with my LG oled B6 (running webOS) and the native YouTube app. When I play a video, the audio doesn't play most of the time. If I reload the video, audio does sometimes kick in, bu...

Sound Cutting Out - Revert Firmware while Sonos Fixes Bugs?

Like many people on this forum, we're having problems with our sonos system. After "upgrading" the firmware on our playbar and 2x play:3 to version 7.4 (build 37244160) the sound regularly just cuts o...

Playbar out-of-sync with surround speakers

Recently my TV Room (1 Playbar with 2 Play:3 surround speakers, Playbar is wired, rest of speaker through SonosNet) is starting to play music out-of-sync. When I watch TV nothing seems wrong (TV and m...

TV-mode and sound from Samsung KS8005

I have a PLAYBAR which is connected to my Samsung KS8005 TV via the optical cable. Sound is playing fine, when the PLAYBAR is set to TV-mode. If I want to stop the playback on my PLAYBAR (and only ha...

Best setup for a 5.1 system ?

Hi audiophiles, Where would you recommend to position the pair of Play 3's ? Attached is my current setting, they are set as a part of a 5.1 system (rear) (The playbar and the sub are approxiatly on t...

Play Bar crackles, barely recognisable audio

Diagnostic number 7387117. After roughly an hours use my Playbar connected via optical cable (which I have replaced) to my TV starts crackling or loosing sound completely, the crackling is more common...

No sound from Netflix on Hisense smart TV

Since the upgrade to Version: 7.4 (build 37244160) I have lost sound from Netflix on my smart TV. Other souches all work, but netflix has no sound, occassionally if I turn it up and down and fiddle i...

Playbar won't play TV sound - but it does play music

The Playbar plays music just fine. I can control the volume from the remote or the app/controller. However it will not play sound from the TV, even though it is connected to the TV. I checked the opti...

SOUND Drops 2-3 Times Per Month

About every other week I'll turn on my TV and will have no sound. If I select music or play Amazon Music or Pandora it's just fine. I have a Samsung smart TV and if I open the Amazon video app the sou...

Spotify repeats songs, skips songs, stop playing

Hi all, We have the following setup: Playbar wired (via Ethernet) to the router, controlled from Android (7.1.1) and we use the Sonos app to conrol the system and play Spotify. All apps are updated (...

"Mirroring" Playbar with Surrounds

I have a playbar with surrounds set up and it works well. I'm looking for the ability to use the surrounds just to mirror the center channel when I'm not watching content that benefits from surround....


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