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LG 49UJ634V 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR - TV compatibility -

Hi I’ve seen the mega thread but models are older, today I see a great deal on the LG 49UJ634V 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR, can anyone tell me if it’s ok for the 5:1 output please? I can see it has o...

LG OLED65B7V 5.1 Pass through to optical

Does anyone know if the OLED65B7V will passthrough 5.1 from my Sky Q Box to the Sonos playbar via Optical...I currently have an older LG that I use an optical switch to connect the sky box directly to...

Adding Sonos to the LG Signature 65W OLED sound bar

I am updating my Home Cinema system and want to explore the Sonos option. Can I use my current LG Signature Sound bar to use with Sonos speakers as I don't really want to add another sound bar. What I...

LG Magic Remote

I can't connect LG magic remote control model 55LA****, any idea on how to fix this, I don't have the normal remote. thanks

LG PF 1000U

Hi everyone Will i be able to connect my sonos system to a LG PF 1000U projector?

LG oled TV remote set up

Hi guys, I cannot control playbar volume with tv remote. I can set up a remote control but it only sees it when switching tv off/on. Any idea if it's tv settings or playbar? Thanks

New LG TV's and 5.1 pass through

I know this is a recurrent topic, but I actually believe it would be very helpful if Sonos address this issue in a concise webpage with continuous updates. Right now the whole forum is full of questio...

Connecting LG Magic Remote with PLAYBAR

I just bought an LG TV and am trying to link it up to my PLAYBAR. There seem to be good tutorials on exactly this on this forum, however they are not helping as I can't seem to find 'Room Settings' in...

LG OLED - Sonos theater setup?

Seems like with the new LG OLED TV's you can't integrate sonos with the systems since they come with their own playbar. Will Sonos support these TV's in the future? Seems silly to have two wall bars j...

Sonos 5 to LG 4K TV

Is it possible to connect my Sonos 5 to my LG 4K tv and if so what is the easiest option. Thanks

Connecting LG Magic Remote with Playbase

I tried connecting my LG Magic Remote with my Playbase, without success. I've already read related topics on this forum and also the help article that is available here:

Playbase and LG Magic remote

I am unable to connect playbase with LG magic remote. Any guidance?

PlayBar sounds drops with LG TV

I have a Paybar connected to my LG65EG960V (optical connection with AUTO audio output set). Watching SKYQ and the sound drops every 30 seconds - it's unwatchable! No updates required on TV or PlayBa...

Playbar set up problems with 2016 LG OLED55E6v LG magic wand

Lots of posts on here already for older LG TVs but wondering if anyone had a solution for the new WebOS 3.0 TVs like the OLED55E6v. RF remote trying to talk to IR Playbar not currently happening des...

Sonos playbase and LG TV

I am not able to use my magic remote to control the volume. I tried any technique provided on your website, but they look outdated. This is really a pitty knowing the price of the playbase! Hope to se...

LG OLED TV + Playbar

I am debating on getting one of those OLED Tvs by LG. I am looking at two models: C7P and B7A I believe the only difference between the two is that the C7P supports Dolby Atmos. I understand that c...

Sonos Connect og LG Lydplanke

Hvordan koble Connect til LG Lydplanke. Jeg har en Sonos Connect som jeg ønsker å bruke mot en LG SH8 Lydplanke, og lurer på hva jeg må gjøre for å få de koblet sammen. Lydplanken har følgende utgange...

New LG OLED TV has Audio issues with Sonos

I have over 1800.00 in Sonos equipment and I just bought a new LG C7 series Tv and the audio delay is so horrible. What do I do now with your speakers. I am not giving up this TV. According to all...

Sonos Playbase/Playbar + LG Magic Remote LG 55EC9300

Ok, so there are tons of forums going around on this topic and feel like this is TV model specific as i have tried multiple ways suggested by users but none have worked for me. Basically I have an o...

How can I configure LG Magic remote with Sonos playbar. TV Model: 55LM7600

Tried all options but it doesn't work. Suggestions given on this thread are not applicable as those options don't show up on my TV: Very frustrating

Sonos Playbar connect to LG monitor

Hello. Recently I bought a sonos playbar. My idea was to connect the sonos playbar to my monitor. (I don't use tv everything is stream and i use Netflix most of the times) my monitor is also connecte...

LG 55B7 and Playbase - No recognized signal from optical

Hi There, I've been going through similar topics here on the forums for a while now and am still unable to get any audio through my sonos from the TV. The TV is a LG 55B7 55" OLED. I have a Playbase...

LG soundbar (NB3530A), CONNECT & 2x PLAY 3's -----> Sync issue

A friend of mine has just installed his Sonos system (2x PLAY 3 and 1x CONNECT - wifi connected, no BRIDGE or BOOST). The CONNECT is optically connected to the LG soundbar. When playing all devices in...

5.1 surround passthrough to optical

Hi, I currently have a PLAYBASE connected to an older TV. I am going to purchase a pair of PLAY.1's, as well as the SUB to achieve 5.1 surround. I am also planning to purchase a new TV, but I am re...

LG 55UH6030 & Samsung Sound Bar to Sonos Connect

I have a 55" LG 4k TV that is connected to a Samsung soundbar and wireless sub. The only audio output I can seem to find on the TV is optical... which currently connects into the sound bar. There is a...


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