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Hi, I have the Sonos 5.1 system which I have set up with my LG 4k oled and I can choose DD or PCM On the TV setup menu. My first question is What is the difference with DD and PCM? Can they both do...

Dolby Digital through my TV stops working

I have an Apple TV 4th Gen, Samsung HU8550 TV and Sonos Playbar and 2 Play:1. It took me a long time to figure out how to get Dolby Digital playing. But after some time it did not seem like I was gett...

Does Sonos Surround work properly with Samsung TV.

Is there still an issue with Samsung TVs not sending the dolby digital info from the HDMI inputs down to the optical output?

Sound not working on Sky Q SD channels only

I have a Sky Q box connected to a Sonos Playbar via an optical cable. The box is also connected to my Samsung Smart TV via an HDMI cable. Recently, only the HD channels have been outputting sound - th...

5.1 Surround Sound Guide

I want to start by saying I'm not an expert in this field, and there are a lot of posts on this forum that are going to be more detailed (and likely more accurate than this), but I wanted to get a eas...

Playbar audio shows silence with Dolby digital

Hi guys new to forum and sonos in general. I’m having an issue with my new sonos playbar transcoding DD/AC3. Currently getting no sound and any help is appreciated. To note I am using an htpc with hdm...

Google Play Movies DD 5.1 Not Working with Playbase

I have Sony Android TV (55XBR850D) that has no issues passing through DD 5.1 to my Sonos for built in apps like Netflix, Amazon and connected HDMI devices Apple TV, PS4 etc. The only issue I have is...

Connect:Amp Surround Sound

Hi everyone I have a system of a Playbar and ceiling surrounds powered by a Connect:Amp. Everything is in a Boost setup, and all seems to work fine. I have a few questions please: 1. Is there a way...

Samsung PCS vs HDMI with Playbase and audio delay

I have playbase connected to Samsung TV (about 2 years old) with optical cable. My DirecTV box is connected to TV with an HDMI cable. When using Dolby Digital audio on Samsung, video is faster than a...

65 inch sonos

I'm wanting to buy a 2016 or 2017 4K TV and trying to decide between the following 65 inch sets: - Philips 65PUT7101 (

Digital Output Issue on Playbase

I recently purchased a Playbase and went through the set-up. I have noticed that when watching TV , I need to turn the volume up to 70 per cent of max before I can hear anything and the quality is not...

Home Theater and Television Recommendation Megathread

Looking for information on Sonos home theater setups or details on PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE, our home theater solutions? Find answers about surround sound, Dolby Digital, TV recommendations, and all the re...


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