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Playbar static - like a cheap radio speaker with high notes classical piano

Playbar static - like a cheap radio speaker with high notes classical piano. Have just purchased Playbar with wall mount. With most music it is fine, but with classical piano music the treble notes ca...

Player hissing noise

Hi all, I'm after a little advice please. Ive just purchased player and two Play 1's. I'm noticing a constant hissing/whistle sound from the playbar (even when it is idle) - the play 1's are absolut...

Connect Playbar with two devices?

My living room has a tv and a projector. Can Playbar connect to them both? I saw some hdmi matrix hub with optical output but not sure if they causes audio delay.

Playbar DVD/TV Question- Playing a CD from the DVD player and using the TV with it.

Hi, I'm buying a Playbar for my in-laws. So to get this right, I connect the DVD player to the TV with an HDMI cable, then the TV gets put into the optical line on the Playbar. However, if I want t...

Playbar doesnt control volume when placed flat, works fine when mounted on wall.

So Playbar worked fine when mounted on wall to control volume with TV remote and AppleTV 4 remote. Changed to Playbar flat on TV stand and now no volume control unless I stand above it and aim remote...

Playbar volume is funny

Hi everyone I have this problem where the Playbar's volume is low when viewing normal TV (what I mean by low is lower than when playing music through the Playbar). However, when I change to an AV i...

Optical Extendwr

Is it possible to extend the cable for the digital optical link used to connect playbar to a tv? I will have my playbar sitting on a hutch and the tv is mounted on the wall to a full motion rack. I...

Playbase vs Playbar & Sub

Current using a PlayBar with my tv set. Was thinking about getting the sub for it too. But then I see a new product, Playbase. Since its the same price as the sub, would I be better off getting the Pl...

Bought a Playbar, have a few question

I just bought a Playbar to extend my two Play:1's. The setup took a bit of trial and error but it all works. I have a few questions: - My two Play:1's are attached on either side of the televisi...

Playbar no TV sound

Have a new Playbar I do not get any sound from the TV. Music works well. Do not understand what may be wrong, from the TV, it is coaxial to a converter to optical. It is a Sharp TV. What have I m...

playbar sound glitchy when playing from tv optical output

Apologies for the new post for what looks to be an issue reported prevously. I have had the playbar for 3 weeks now, since I had it the sound dropped out intermittently seemingly after a random time p...

Working with a tight space, is it ok to have the playbar behind the tv

we are mounting 65" tv over a fireplace and want to place the playbar on the mantle so that it will be behind the tv when its pulled forward on the bracket. Not totally ideal, but wanted to know if t...

Different speakers cutting out when grouped with Playbar.

Hello.., any speakers that I group with my Playbar, the sound starts to cutoff in and out, on that speaker, not on the Playbar, but those speakers by themselves or grouped with other speakers are work...

Playbar Optical Port Door Missing

Got my Playbar and noticed that there is no optical "door" on the back. I asked the seller about it, the sell told me "As a matter of fact, all NEW Sonos shipments that are shipped after August 1st di...

Playbar connects alone, after turning off the tv

Hello, The Playbar I have connected to the TV and works perfectly when I connect the TV. The problem comes when I turn off the TV, after a few minutes it activates again and starts to play the music...

Playbar: Changing TV's

I need to change the TV that is currently associated with my playbar. To change it to the other TV do I just do the install as if it were new out of the box, or do I have to delete the old tv from it...

Sky TV 5.1 pass through to soundbar

MY LG TV does not pass through 5.1 to the Playbar so am looking at 2 options...could anyone help or give advice on the best approach: 1. By an Optical Toslink Switch With Remote so I can plug the o...

PC via TV to playbar

Hello, Just installed a play 1 in the kitchen and playbar in living room. Streaming via music service works fine an group them works fine to. Here is my problem and what i already tried - to pla...


When will the Sub and the Playbar be available in white?

Will eSony X85 or X8500 Series 4K TV Passthrough Dolby Digital 5.1 to SONOS Playbar?

Hi Guys, I am looking at purchasing a Sony X85 (also known as X8500 in some regions) 4K UHD TV and wondered if this panel will pass-through (via other HDMI ports - e.g. Blu-ray, Playstation, Xbox...

Centralized Closet - A/V Receiver- Sonos ZP - Wired Speakers - Playbar

Hello Gents, What a great community. I've spent a few days reading, and I believe I have figured out my set up. However, I would like to run it by the helpful folks here to see what your thoughts...

My Playbar stopped receiving power

My Playbar recently stopped receiving power. I attempted a power cycle, and was unsuccessful. I'm not able to see any lights appear on the Playbar once plugged in, and it's removed from my app. Is the...

Playbar Stopped - Solid Light when turned on. Cannot Reset. Need Sonos Support.

I have a 6 month old Sonos system with a playbar. Last night I was watching TV and the sound stopped. I unplugged the Playbar for about a minute. When I plugged back in, the white light came on solid,...

Suggestions for heat shielding/protecting my Playbar above the fireplace?

I have my Playbar above my gas fireplace in my house. We have been using the fireplace off and on since we mounted our Playbar. However, the last time we used it I noticed that the Playbar was warm bu...

Partial DTS support on Playbar

I have been able to recreate this several times and find it very interesting to think that it may be a bug, or possibly an indication that DTS support may be there, just not officially activated (much...


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