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surround sound with Beam

We have set up the Beam and added a pair of Play 1s but now very little sound comes out of the Play 1s. They were very forceful before individually and as a pair but now as surround speakers they are...

Beam ARC connection

I was reading the Beam will also have a HDMI connection that can be used for Optical output, how does this work? Would I plug this into my Samsung HUB HDMI Arc connection? Is using an optical connecti...

Beam. Going back to tv sound.

I’ve gone a beam set up through ARC it’s on an LG tv with magic remote. Alex works and can turn tv on and off. If I’m watching tv then decide to play music, but leave tv on, so I can see the picture b...

Sonos Beam - Night mode?

How do you turn on and control the night mode in the new Beam?

Beam Ship Date

I ordered the sonos beam Saturday, July 14th. When can I expect it to ship?

Setting up the Sonos Beam in Sharp Roku TV

I got new Sonos Beam sound bar today and I am trying to setup the sound bar with my Sharp Roku TV, but i cant able to connect the Audio out. Please help.

Beam Playlist Position

Hi I've got the Beam set up to auto switch to the TV input when it detects audio there (TV Autoplay). But when the TV is then switched off and I want to play music again the playlist is started again...

Beam doesn’t reconnect with the TV after playing music

What are we doing wrong... after we play music on our Beam via Alexa, we can’t get it to play the TV audio again unless we unplug it and start over... this is getting very old and doesn’t feel worth i...

Sonos Beam - Voice Clarity

On Sonos Beam, how do you turn on voice clarity?

A few random questions around the Beam

I say random, because they are questions about configuration and setup that I wouldn't, and I'm not sure there is a good reason to set it up this way. Still, in hopes of better understanding the pro...

Beam: switching from TV to spotify

Total Sonos newbie: I bought the Beam on a whim, and only getting into it now. Connected to LG TV via HDMI ARC. Scenario: I’ve been watching TV, but decide to listen to music. I switch off the TV, an...

Sonos beam with monitor without arc or optical

Hello, I want to use a Sonos beam with my Samsung QM49F monitor. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have neither arc nor optical out. I only have hdmi and displayport in and "audio out". Is this monitor...

Beam and 2 ones for Music?

I currently have two ones in Stereo in my lounge and love the sound from them. I'm thinking of adding a beam and creating a surround sound setup, but not sure how best to play standard stereo audio t...

Beam streams audio after tv switched off

I have just bought beam/Play1s/Sub and connected the beam fo LG B8 with HDMI. The system is excellent, but when I switch off the TV to standby, after a few seconds, the beam plays audio either from th...

Sonos Beam

Does Sonos Beam take Bluetooth connection?

Sonos Beam Loses Connection

Every time I turn my TV off, then on, my new Beam loses connection with my TV and I lose TV volume. I have to then reset the whole thing. Anyone else having this problem? I have an LG TV. Did all the...

Pair sonos vs grouping

Hi, I currently have a beam and play 1 grouped. How much of a difference would pairing another play 1 be compared to my current set up?

Beam & Play 1 Crackling when watching NFL Redzone

Background.. Had Beam and 2 Play 1 for about 3 days. No issues until today. Crackling watching NFL Redzone. Verizon FIOS is provider. Really annoying! Will it damage speakers.. Volume on low. Does no...

Sonos Beam

Got my new Beam delivered today and it needed an update, Update failed (I have been trying all day to update) Error code has been 30 Beam. At the moment it is totally unusable when connected via HDMI...

Beam Quieter after Update

After the last one or two updates on the Beam, the audio sounds considerably lower. I used to be able to put the volume on 18 or 30 for different content but for the same content it's now 30 instead...

To Play Music in Dining Room: 2 Sonos Ones or 1 Beam?

I am new to Sonos. I was planning to purchase 2 Sonos One speakers to add music to my dining room/kitchen area, but with the release of Sonos Beam, I am wondering if I should go for that instead. Note...

Beam Aesthetics

I've been going back and forth about beam vs. playbar and was (finally) leaning beam. Yesterday I was casually measuring below the TV to see how the beam might look and my wife saw and responded, "TH...

Beam keeps dropping Alexa

I've had a few issues over the weekend with Alexa and my Beam. Basically Alexa hears my instruction, says she's going to play what I want and the Beam stays silent. Beam will play music fine using t...

Beam HDMI with Projector

I have sonos equipment and am interested in expanding by adding a beam to my home theater set up. I am wondering if there is any advantage of using the HDMI cable instead of setting it up with just t...

Can’t switch from TV to music on beam without app

Hi, I have a beam and 2x ones for surround sound. I can’t seem to play music after I’ve been watching tv without using the app. I’ve tried saying “switch to Spotify” but it doesn’t work. Any ideas...


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