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Chromecast Support

Can you please let me know when will sonos play be upgraded to support Chromecast? Will such upgrade be applied and supported on already purchased sonos play 1 devices?

Are we going to hear Sonos announce they're joining up with ChromeCast Builtin? I hope soon.

I was told that Sonos were going to have Chromecast Builtin like many other TV and Audio manufacturers have already done. So I kitted my home out with Google Home and most of the devices that are com...

Chromecast and SONOS?

Is there any official word on the possibility of chromecast and Sonos working? As in i can cast from my iPhone to my Sonos something not available via Sonos (such as some shows that are available in...

Surround Sound with Sonos, ChromeCast + panasonic

Hello all I just got 2 new Play 1, and I bought a Playbase earlier this year. My problem is when I try to watch af movie or TV in generel the only output is Stereo and not Surround, when I look in t...

Returned Sonos one for google chromecast audio haven't looked back.

First let me say I have been a sonos user and supporter since my first system in 2006. I originally started with on amped box and then got another. I used these over 10 years without fail. I have allo...

Sonos and Chromecast pauses each other?

Hi, I don't know whether to post it here or in the Google help section, I might do both. Whenever I play content on the Chromecast, my Sonos system pauses the audio. I naturally try to play the sou...

Stereo Paired Sonos Play 5s (Gen 2) not working with Chromecast and Google Home Mini

I used to play music using Google Home Mini through one Play 5 connected with Chromecast and it worked well. I recently bought a second Play 5 to enable stereo pairing which I have done but now I ca...

Any hope of getting Chromacast support natively on Sonos products?

Just wondering. I have a number of Sonos products. I've installed a Chromecast audio on all of the ones with a line-in. It would be nice if the devices supported Chromcast audio natively.

Can I split play5 input

Want to add chromecast (google assistant). Understand i can use line in, however, we currently use line in as the computer input. Could i use a y-splitter before the line in on the sonos to have two...

Sonos, Samsung TV, BluRay, and Playbar Setup

I'm sure I'm not the only person out there who is using YoutubeTV with a newer Samsung TV (with the One Remote) that has the built-in YTTV client. I like having a Chromecast, as I cast from my PC's an...

Streaming video to Chromecast and audio to Sonos simultaneously

Say I want to stream a Netflix movie from my Android device to my Chromecast, and i want the movie audio to be played through the Sonos system. Is this possible to achieve with just an Android device,...

Playbar connected to TV audio problems.

Hello, I am wondering if anyone could help me, I currently have a Sonos Play Bar connected to my tv via an optical cable, the optical cable connects directly from the Play Bar to the TV and my Sky HD...

Youtube/Kodi/Home Movies audio through CONNECT:AMP?

Can most video sources like Youtube, Kodi, or even just playing home videos on a mobile device be played through a CONNECT:AMP? I believe you can connect a Chromecast to the AMP, so if it can play mo...

Chromecast to Connect, and multi inputs

I bought the (2) Sonos Play:1 speakers and the Connect with the understanding that I could connect older audio components to the Connect, which is the idea behind Connect. I did not realize that for $...

Still Waiting for Google Assistant update...Will update bring full compatibility with Chromecast standard?

Currently I'm only able to cast to my Sonos One speakers from the Google Music app on Android devices. I can't cast to Sonos from any other apps on Android devices and I can't cast at all from Apple d...

Hooking up a chromecast to a Play:1 (Play:3) without line-in

I got tired of waiting for Sonos to get around to release some kind of cast support (they have good reasons not to too). Before I began this was my wish list: Cast from android/iphone using chromecas...

Line in problems. Speakers disappear using Chromecast audio - Play:5 gen 2

I have 2 x Play:5 gen 2 in a stereo pair. I'm using the line in on the left speaker with a Chromecast audio gen 2 plugged in. It initially works fine, I can name the line in, setup the source level an...

LG OLED55B7 + Chromecast v2 + Google Play Movies interesting issues

Recently purchased LG OLED TV and then a Playbar and SUB. Have been playing with the setup and noticed some interesting issues in the config. 1. When chromecasting from Google Play TV & Movies app,...

Controlling Play:3 with Google Home and Chromecast audio?

I recently got a Google Home, which is great for controlling music when you are cooking, holding a baby, etc. I was disappointed to discover that my Sonos Play:3 has no line in. My plan was to control...

Sonos and Google Mini and Chromecast?

I have Sonos a sonos 5 and 2 sonos play 1's. I want to purchase google mini (basically so my Mom can have fun talking to it).. I also own a few bluetooth new Bose portable speakers. Also have 2 FUGO...

Using Octava HD41-ARC with Playbar 5.1 Surround

Hi all, Was wondering if anyone else is using the Octava HD41-ARC switch box to help get true Dolby 5.1 surround on their SONOS home theatre system? I've been using it a few months now and it's allo...

Chromecast - Hardware of Software Update Needed

I am new to the Sonos world and am currently testing out a Sonos Play:1 before deciding whether to fully jump in with their system. If Sonos adds Chromecast support to its speakers such that various...

Home Theater and Television Recommendation Megathread

Looking for information on Sonos home theater setups or details on PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE, our home theater solutions? Find answers about surround sound, Dolby Digital, TV recommendations, and all the re...


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